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 Dwarf Fortress Moments

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PostSubject: Dwarf Fortress Moments   Dwarf Fortress Moments Icon_minitimeThu Mar 10, 2011 11:31 pm

For those that play, I propose a thread; nay, a discussion, of our favorite Dwarf Fortress moments... Of your own forts, other people's, or adventurers even!

Personally my favorite moment was a rather recent adventurer who was sent out on his first quest to... Kill an evil night creature, twisted into a freakish, backwards form that had successfully slaughtered at least five other adventurers. He found the lair rather quickly, then slowly stalked through the entrance, hiding himself despite no real skill in that area. He scooped up some of the creature's vile cutlery: a copper slicing knife, and came around the corner to see the wretched thing hunched against the back of the cavern, gnawing on some poor fellow's bones. Anticipating a hard fight, the adventurer broke cover, screamed his challenge and opened combat by throwing the knife straight towards the hateful maw of the abomination... Slicing it in half.

Quite as surprised as the creature, whose face was locked in a rictus of puzzlement, the intrepid adventurer poked the creature's corpse with his unbloodied axe. It was quite dead, the spinning knife having successfully sliced it in half at the waist. Carefully, he scooped up the astonishing blade, and the rest of the loot scattered about the cavern, and continued on his way.

Oh Dwarf Fortress. You make physics cry. And biology. And basic common sense.
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PostSubject: Re: Dwarf Fortress Moments   Dwarf Fortress Moments Icon_minitimeThu Apr 14, 2011 2:16 pm

My dwarves are currently covered in the following because of a siege:
Their own blood.
Other people's blood.
Badger blood.
A thin dusting of dust.
A thick layer of Gold Ore.

God I love this game.

Also found out that a Sasquach can't survive five days of cranial trauma. They tend to give out at four.
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Dwarf Fortress Moments
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