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 The Rising Darkness

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PostSubject: The Rising Darkness   Fri Feb 10, 2012 1:19 am

This rp will be taking place in modern day Amsterdam and revolving around 4 groups within the city fighting for control, these 4 groups all share one common strength. They all have come into possession of items infused with the powers of The Darkness. With these items in their possession, it's become an arms race to locate more for greater power. But each group has heard rumors of a item that could tip the turf war in any groups favor.

A relic powerful enough to contain The Darkness itself and remove it from its host, The Siphon of The Angelus. The race is on to locate the Siphon, as more rumors arise about a very powerful and very ancient group resurfacing to search for the Siphon....and will stop at nothing to obtain it and devastate the world with the power of the night....

In this RP players can be with one of the 4 available groups or run solo with others if they wish with the chance of one of the groups possibly trying to hire them from time to time.

This is a PVP rp! Be prepared to re-roll characters if you get off'd. This is also going to be a pretty dark rp with plenty of violence and gore...seeing as eating hearts is an option to get stronger.
New to 'The Darkness'? Don't fret I will explain what The Darkness is:

The Darkness is an elemental force of Chaos and Creation that bestows his hosts with nearly limitless Demonic power as well as allows them access to an otherworldly dimension and control over the veritable legion of Darklings who dwell there.

The Darkness is an ancient male soul which passes from one Human host to another each generation. He is one of the two primal forces of The Universe as well as the original void that covered the Earth before God allowed The Angelus in and separated Light from Dark.

The Darkness has made his way through history well over the span of 10,000 years using Human males as hosts and is passed on via sexual intercourse with Human women, leaving his old host to die as he takes his newly conceived vessel and remaining dormant within the new living vessel until awakening on the eve of his 21st birthday.

No one in the rp will be a Darkness host, but here is how this will work. There are items in the world that grant players powers of the darkness but not as strong as the Host can become. You can either have found your item, received it via family heirloom, or gift from whichever group players decide to join. The item in question can range to just about anything, weaponry of any kind, armor, jewelry, etc.

Here is a list of abilities players can acquire:
-Superhuman strength
-Superhuman speed
-Superhuman senses
-Superhuman agility
-Shadow manipulation: Creating Shadow tendrils, sending your shadow out to see through it and scout, or manipulate someone elses shadow, if you have something you wish to add, PM me and we'll talk something out,

-Healing factor
-Night vision

-Tactile healing: With this you can heal the injuries of others.

-Flight: Via manifesting wings for periods of time, wings can be bird-like, demonic, bat, angel, etc.

-Creation: Thing hammer space or gun space from animes.

-Darkling summoning/telepathy: Summon up to a certain amount of darklings to do your bidding and command them via telepathy individually or one by one. Summoned darklings behave and act however the summoner wishes.


-Shape shifting

-Darkness armor: Manifest dark armor to give yourself boosted damage resistance for a time before the armor shatters.

-Dark hole: Powerful ability, creates a mini black hole they sucks in nearby living things and objects(not big ones), sucking them into a dark void and killing the targets once in the center. Cannot last more than half a minute.

-Gun channeling: Channel dark energy through your weapons(Normal ones too) to boost their power and consume no ammo for several seconds.

-Swarm: Create a cloud a colored cloud of flesh eating insects infused with Darkness energy that clings to and damages enemies, immobilizing them for short period of time.

All of these abilities can be upgraded through the course of the RP via harvesting dark essence from the world. So you can pick to be a master of a certain ability or be a jack of all trades, but master of none. And a player can only start with up to 5 of these from their Darkness item.

Players can also gain more abilities by ransacking other players and stealing their Darkness item....be they alive or dead. In doing so the gained abilities will not be at the strength they were for their previous master until the new master has proven themselves to the item in question. Only then will it grant the strength it's old master had.
Darkling: Darklings are necroplasmic sentient manifestations of The Darkness; a veritable legion of countless Demons who serve, assist, fight for/with, and protect the Darkness Host or their summoner. Darklings are capable communicating telepathically with themselves and their summoner.

They possess superhuman strength, speed, endurance, agility, and healing factor; able to tear Humans to shreds and lift cars with ease, withstand and quickly recover from gunfire and other severe wounds, they move much faster than humans, are capable of animalistic feats of agility, and can scale any surface.

They possess superior senses and night vision, shape shift between Demon and Human forms, and they can teleport anywhere in the shadows.

Dark Essence: A magical substance that clings to objects and people who have come into contact with The Darkness, or created in places where many evil or sinful acts were and are committed. An example of such a place would be a Brothel.

Players will be able to harvest dark essence in many ways. One example: if in a organization, they can recieve some from superiors if they have proved their worth and deserve more power.

Other ways include:
-Absorbing the dark essence out of another player or NPC's Darkness item/relic.
-Destroying the hearts of the wicked.
-Consuming the hearts of fallen foes. (Gruesome yes, but it can be done.)

Organizations: Names courtesy of Cap. Will have more info about them soon.

The Tefdahla- The 'rogue' class organization, this group specializes in the Shape shifting, Night Vision, Shadow Manipulation, Super Speed, and Super human Agility abilities.

The Blackrivier group- The generalist organization, they are specialized in many skills and are masters of none. They are a group of freelance mercs who work for the highest bidder.

Los Equises- The 'warrior' class organization, they specialize in the Creation(For weapons), Darkness Armor, Super Strength, and gun channeling abilities. They are a tough and aggressive gang who got their hands on Darkness infused items and have been trying to get their hands on more to get more control in the city. They also do many deals in gun running and drug trades.

The Benandantil- The 'mage' class organization players can join. They are the more versed faction of the 4 and are more active in their search for relics tainted with dark essence, they are a highly devoted cult group that worship The Darkness. They specialize in the Dark Hole, Swarm, Darkling Summoning, and Telekinesis skills.
This is the scale for base stats:


-3: Can only lift an eighth of one’s own body weight
-2: Can only lift a forth of one’s own body weight
-1: Can only lift half of one’s own body weight
0: cannot lift one's own body weight
1: able to lift one's own body weight
2: able to lift one's own body weight up to double one's own body weight
3: able to lift double one's own body weight plus 800lb
4: 800+ lbs to 2 ton range more then double one’s own body weight.


-3: Severely Challenged (40-54)
-2: Challenged (55-69)
-1: Below average (70-84)
0: Average (85-114) Compleared high school/ GED
1: Above Average/ Learned (115-129) Have a degree in something to a masters
2: Gifted (130-144)
3: Genius (145-159)
4: Extraordinary genius


-3: 1-3 miles/hour walking (no running)
-2: 1-3 miles/hour walking, 4-5 miles/hour running
-1: 1-3 miles/hour walking, 5-6 miles/hour running
0: 3-5 miles/hour walking, 7-11 miles/hour running
1: 3-5 miles/hour walking, 12-18 miles/hour running
2: 3-5miles/hour walking, 18- 26 miles/hour running
3: 5-7 miles/hour walking, 27-35 miles/hour running
4: 5-7 miles/hour walking, 36-45 miles/hour running


-3: Very fragile
-2: Weak durability
-1: Susceptible durability
0: Normal durability
1: Specific durability
2: Enhanced durability
3: Regenerative durability
4: Bullet durability


-3: Rigid body structure or fat allows very minimal movement
-2: Damaged tendons, joints, or something else that stops one’s ability to move well. Also where joints that are structured to move only one way.
-1: Not very flexible, stiff muscles
0: Normal human flexibility
1: Double jointed flexibility
2: Contortionist
3: Flexible/bendable bones
4: no bones


-3: 1 hour hard work, 2 hours median work, 3 hours light work, before getting tired/exhausted
-2: 1-2 hours hard work, 3 hours median work, 2-4 hours light work, Before tired/exhausted
-1: 2-3 hours hard work, 4 hours median work, 4-6 hours light work, before getting tired/exhausted
0: Average Human endurance. 3-4 hours hard work, 5 hours median work, 6-8 hours light work, before tired/exhausted
1: 4-5 hours hard work, 6 hours median work, 8-10 light work, before getting tired/exhausted
2: 5-6 hours hard work, 7 hours median work, 10-12 hours light work before getting tired/exhausted
3: 6-7 hours of hard work, 8 hours median work, 12-14 hours light work, before getting tired/exhausted
4: 7-8 hours hard work, 9 hours median work, 14-16 hours light work, before getting tired/exhausted


-3: Slave mentality you will do any thing any one says even if it is conflicting with the small issue of death. You cannot resist what people tell you to do.
-2: You can fight what people tell you what to do but more then likely you end up doing what they want.
-1: You are what some call gullible and have a high chance do things if pushed lightly towards it. But if it endangers your life in a clear way you will not do.
0: Average human. You resist hitting the big red button with end of the world written on it.
1: You can resist mental attacks and a high stress level when being interrogated. You will crack eventually but they have to at least work for it. Or even your will power to fight grabbing what you want even if you’re sure you can get it before the blade cuts off your hand.
2: You can hold out on a mind assault for a while or being highly stressed out. If something you care for is threatened you probably will break once you know they can destroy what you hold dear.
3: You can hold out for weeks under physical pain and a few days of mental assault. You probably would cave in after they show they are serious about their threats to your love ones
4:You are very hard to break or get to tell any thing, even if they threaten to destroy every thing that is dear to you, and then do so. You will not break under that. You need to be tortured for months to get that information or mind raped for days to spill any thing.


-3: Have no use of your hands or have difficulty moving out of the way
-2: Extremely clumsy
-1:Definitely conscious of the limits of manual dexterity, perhaps due to physical conditions that make repeated motion/temperatures painful after not a huge amount of use.
0: Human normal reaction
1: Stuntman reaction
2: Peak human reaction timing
3: Can react twice as fast as a peak human.
4: Can move faster then human sight

This is a base character sheet that will have alterations done to it in the very near future, so be expecting a change or 2.

[b]Appearance [/b]:


[b]Darkness Item[/b]  Describe what it is and pick a name for it, also describe how you came upon it.

Players can start with up to 5 abilities and start with 5 points to distribute among their skills. Up to a max of 10, unless they plan to specialize in one skill then that skill can go up to 15 points.

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PostSubject: Re: The Rising Darkness   Sat Feb 18, 2012 8:22 pm

Bumpin the thread cause i think the forum goofed on it, it's open for char creation here.~ Very Happy Still working on mine. x__X
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PostSubject: Re: The Rising Darkness   Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:41 am

Gonna finish her after work tomorrow.

Name: Isabelle Wolfwood, aka: The Huntress.
Age: 26
Appearance :
Personality: She is calm, cool, and collected. But she is known to not be angered, as anyone who angers her is not seen again.

Strength: -1
Intelligence: 1
Speed: 1
Durability: -1
Flexibility: 1
Endurance: 0
Willpower: 2
Dexterity: 1

Accessories A custom holster for her weapon, a choker and a set of family dog tags around her neck.
Darkness Item Franz Ferdinand's Bane: A FN Model 1910 that was used to assassinate Franz Ferdinand in 1914 to spark WWI. Due to how much chaos and war was caused by the weapon it has became tainted with dark essence and has been passed down through Isabelle's family for years.

Gun Channeling: 2 (At this level she can only channel for roughly 25 seconds)
Darkling Summoning: 2 (Can summon up to 2 darklings)
Creation: 1 (Can create only side arms at this rank)
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PostSubject: Re: The Rising Darkness   Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:56 pm

Name: Felix Ritter
Age: 23
Appearance :He has one green eye and one blue eye. His hair is a light auburn brown with thick golden blond streaks running through His hair. He stands at 5’10
Personality: He is charming and seems well mannered and over all a well likeable guy when he is entertaining his guest or associates. He enjoys being around people and tends to spread good cheer to those he has business with.
But he does have his darker dealings with trafficking of all kinds. Drugs, deals, and human trafficking. To the potential victims he seems like an angel compared to the conditions that they were kept in. He tends to uses his position to make them believe he is their friend, in a demented way. To many of his victims he is seen as a reprieve from their situation but he is not the hope that it will end their ordeal.
But he is not stable mentally do to his exposure to the one item of darkness.

Bio/history: He was adopted at a young age and raised by a Benandantil follower who carefully cultured him as their own child. Felix was never treated bad but would follow his ‘mother’ about to her meetings. He was introduced to a ring that was stressed that it was important that he had with him all the time. It was taken away when he had to go to school but he started to show with drawing symptoms from not being in contact with the ring because he missed his friend. He was trained to hide his difference and strange friend. He became in charming and manipulative to get what he wanted with those out side the group. He started to extend his influence into the Benandantil group as he started to manipulate the lower ranking members that he was introduced to. Seeing his skills growing as well as his ambition they started to place him in areas where he would do them use and would ask him to benefit the group.
He started to become more cut throat with acquiring blackmail on people or bribing them. He used his charm and strange skills to forward him self in the mafia he found him self introduced to. It is believed that it was the ring that started to influence how vicious he would become as his hair grew lighter in color and his green eyes started to change. Some members believe that he is a tool to the essence of his Item as it seems to be growing a life of its own but they can never be sure. But to be safe they left him in the dark about other items that they had to see what he would do to acquire other items.
He is a face man of the mafia he works for and not expected to be someone in a gun fight. He is also a make shift healer with his dark religious practices that seem to heal some products that they have in their care. He is seen more then a thug but still low end on the totem pole of the mafia he now works for.

Strength: 1
Intelligence: 1
Speed: 1
Durability: 0
Flexibility: 0
Endurance: 0
Willpower: 3
Dexterity: 1

Cellphone, wallet, passport, gun, tazer,
Darkness Item Angel of Death’s broken bond.
The ring was worn by the angel of death, Josef Mengele. The make of the silver ring is A ss wedding ring with the 12 ancient runic symbols.
He was given the ring at a young age so He may familiarize his self to the power contained within it as well as become as part of an experiment of a sort. The experiment was to see what would happen if a young child was introduced to an item of darkness.

Tatical Healing 2
Darkling summoning 2
Shapeshifting : 1
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PostSubject: Re: The Rising Darkness   Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:16 pm

Still working on this

Name: Pierce Barrows
Age: 27
Race: Greek/American
Appearance : Pierce is a little over 6 feet tall, with a well-toned build, blue eyes, and shaggy blond hair. His usual attire consists of black jeans, a t-shirt, steel toed boots, and a nice dark colored jacket.
Personality: Pierce is a greedy soul by nature, comfortable only when living in luxury. To him, money, power, and women are the only things that matter. There are some who would say Pierce is bipolar, but this isn't the case. While on a job, Pierce spews profanity and vulgar comments nonstop and he simply can't enjoy himself unless he's ruining someone else's day.
Bio/history: Pierce originally used to be a professional thief who sold his skills to the highest bidder, but loved to steal from museums more than anything. There wasn't a security system built that he couldn't crack. One day, Pierce was contacted by an unknown organization to steal an object from a New York museum. His contact, a horribly burned man who walked with a limp, told him the object in question was a metal collar on display in an exhibit dedicated to Alexander the Great. Pierce easily bypassed all the security and replaced the collar, looped around a mannequin's neck, with a worthless copy. The guards never knew the difference. Getting in contact with the burned man, Pierce was told to put the collar on to verify its authenticity. He did so, but the second it clamped around his neck, it felt like his skin was on fire as a hard black substance covered every inch of his body. Try as he might, the collar wouldn't come off no matter how hard he pulled on it. The burned man explained what the collar was and that it would eventually kill Pierce. Naturally, Pierce wasn't about this at all. As men armed with guns entered the room, Pierce ran for it. The men opened fire, but their shots bounced off Pierce's skin, the substance covering it as hard as diamond. Pierce eluded his pursuers and went underground, but he was sighted recently in Amsterdam and word on the street is that he's allied himself with the Los Equises.

Strength: -1 (2 while armored)
Intelligence: 3
Speed: -1
Durability: 0 (4 while armored)
Flexibility: 0
Endurance: 2
Willpower: 2
Dexterity: 1

Darkness Item Alexander's Aegis.
It looks like an ordinary metal collar, but as its name implies, it once belonged to Alexander the Great. Once this collar is put on, it begins slowly consuming the wearer's life force, eventually killing them before they reach a certain age. Which may explain why Alexander never made it to 40. It allows the wearer to temporarily cover their body in a near indestructible substance, but the collar will never come off until the wearer dies.

Healing Factor (2)
Darkness Armor (2)
Superhuman Strength (1)

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PostSubject: Re: The Rising Darkness   Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:13 pm

Name: Johnathan Dule
Age: 32
Race: English
Appearance : Average build, average height. Dresses to blend into a crowd i.e. basic everyday clothes such as a dull sweater and a pair of khaki slacks. Always wears a flatcap. Square jaw, closely-cropped brown hair. The faintest hint of stubble on his chin. A thin, reddish scar circles his neck.
Personality: Though mostly relaxed and of a slow pace, is easily startled. As such, he enjoys his solitude with a nice book or some music playing and also doesn't take well to any interruption, however mild. Tends to be overly observant when in a crowd of people, looking around corners expectantly and in reflections to see who's behind him. Is quiet, but hard-working, and knows his way around cars and other peoples' things.
Bio/history: Formerly a cab driver around downtown London. An incident involving a dying man, a piece of silken string, several heavily-armed unknown assailants, and a Spider-Man comic book led to Dule having to fake his own death to escape, finding out that the string in question was, in a way, magical, and using it to "accidentally" hang himself outside an apartment window. Later, he found out from a comrade of the dead man that he passed an artifact infused with an ancient force, the Darkness, to him, and as such, was expected to fulfill the dead man's mission as a thief of similar artifacts and an assassin of some renown.
His first mission was to kill the ones chasing him. Posing as a cab driver, he stalked them one by one until he strung them up using the shadowy tendrils his Darkness artifact allowed him to create. His second mission was to continue the search for more artifacts, which will place him wherever his employers need him. Hell, it's a lot more interesting than sitting around reading comic books, but still, it also meant that Dule would have to abandon much of his sleepy life - if he hadn't already abandoned his identity when leaving London by staging another "hanging."

Strength: 1
Intelligence: 0
Speed: 1
Durability: 0
Flexibility: 1
Endurance: 2
Willpower: 0
Dexterity: 2

Accessories: 2 M1911 .45 handguns with 2 magazines each, wallet, passport, taser, and smartphone with faked credentials.
Darkness Item: Silken Strand of Crecy
Obtained from a dying member of a rogue's group. Originally the preserved bowstring of a longbowman for the English in the Battle of Crecy, 1346. The troops would keep their bowstrings nice and dry by keeping it somewhere on their person - the owner of this one liked to keep it under his helmet, and Dule seems to follow the sentiment by keeping it in his hat lining. This one particular string saw the flight of several thousand arrows and the deaths of several hundred Frenchmen, making it possibly the most patriotically English artifact in existence.

Shadow Manipulation 2
Gun Channeling 2
Superhuman Senses 1
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PostSubject: Re: The Rising Darkness   

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The Rising Darkness
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