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 Left 4 Dead: Green Flu

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Merrick Rose

Merrick Rose

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PostSubject: Left 4 Dead: Green Flu   Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:08 am

Nobody knows where it came from, but it began as a flu bug which started popping up in several cities on the eastern seaboard. A little later, the "riots" started. But you knew there was something wrong because it started happening in rural farming towns, quiet little suburbs. Ordinary people violently killing each other for apparently no reason. Then it wasn't on the TV anymore; It was on the street outside. It was breaking down your front door. It was no flu. It was a virus. An infection. You didn't need a doctor to tell you that. By the time they started evacuating people to God knows where, it was already too late. It was everywhere. Army blockades were overrun and the day before the TV and radio stopped broadcasting, there were reports of outbreaks in New York and California. There's no telling if the rest of the world is like this.

But for now... You're alive.


This RP is based on the popular Left 4 Dead series. More will be added later, but if you've got any questions, PM me or talk to me on AIM.

Character sheet







Green Flu: Also known as the Infection. A virus of unknown origin that turns humans who come into contact with it into homicidal, zombie-like creatures. The most common means of spreading it is through bites. Once a person is bitten, it is only a matter of time before the virus kills them, then brings them back. A small number of people are immune to the disease, but that is a very small number.

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Merrick Rose

Merrick Rose

Posts : 312
Join date : 2009-09-27
Age : 30
Location : Wouldn't you like to know?

PostSubject: Re: Left 4 Dead: Green Flu   Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:16 am

Name: Isaac Anderson
Age: 33
Nationality: American
Occupation: US Marine Corps Sergeant

Appearance: Just over 6 feet tall, Isaac weighs 140 pounds and has a well-built frame thanks to his training. He has short black hair in a crew cut and bright blue eyes. He wears a green soldier's uniform with black gloves, combat boots, a vest, and kneepads, and also his dog tags.
Personality: A military man through and through, Isaac commands great respect from his fellow soldiers and friends alike. He does genuinely care about those close to him, but after his wife's death and the disappearance of his son, he's become a little bit bitter and cynical.
Bio/history: Military service is in Isaac's very blood; every man in his family has picked up a rifle and sworn the oath of enlistment, and Isaac can trace his family as far back as the American Revolution.

Strengths: Natural leadership skills, extensive training with several different kinds of firearms, superior hand to hand combat capabilities.

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Left 4 Dead: Green Flu
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