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 The Walking Dead: The RP

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Merrick Rose

Merrick Rose

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PostSubject: The Walking Dead: The RP   The Walking Dead: The RP Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2012 11:53 pm

How many hours are in a day when you don't spend half of it in front of a TV or computer?

When was the last time any of us really worked to get something we wanted?

How long has it been since any of us really needed something that we wanted?

The world we knew is gone.

The world of commerce and frivolous necessity has been replaced by a world of survival and responsibility.

An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the country, maybe even the whole globe, and almost everyone touched by it has died. The only problem is they got back up. And they were hungry.

In a matter of months, society as we knew it has crumbled. No government, no instant meals, no mail, no internet.

In a world ruled by the walking dead, we are forced to finally start living.


This is an RP based on The Walking Dead, the highly successful comic series which has also been adapted for live action television. Before you make your character, I'd like to lay down a few ground rules.

1. Try to be realistic when you make your character. We can't all be gun-toting badass cowboys.

2. This RP will begin on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio.

3. Teamwork is vital to survival. The only way you'll survive to see another day is if you pull together, not apart.

4. Avoid large groups of walkers, and try to refrain from using guns if you can. The noise will just attract more of them.

5. Aim for the head.

If you have any questions, PM me. I'm also on AIM.







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Merrick Rose

Merrick Rose

Posts : 312
Join date : 2009-09-27
Age : 31
Location : Wouldn't you like to know?

The Walking Dead: The RP Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Walking Dead: The RP   The Walking Dead: The RP Icon_minitimeTue Oct 16, 2012 12:21 am

Name: Isaac Anderson
Age: 29
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Occupation: US Marine Corps Sergeant

Appearance: Just over 6 feet tall, Isaac weighs around 170 pounds and has a well-built frame thanks to his training. He has short black hair in a crew cut and bright blue eyes. He wears a green soldier's uniform with black gloves, combat boots, a vest, and kneepads, and also his dog tags.
Personality: A military man through and through, Isaac commands great respect from his fellow soldiers and friends alike. He does genuinely care about those close to him, but recently has become more bitter and cynical.
Bio/history: Military service is in Isaac's very blood; every man in his family has picked up a rifle and sworn the oath of enlistment, and Isaac can trace his family as far back as the American Revolution. He was stationed at an army base in Illinois when the first outbreaks started happening and quickly made his way home, only to discover his wife dead and their son missing. He recently joined up with a group of survivors staying in a camp outside Columbus.

Strengths: Natural leadership skills, extensive training with a few different types of firearms, superior hand to hand combat skills.
Weaknesses: Prone to violent fits of anger when his friends are threatened, has frequent nightmares of his wife's death.

Weapons: A Silenced Heckler & Koch USP pistol and fire axe
Accessories: A picture of his wife and son that he keeps tucked into his vest
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The Walking Dead: The RP
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