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 Silver Feng Mercenaries

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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Sat Nov 21, 2009 11:43 am

Kovu turned on the private com chanel to her cousins, "Fall back. I will leave the chanel open so you may listen and then act accordingly." The other dragon blood node and make it out of the ship with out being seen and tack the rest of Kovus cargo with them to secure it in a safe place. As Kovu, flanked by her familiar make their way to the rec room she sees Salina tackle Zazie and watches as things unfold. As she walks in Kovu looks at Zazie and then turns to Salina.
"You should leave now child. Things are getting unfriendly fast and since you are not a member of this crew you may walk away from this unhurt." shes says as she turns back to Zazie.
"And how are you feeling? You seemed very out of it when I left you at your room." she says as she catch Igor's sent and something hidden under it. She could smell metal and something burnt and a sent of ozone she had not smelled in a long time.
"Mister Leon, Mister Bradly and Mister Rade if you would come to the rec room with all hast it would be appreciated." she says into the ships com chanel.
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Sat Nov 21, 2009 9:46 pm

Leon grumbles at Zaz's yelling into the intercom as he mistakes it for Bradley at first. "Fucking kid...if he is calling use there to show off something stupid he got, I am gonna punch him in the gut...wait about Igor? Who told him about that?" He walks to the door and pauses upon hearing Kovu and quickly makes his way to the rec room. "Kovu? Where have you been? What's the proble-YOU!!!" Leon's eye quickly turns bright red with anger as he runs over and punches Zazie then forces him against a wall, he pops his gun out and puts it against his head. "Give me one damn good reason I should NOT shoot you now you son of a bitch!"
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:04 pm

When Bradley heard the announcement to come to the rec room, he told the Kraw "Now be good little... lobster people, and stay here." He directed his attention to Rade. "Rade, since you're the best there is at what you do, I'll leave this to you." As he turned to go into the ship, one Kraw came up, clicking its claws together. "I want to pinch." "Hey..." Bradley slowly backed away from him. "Not so close! I don't want to get pinched!" The Kraw simply tilted its head to one side with an inquisitive look in its eyes. "Why no pinch?" "Um... Because it hurts?" The Kraw rapidly clicked one of its claws together. "...Maybe little pinch?" Bradley let out an annoyed sigh. "You know, I have an industrial-sized pot of melted butter and some giant tongs in the ship, so..." The Kraw quickly ran away. "No pinch! No pinch! No pinch!" Bradley made for the rec room and entered. "So, what's this about Igo-" He saw that Leon had forced the new guy, Zazie, against a wall and had a gun to his head. "...Did I miss something?"

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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:10 pm

When the first call came over the ship's communication system, Rade couldn't budge due to the whole Kraw issue. After the second call came, he was tempted to 'misfire' and hit Bradley's leg so that he could talk with the lil' traitor in the rec-room. Luckily for all parties Bradley made the Kraws bugger off and Rade didn't need to resort to violence. Yet.

Racing down the hallway, Rade rushed to the recreation room to find Leon pinning Zazie against a wall and Bradley holding up the door way. "Outta the way bud, lemme get the hands on the sell-out."
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Zazie The Beast

Zazie The Beast

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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:27 pm

after zazie gets pinned to the wall by leon he begins to laugh" hahahaha you think i would gather up the whole crew knowing that every single one of you wants to get there hands on me??, seems like i am a favorite of everybody honestly". Zazie pushes away leon and dusts himself off..looks at Salina and says "and as for your little attack on me earlier your time will come soon enough". Zazie turns his head and sees Rade running towards him" i suggest you keep your distance, i dont no you and you dont no me, so lets keep it like that". Zazie tilts his head to the left and right cracking his neck and coughs "I have met with the person who captured Igor rather they came to see me, seems as though were on good terms, he told me that if we would want to see our beloved captain then we should head to WEARHOUSE 13, and if you dont believe me then why dont you all take a look at what is on the floor next to salina.... yes that is Igors shirt my friends the one that he wears....".walking towards the shirt Zazie slowly picks it up and smells its scent" Ha anyone else care to smell his scent?". Zazie throws it towards Salina" your half demon you should know what his scent smells like..". Zazie then stares at Leon and gives him a smile" my friend hate me or not youll eventually learn to respect me". Zazie then sits down in the chair and looks around the room. As he slowly begins to move his eyes to each of the crew members he says" so how about it are we all going to work as a team and try to rescue him? or should we all just divide and conquer.. im sure everyone has something to bring to the table... im the muscle i can hold off a whole group of enemies while you all run and do what you guys do... im pretty much your time saver... or would you rather me just leave the ship.. and you can all do it by yourselves". Zazie puts his hands up and says" the choice is all yours but time is of the essence how long do you think the precious captain will lat while we all just sit here and bullshit,in my opinion i say we move out immediately, ill be the muscle but without hands and knowledge and powers i am unable to do much". zazie then bows down and walks toward the door" Oh and by the way..... i forgot to say what do you think keeps your captain alive....ill give you an answer my friends his fuel of hatred for me.. so if anything were to happen to me... seeing as though i am Igors motivation to keeping him alive.... im pretty sure your captain wouldnt be motivated to live any longer,......i suggest everyone makes up there mind quickly we wouldnt want anything to happen to our precious captain now would we??". Laughs as he walks passed Rade. Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Sun Nov 22, 2009 8:02 pm

Kovu watched this all and made sure that her cousins heard every word. She had been working along side them for so long that she did not doubt that they had already begun to scry the ware house and set up her armor from the crates they had taken. As she let the her family begin the preparation she turned to the other crew member, "This is your final chance to back out now. Go forward with this and you will be marked for death if you do not die in the fight getting Igor out. It is time for each of the crew member to decide what they truly have at stake. For some I know you have family that could be harmed if you take part." she says as she looks at Bradly, "For others you have your own things to worrie bout. I do not agree with all that Zazie says but I do agree that action must be taken. And it is most likely a trap. Put your affairs in order. Once you decided what to do meet me three blocks from warehouse 13 at this address." hand Leon a data slate with the address. "Let Zazie know were I will be waiting for him If I do not see you there have a good life."
With that Kovu turns and leaves with her familiar and goes to meet with her cousins.
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:47 pm

(This is a Post with ME OPti and Zaz)

As Zazie left the room Salina got off the table still holding Igor's shirt and Followed him out and in to the hall " 'his aura didn't flicker yet I still feel un sure. Zazie Wait for a minuet" she called out to him. 'Maybe I will get a better read of his aura if I talk to him she thought to herself. "Can I talk to you for a minuet?'"

Zazie stops and turns around to see Salina call out for him and as he turns around he lifts his eyebrow "look I told you everything I know hate it or love it this is how it is I’m telling you everything I no.... its time for everyone to work as a team or die trying.....I have chosen my fate along time ago...its time for everyone to decide there's".

"Are you sure that is all you remember? I mean like what did this gut look like and want did he smell like? And if you can feel aura's what did that feel like too. I might... I just might help you then"

Zazie raises his foot and leans up against the wall." you wanna know what he looked like? A normal man with glasses wearing a suite...just a normal person, and his scent?...it reeked of death...and only destruction...this man was serious about what he said...ive met him before and he seems to have a mutual friendship with me I delievered him a message and he returned the favor....hes just like me he sticks to his word...." zazie looks up at the ceiling and rolls his head around as it begins to crack he suddenly stops"we dont have time to sit around and come up with ideas...its time for war you are not safe nor is anyone else"

As she looks at him, Salina can see he was not lying to then what he said is what he was told. "It doesn't matter if I am in danger I am never gonna be safe I am a Runaway Salve they will come for me and I would rather die than go back there But Igor was Kind to me so I Will Help Save him at all Cost"

As Zazie brings his eyes down he stares at Salina" there is a difference between...going up against something that is easily beaten with brute force...and going up against something that is hell bent on death and destruction". Zazie raises his hand and points his thumb at himself" I know what’s going to happen...slaughter carnage and death is what awaits us... I won’t hesitate to go down there alone but I know I won’t survive". Zazie forms a fist and then points to the room were the rest of the crew is" if they have a problem with me and are thinking that they don’t need me then so be I,t just mere lambs to the slaughter....you just don’t understand, I have nothing to Live for..". Zazie then closes his eyes and says" believe what you wish... I don’t act on others behalf... they see me as a mere child and nothing more then a demon with no powers...I am the muscle that’s what I was hired here for"

Salina just sighs...."whatever ,I am going. it is my choice and I choose to Die than be a slave"

Leon only nods after getting the data slate from Kovu. "You know damn well I am going. I just got one thing to take care of." He says as he heads out of the room pushing Rade aside. "Don't worry Rade, the punk is paying for this. Now." He says to him as he walks by him and walks over towards Salina and Zazie, his eye bright red still. "You."

Salina looks over as Leon is heading in her and Zazie's direction she then backs up to the opposite wall. Her human side seemed kinda frightened of the fuming Leon. 'I never saw him mad before today' she thinks to her self.

Zazie looks at Salina" your choice but you best believe if you don’t put in everything you got death will come for you swiftly" .As Zazie sees Salina back up he looks at Leon and his fangs and nails begin to grow" HA coming for me already...Leon why not wait till after the war." Zazie then starts walking towards Leon as his eyes begin to glow red

Salina is now backing up down the hallway away from the 2 men 'crap what the hell is gonna happen?' she then backs away placing a barrier around her self, as Zazie’s eyes turn red.

Leon quickly runs over and grabs Zazie by the throat with his left arm and slams him against the wall, squeezes his neck. "You think your tricks scare me kid? I've seen worse from a full demon I knew. So." He pops his revolver out of his right arm and puts it against Zaz's head. "You also just fucked yourself by telling us where to go, thus, we do NOT need you."

Salina screams out as Leon Charges Zazie. and she knows that if she gets in the middle of it she might die..."what am I gonna do?" she said as her human side was slowly being pushed back by her demon that was enjoying the fight. ‘right now we do nothing but watch. Said her demon side to her human one.

Zazie stares at Leon while up against the wall" hmm your right Leon maybe you should just pull the trigger or you no what ill stay out of this battle you guys can head over to the warehouse yourselves ill just pack my things up and leave but.. let me teach you one thing". Zazie swiftly sticks his nails under Leon's throat" Never...my friend challenge what you don't know... this demon form... sure maybe be weak doesn’t mean I can’t do any damage with it". Zazie puts a smile on his face" so what’s it going to be you and me going to hell or I leave.....OR we work as a team hmph... you decide"

Leon growls as Zazie puts his hand under Leon's throat. "I do not work with triators or back stabbers. And as for hell, i for one am not going there, you however, will be going to the lowest circle. Which is reserved for betrayers, like you. Good bye kid." He pulls the trigger immediatly after saying this.

Salina looks on with horror reflected in her face L-Leon why? he said he was gonna leave why did you shot him in the head?" she was now very confused as her demon side enjoyed the show as her human side cringed at the violence.

As Zazie's lifeless body, falls on the floor with a smile, his eyes roll towards Leon..

Leon lowers his gun and puts it away and stares down at Zazie's body then over at Salina. "He had it coming, be betrayed us. And the captain. That did not sit well with me. Sorry you had to see it." He pick up the body and carries it to the med bay, he pats Salina gently with his free hand as he walks to the med bay to leave the body there for now covering it with a sheet before going back to his room to gather supplies and weapons.

Salina just sat in the hallway staring to the puddle of Zazie's blood she said a silent prayer. “Yet He did deserve it,”
she said as her demon side fully take control of her mind yet from the she still looks in control. she then walk in to her room and got herself ready to leave.
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:42 am

Kovu arrives to see her cousins prepping for the coming battle. Linsha looks up and sees her enter and nods.
"Kovu it is good to see you. Your armor and weapons are on the table. Are the crew of Igor's ship coming to aid in the coming battle?"
"They are discussing things at the moment and I believe they will be headed this way soon. What is the status of the target building?"
Linsha shakes her head, " There is only a single man in the warehouse and he seems to be waiting. I don't want to say it but it seems like he is alone with no back up. It has to be a trap since there would be no way an organization such as that would be so lenient with sending a man out that just reclaimed a project or got a new one. "
Xian nodes in agreement with her twin, "We would need many more from home before I would go in with a good feeling about the out come. As is I have had my other summoners working since we moved here and have only summoned two demons and bound them to aid us. This bodes very ill Kovu. We need more of our family or at lest a very good distraction." Xian says to try and persuade Kovu to wait to see if any of the crew will show up. Kovu snorts and turns away and walk to the window and look out at the warehouse. As she scans the sky she stops as she notices something blasting towards them. As she continues looking it slowly gets bigger and she can now see that is bright orange with a neon green nuclear symbol on its chest. "What by Luna's madness and the eternal dragons blessing is that!?"
Moe shoots through the sky like the proverbial bat out of hell... except that he is in a mech and really looks nothing like a bat and hell belongs to other people as far as he's concerned. As he always monitors Project Valkyrie activity he knows where the warehouse he is going to blow up is and incidentally where
the captain is. "Oh boy" he thinks. "Time to make something go all splody!!!" And he follows a volley of rockets through the roof of the warehouse.
Kovu and her family jump as the explosions rock the warehouse they were watching. "Luna's madness! Everyone armor up and get ready to move out. NOW!" Kovu yells as she and her familiar run down and then out of the building flanked by two of her cousins as they run towards the wear house. Xian finishes summoning and binding her third demon and she nods to Linsha as she slips on her blue jade armor and a robe over it as she waits for Linsha. Her hive guards arm themselves as they wait for the mistress twin and prepare themselves for the coming fight.
Linsha slips on her own green jade armor as she springs ready, clearly not expecting this. The man in the warehouse looks quite surprised at the violent attack an is thrown down from the impact and explosions as his sunglasses shatter exposing his red eyes. He scrambles and his suit rips as he struggles to form a weapon with the nano bots that are making up most of his own body.
"GOOOOOOOD MORNING PROJECT VALKYRIE. I'M HERE TO ROCK YOU FROM THE DELTA TO THE DMZ. I'VE GOT AN OLDIE BUT A GOODIE FROM THAT SWINGIN' GROUP THE CHERRY POPPIN' DADDIES. LET CUT A RUG TO THE ZOOT SUIT RIOT." Moe announces to the man in the now broken sunglasses. The song begins to play as Moe moves to the beat, his glowing sword out in front of him. " Hey twinkle toes... want ta dance" he laughs as he swings a good nature slice at the man's head.
The man bends back as he fires off several shots into Moe's armored side not getting penetration as he spins away leaving bits of him self behind in his panic to get away from the blade, " Fuck Its you!" He bares his teeth with a look of hate shimmering in his red eyes as he flicks a handful of nano bots at Moe to weaken the armor. Not knowing that the suit on Moe is nano infused as well.
As Kovu, Jong and Ephesuse rush in through the door they see the fight unfolding between the two fighter.
"Jong, Ephesuse look for Igor. I'm going to go help our unexpected friend." Kovu says as she closes in on the Valkyrie agent from behind. Up in the rafters keeping an eye on Kovu and her cousins is Kovu's familiar. It slinks from rafter to rafter looking for Igor and keeping an eye on her master. As Xian gets closer she send in her demons as a guard for her sister. In a rare public display, XIan gives her sister a hug.
"May the elemental dragons watch over you sister." she says as she as she follows her sister into the building at a distance letting Linsha and the three demons enter before her and her guards.
Moe laughs as the nanites hit his mech.
" Hey boys and girls he brought snacks. Hell if he brought drinks a cigar and a couple of hotties I might not have to kill him..." he laughs some more. But seriously bud my mech thanks you for the yummy cookies and just show my appreciation I'm going to decorate this place for you with bright shiny streamers." With that a compartment opens on the back of Moe's back and brightly colored streamers begin shooting into the air sticking to every surface they touch. As Moe continues his dancing assault he notices Kovu sneaking up behind the Valkyrie agent. He continues his attack but says
" Helloooo nurse where you get that armor? World of Bootycraft? Hells yeah sista. Hey after I finish with this yahoo ya want to go someplace to get better acquainted in you know a more naked way?" he laughs and says to the Valkyrie agent.
"Wait is she with you? If she is can I have her? Hell like I said if you can get me a drink a girl and a cigar I'd let you go... so one down two to go right?" The man answers with a evil glare. Moe responds
"OK, well I tried right...? how bout we finish this dance then..." Moe moves faster than anyone in the room can see and grabs the man's hand and sends him for a twirl slicing him across the back as he turns. " Wait did you want to twirl or dip?"
Linsha hugs her sister back for a moment before breaking away as she starts for looking for Igor or a stasis chamber he might be held in. The man snarls out his pain as he hits the ground and seems quite determined to get back on his feet despite the silver tinted blood streaming from his back. His hand detaches as it flees across the floor and there are clicks from about the room as the clones the man set up of himself with nano bots open fire a single rocket each at Moe though they falter slightly with the number of forms he is trying to hold at once. The man continues to twitch and froth as he is trying to get up but his back starts shooting out parts of the nanos about the warehouse .
As the man falls to the ground Kovu begins to move in on him but stop as the clones of the man appear and fire rockets. Before they get to close to Moe Kovu cast Far Reaching Wind Charm knocking them off course and away from Moe. She leaves her sword out in her hand and puts her gun away in her hip holster. Her hand flexes with a charm ready and waiting to be used. "Where is Igor!" she says as she stops out of his range and looks from him to his doubles staying ready for any hidden surprises. Xian moves in slowly with her guards and is soon joined by her two familiars. She draws on their energy to cast a locating charm to see if she can locate Igor.
The man lets out a gurgle laugh as he hears this, "Shame....didn't bring him here babe. I was only suppose to be greeting his crew." He laughs at the irony of being attacked for the whelp.
"He is far from here...heheh...unless there is a new plan."
" Hmmm... well apparently the princess is in another castle but at least they left us a snack." And Moe walks over to the prone figure any nanite that he steps on is absorbed into the mech. He then steps onto the agent and begins to absorbs his nanites as well. "Mind if I cut in since you left me high and dry for this little piece of dessert. I really don't blame you but you seem the type to go all to pieces in the presence of a beautiful woman. The mech about him dissipates leaving him in a gaudy pin-striped zoot suit that is the same color as the mech was. The nanites are still being absorbed in through his foot. He looks at Kovu and her cousins.
" Ladies I was wondering if I could interest you in a late night ron de vu with a little dinner, dancing , and maybe some horizontal limbo lessons?" He smiles seductively which is losing something due to the fact that he is standing in the ever dissolving body of the now fallen assassin.
Kovu looks Moe up and down. As she walks past him she kneels down and the nails of her right hand grow out into claws and she drags them across the agents face. She stands up and back away from him with his blood or what he had for blood on her fingers. "Linshas, once this building is cleared make sure Xian get a chance to cast some tracking spells on this guy. See if we can find were he came from. If not I have a way to see were he has been." Kovu says as she looks around the warehouse hoping that the man is lying and Igor is somewhere in this building.
As she backs away she can sense no trace of Igor nearby or within the building but the faintest traces are noticeable outside.
Linsha looks Moe over and turns her nose up as she sets out to clearing out the building, but finds no traces of the hidden nano bodies in the building as if they melted away.
Xian signals Kovu over and the two soon are outside where the traces of Igor are the strongest and begin to cast another location spell. As the two begin casting the spell Xian's guards begin to cast a shield just in case there are any surprises out side.
Moe absentmindedly follows then just to see what is going on.
"Whoo tingly. What are you ladies up to?" he looks around a bit.
"Ummm... can I make a suggestion? You all might want to move away from the building the party isn't quite over yet. The fat lady still needs to sing. Not talking about any of you ladies of course... You all are quite fit, lovely in fact. I wouldn't even mind seeing you naked. So if ya wanted to strip outta that skin tight hot leather I'd be happy to allow it and even help you with the sticky bits."
As they locate the crate nearby and determine there is no threat they find an arm that seems to be connected up to a contraption, keeping it alive, as if to tease the people at their failure of locating the young captain. As Xian casts her tracking spells she can see this man has been a lot of places but seems to have been to a place that is about 10 miles out at sea, in open waters.
Kovu snarls as she see the arm. She turns and nods to Xian after she relays the information.
"Every one back to the estate. Jong go back and leave a message at the building just in case any of the crew goes to meet there." Kovu says as she reaches out to her familiar who nuzzles her hand to calm and comfort her. As Kovu climbs onto her familiars back the dragon blood family begin to head back to the Tepet House estate to make their new plans. Kovu turns and looks over her shoulder, "Your welcome to join us Mister..." she says and waits for him to give his name.
Moe tips his hat, inadvertently hitting Kovu with the feather, and says
"The names Fisher, Moe Fisher and I'd love to join you... shaken or stirred... though at the moment I think shaken might be closer to your imminent future. You see the streamers haven't gone off yet but the timer should be going off at any minute."
A look of confusion crosses Kovu's face for a brief second before one of alarm replaces it. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" she yells and the family and their guards high tail it out of range of the blast zone. As they fly away they see that nothing is left of the warehouse but a now smoldering crater. Moe chimes in...
"Well they sure don't make warehouses like they used to eh Billy?"
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:23 pm

Leon quietly gathers weapons and ammo in his room that he thinks he might need, as he goes to walk out of the ship he pauses as he walks by Bradley. "You heard Kovu, your family might get hurt if you get involved Brad. So think hard and talk with your dad. And if you leave, keep that toy of yours here...i could use it for some things." He says with a slight nod. "If I don't see you there, tell your dad hey for me." Leon then walks out of the ship and to the address on the data slate Kovu gave to him. He enters the and looks around, a bit surprised to see it empty. "Where is Kovu...? Shouldn't she be here?" He thinks to himself and walks over to what looks like a note and picks it up to look it over, he glances out the window nearby before looking back at the note. "Wait...what the hell?" He takes a double out the window and runs over to it as he over looks the crater that was once the warehouse. "Fuck....well...it was a trap most likely anyway..but where did Kovu go-wait." He looks at the note again. "Ahhh...smart one. Back to the ship for now." He nods and leaves with the note to go back to the ship and into his room to decipher it.
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Zazie The Beast

Zazie The Beast

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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Tue Nov 24, 2009 5:49 pm

As Zazie wakes up in Tolomea the lowest circle of hell. He slowly gets up and looks around to see nothing but tourtured spirits, and the resting place of many traitors he looks at a wall. and sees what resembels to be the spirit of Judah..." hmm this place looks like everything that i wanted" . As he gets up on his feet he continues to walk and a flash of Beam knocks him down"what the?". Out of the darkness comes out a throne room with a demonic figure sitting on it" Hmph i presume your the ruler of this place huh?.

As Zazie looks on the demon a board look crosses his face. He snorts and vanishes again into the mist that swirls up and enguls him and Zazie. As Zazie becomes hopless and suddenly Zazies deepest fears begin to manifest him and he begins to be tortered by his guilt and fears.Zazies eyes open wide and his pupils begin to grow "n..n.-n-nooooooooo" Yelling from his torment and torture. "I..Is..This...What...awaits...Me...La..ter?". As Zazie closes his eyes slowly he opens them up and sees his mother"mother i have failed you and everyone around me, its to late to change please forgive me for my actions" as Tears begin to roll down his cheeks he leans back and extends his hands to the sides and begins to yell in pain again.

As Zazie lays on the ground untouched by anything but his own fears and guilt. He feels a gental touch on his forhead and feels as gental stroking of his face. At the touch he can feel the pain and fear subside. After so much torture and torment." i dont care who it is anymore". as he talks with his eyes closed" i have realized what torment and evil i have caused to so many people its to late to redeem myself". As Zazie opens his eyes he sees a bright light "as he quickly blinks his eyes" what the... prolly another one of the devils tricks, BRING IT ON!!!!!".He yells

He hears a gentel musical laugh that sooths him and he feels as thought a weight is lifted from him but can feels as thought it hovers over him. Do you speak truly young? Do you wish to undo the harm you have done? To others? To yourself? Redemtion is always possible to those who truly wish to redeem them selves. says a soothing musical voice

Zazie opens his eyes and puts his hand over his head to find out what it is but due to its brightness he only sees a blur of a figure standing near him" yes... if i had a chance to due it over again i would...but...my....my demon side is binded at the moment what will happen if it is released again?...i do have these 2 daggers that extend out into swords..but thats not powerful enough i would be considered useless by others".

there is another musical laughter, There is much more to strength then brute force. You are human. A demons nature is one of great power and cruelty, an Angels is that of power and kindness. And so they can not fight their nature. Humanes have no set nature. Their nature is that of enovation and addaptaion. Learn what strengths your humen hart has. Are you ready to see your true strength? The true power of your human hart?

Zazie" yes, but one more thing can i see how i die??

Their is a bright flash and a warm feeling that is suddenly replaced by a burning pain as he is back in his body and it is heald. None may know how the end comes for them for the future is not set in stone. But as with all pathes to redemtion you shall have a guild that comes to you and will help ypu stay on your path. Head their wisdome and learn. Redeem your self young Zazie. Learn to feel, love, joy, friendship and every other good and bad for those are were you will find your redemtion.. There is no blinding flash or anything show and crazy the light simply fades and Zazie finds him self in the med bay looking at the inside of a blanket that had ben used to cover his body after he was killed

Waking up from his dream, he removes a white blanket over him that has blood on it" Hmph we already no were that came from...".As zazie puts his hands on his waste he takes out the daggers..." hmph i never really never gave you guys a chance to show me what you got so from now on you guys will be my weapons".As he grips the daggers they extend into swords..."hmph maybe there is some use for you at all" i no what ill cal you guys" kanashimi and yorokobi, sorrow and joy". as he flips them around he puts them back in his waste, he uses his nose to smell but he picks up no scent from his crew mates almost as if something blocked his scent from everyone around the ship and and suddenyl an unusual scent begins to attract him so he decides to follow it , he quietly walks out of the cargo bay and heads for the exit thinking" hmmmm maybe everyone left... ill find them out there somewhere". Suddenyl zaz picks up a scent that hes not used to so he begins to follow it. after a long travel and hours of walking.he suddenly comes to an estate that he is yet unfamiliar with.

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For what seemed to be the longest time, Bradley sat in front of his computer, deciding whether or not he should contact his dad, before finally making up his mind. With the press of a button, a small viewscreen popped up, and Bradley's father, Vincent Carradine, appeared on it. "Bradley? It's good to talk to you again. What's up?" "Yeah, you too. Uh... Listen, Dad." Bradley scratched the back of his head, not quite sure how to put it into words. "Something wrong, son?" "...Something big is going down, and our Captain's gone missing. I mean... I want to help. I want to prove I'm not just some impulsive punk who lets his money do the talking all the time. But the thing is, if I get involved, there's a good chance you and Mom could get hurt. And I don't want to be held responsible for that."

Vincent remained silent, and then spoke. "Go ahead and help, son." "Huh?" Bradley remarked incredulously. "But Dad-" "We'll be okay. We did take precautions for if our lives were ever threatened." "...Thanks, Dad. I'll talk to you again, soon. Alright? And Leon says hi." "Of course. I love you, son. And tell him I said hello, as well," Vincent told Bradley before disconnecting the feed. With a look of newfound determination, Bradley picked up the energy katana he been given so many years ago as a birthday gift, before heading to the cargo bay. Bumping into Leon, he said "I've made up my mind, Leon. I'm going to help. Oh, and my dad said to tell you hello." In the cargo bay, he suited up in the Gabriel, and slid the katana into a holster on one of the hips before picking up his laser rifle and opening the case that housed the hadron cannon.
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As Zazie rises a small 4' 9" bemused looking figure watches him with her red eyes with the silver puiples over her sunglasses and adjusts her hoodie about her waist. SHe stretches out her comically large blue demonic wings as she chuckles, her long tail swishes about as she smiles broadly at his Back. Her mulity patterned clothing clashing horribly with the colors she chose as well as the patterns being on other patterns. "Hello hello! See your the sorry demon that needs to redeem yur self. Hahahahah." She flexes her black claws and seems to be cleaning them from invisible dirt. "So what are you ...condemned fer?"The wind ruffles her fro hawk that looks like she had a fight with people trying to dye the white hair in many different color.
As Zazie sees this demonic figure he reaches for his daggers and gets into his defensive stance"what do you want from me...i thought i made a decision....seems like the devil himself is fond of me huh?" Zazie points the daggers towards the demon and says " what are you here for?"
The demonic figure grins widely showing her sharper then normal fangs." Kamel is my name and im your f-ing guide." She laughs light heartedly as she watches the daggers, " And what do you mean devil? I aint no demon...well i suppose that is still up for debate but im a reformed demon more or less."
Zazie grips his daggers as they extend into swords" hmph demon or devil himself no matter...if you came here to fight then a fight is what you'll get... i have been granted a second chance...and you wont take that away from me" Zazie throws both swords as they twirl towards the demon.As they swords fly towards the demon he runs towards it."WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT FROM MEEEE!!!?"

The demon's eyes widen and she closes her wings and aims her finger at him as holy magic arks off and hits him in the chest. "You f-ing moron! no yur suppose to help a demon human says the angel. But noooooo he attacks you and keeps thinking your a real demon. Never mind the the fact im reformed. Corese if the demon human dosent redeeeemmmeaam him self you can always risk blasting him to kingdom come says the angel. Never mind i suck at magic, have no fighting ablity and im a f-ing accountant." The swords miss her meraceriously as they spin away and she looks quite surprised. " Oh yeahhh force feild!"
Zazie lands on his back and as he sits up and looks at the Demon" well if you didnt come here to kill me then what is it that you want with me?"
The demon lifts up her sun glasses and scowls, " like i said. I'm your mother f-ing guide."

"and i guess you gunna tell me right from wrong?"..."like i cant do it on my own..hmph...why would i need you?
Kamal smiles and grins, " Thought you wanted to redeem your self? Or am i wrong and send a line to he nice angel to take you back to hell?""
ZazIe makes a fist"Fine alright... guide me as it may...just don't think i have to make every decision exactly by your words"..Zazie gets up and slowly begins to look around.. "hmph and what is it that you want from me, i dont have my demon powers...so i must be useless"
The ex- demon chuckles as she scoops up the swords and spins them about clumsily before handing them over handle first. "Tch who sai di would be telling you any thing about right from wrong? Hell my decisions at most is wegie or not that is the question. I aint no person to say this is good and this is bad. More of keep a watch on you and stuff like that. Sides your only a human demon and wasn't a full blown demon like me." The seems to think about it before rubbing her head, " then again i was a craptastic fighter as a demon."
She wiggles her fingers, " I got powers now! the power of bullets!"
Zazie twitches" great now i have a demon guide who is useless, look if i wanted a demon who could shoot bullets i would of gone to the gun store and got two of them and voila there i am a demon with bullets".In Zazies mind he says"shit this better pay off". "So how is it that your going to guide me exactly?" raising his eyebrow
She thinks about it, " Guide you on the path of seeing being a demon is not all that and more or less make your you redeem your self for turning in your captain." She looks up at him innocently at that, "And maybe help you come to terms with something of your past....and hit you with a news paper when your being bad. Something like that."
" hmm.... well i guess i do need a guide.. to help me not form into a demon 2 more times but... what if i need to do horrible stuff to save others or what if i need to kill to help save others?"
Kamal thinks about it, " if it saves others, especially those you care about then whats bad about it?" She says simply as if she has no qualms about killing someone in a horable manner. "As for keeping your demon in check, that is something i know how to deal with."

"Can anyone else besides me see you?, or am i the only one?" walks up towards the demon and looks at her.. face to face ..."you better do your job, and help, or ill get you back in the long run" Zazie grins and turns around " so uh were are we?"
The demon kisses him and smirks as he brought him self face to face and giggles ," Ok toot's. and other people can see me. see im solo-a-did." she Licks his face to prove her point.
Zazie jumps back and starts to spit out" aww cmon!" Zazie begins to rub his cheek to clean of the saliva" wow one of these days ima get you back for that".
The ex-demon smiles and flicks her tail, " I'll be waiting."

As the Crater smokes from the devastating attack on the ware house that was previously warehouse 13, now only a hole where something may of been. A small fuzzy Mud puppy like creature of a red coloration wanders up from the water and licks it's eyes before it skillfully climbs up the ship and walks along the wall unhindered by gravity wanders about eventually making it to Salina's room. it wiggles in to her room on it's short limbs and blinks at her as it licks it's eyes to keep them moist as it watches her before waddling up to her and coiling between her legs trying to get her attention and a little bit of love. it stands on it's hind legs for a moment before falling back after wiggling it's front legs at her

As Rade Hears the explosion out side an adorable yellow with white stripes Chub Chub wanders in and coos as it bumps against his leg and looks up at him expectantly. No matter how much he shoos it off it comes back with the adorable cooing with its big blue eyes, As soon as any thing threatens him their irises turn red and it shreds the 'attacker' before going back to Rade and rubs against his leg.
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As the Crater smokes from the devastating attack on the ware house that was previously warehouse 13, now only a hole where something may of been. A small fuzzy Mud puppy like creature of a red coloration wanders up from the water and licks it's eyes before it skillfully climbs up the ship and walks along the wall unhindered by gravity wanders about eventually making it to Salina's room. it wiggles in to her room on it's short limbs and blinks at her as it licks it's eyes to keep them moist as it watches her before waddling up to her and coiling between her legs trying to get her attention and a little bit of love. it stands on it's hind legs for a moment before falling back after wiggling it's front legs at her.
Salina smells something Salty “What is that smell” she then looks down. “why hello there little one where did you come from?” she asked the Mud puppy as it rubbed up against her leg. “Well since you are here. you wanna travel with me to help me save the Captain?”
The Mud Puppy nodded. “Okay now lets find you a name…..Hmmm hmmm…… How about Sunsun”. It nodded it’s head again. “okay from now on you are Sunsun."

Salina then bent down and picked up Sunsun. “you can stay in here she then makes a sling like holding bag out of a ripped sheet and tied it to her side and put Sunsun in to it. “ there now I won’t loose you when we go out side to look for Lady Kovu.” Salina then put on her back pack and grabbed the bag she packed for Igor and left her room knowing she had all of her things. She would help Igor give Igor his important stuff when she found him.

She then Left the ship in search of someone that would point her in the right direction to find Lady Kovu. “I will not be left behind” she said as she walked away from the ship and in to the unknown. I owe Igor for keeping me safe and alive, Sunsun this will be dangerous do you still wanna be with me?” Sunsun nodded. “okay off we go” Salina then headed for the Edge of town to ask around for information on where Lady Kovu is.
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Atop the tallest spire in the Guttenburg University-State, Mr. Jones sat patiently at the warpgate. Picking a stich on his chair, he snapped up to attention when he heard the low "thrum" of wormhole generator starting up Nearby, an undergrad assured him that everything was fine and that his appointment was ere.
Standing up, checking his shoes, and dusting his hat, Mr. ones walked toward a heavy blast door. It opened with a hiss, the coldness of the bulkhead to be expected from a building scratching into space.
Before him stood a massive man in a larger Dreadnaught Heavy Power-Armor. The fact that the average sordier wore this type of armor, and that most civilians had a smaller, trim powered-armor suit, reminded Mr. Jones of the old days of Cambridge and Oxford, with its duelists.
The man was smoking, the central coffin of the suit splayed out like a strange flower. He looked up, smiled, and offered Mr. Jones a cigerrette. Mr. Jones declined.
"Are you the... 'Mr. Jones' of the London Exchange? Correct?" said the guard.
"Yes. And I assume you are Security Head Ivanich Kossik?"
The man laughed a long hearty chuckle. For a second, Mr. Jones wondered if this was the right man, then realized he was probably laughing for fun. Mr. Jones could appreciate that.
Seeing the confusion on the Assesors face, Ivanich sighed, "Ya, I'm the man."
"I thought so, you voice harmonics match the files my Coordinator sent me," mused Mr. Jones.
After a second of awkward silence between confusion and obliviousness, Ivanich motoned for the gate.
"You ready, Brit?"
Ivanich flicked his cigerette, which somehow Mr. Jones followed. He turned and resealed his armor, each peice weaving in front of his body and face until a crisscrossing web of cracks formed on the coffin's face. Then, the cracks glowed then faded, leaving a completely smooth surface.
Mr. Jones looked at the smoldering bud.
"Ready Mr. Jones?"
The bud, sitting there, smoldering.
"Mr. Jones!"
Smoldering, spreading ashes across the carpet and singing the fibers.
"Um, Mr. Jones?"
Snapping from his reverie, Mr. Jones quickly steps forward and snuffs the stub. He then quickly trotted after the Guard.
In the chamber, he stepped up on to a large pedestal. Postgrads manned the keyboards and controls.
"Ready to jump?" asked Ivanich.
"It's more of a step."
"Oh, sorry. I'm ready to step-jump."
With a worrying rush of air, the room went cold enough for their breath to frost. Before Mr. Jones and Ivanich formed a hazy image of a similar room, with people running about and a pair of men waiting at the base of this phantom pedestal.
It was one short step-jump away.

Through the portal, stumbling as he shifted to the slightly lighter gravity, Mr. jones came onto a platform. After him storde Ivanich, who shifted with ease. A single step, or jump, or step and Mr. Jones found himself on another planet. Before him, he heard the young woman say a few words to the scientist and leave. She seemed upset.
The scientist, a thin, flinching man with bandages on his face, seemed upset as well.
"Are you the man from the Excange?" he asked.
"Yes," replied Mr. Jones "I'm the Assesor."
"I'm to take you to Subject 1605," the scientist turned to Ivanich "better go to Stage Four security. He stuck another guard."
"Broke through the shield and tore away his HMG. He is not critical, but took leave with a broken arm and sprained leg."
Ivanich sighed, his speakers somehow conveying his faceless emotions.
"i'll go in and check. I'll need my gear back."
"Head for the armory, they will have the replacements."
Along the way to the armory, Ivanich unfolded his armor again, the angry face spliting like a cleaved melon to reveal the old sodiers long hair. It was pure white. He had a few scars, but the most striking piece of him was his chest. Over his sternum was a large metal disc made of interlocking plates. Ivanich noticed Mr. Jones stare.
"Me heart. Never really worked, to the gave me one. Its par of the suits inner structure."
"Can you leave the suit?" said Mr. Jones curious. They had just reached armory.
"Ya, but only for a few days," Ivanivich turned and asked for his gun back.
"Feels good to not be cooped up?"
"Na," Ivanivich seemed happy to hold the heft of his Accelerator Cannon again, "I always feel so weak."
"Good weapon, that."
"Ya, cycles well, good armor piercing"
"No, it looks nice."
Ivanich looked over Mr. Jones.
"It looks correct" Mr. Jones continued, "I mean, long and tubular. New guns are all blocks, like children toys, but blasters have curves," he turned to Ivanich "you know?"
The walk back to the complex door was silent. The harranged scientist led them out to the yard.

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As Salina was getting off the ship, she picked up the sent of Zazie "This can't be right I saw him die. Sun sun we have a mystery to figure out" she then started to follow his sent. As she walked, Sun sun climbed up her arm and onto her shoulders and nuzzled her neck. Salina giggled, "Okay... okay Sun sun. I like you too." she then sniffed the air and headed around the edge of town. As she kept walking, she notices everywhere she looked was sand she soon spotted a wall. "hmnmnm.... what is his sent doing here?" she asked herself as she spotted him. she then placed everything on the ground and told Sun sun to watch every thing. soon she was running at Zazie at full speed and was getting ready to tackle him to the ground to and demand to know how the hell he survived a gun shot to his head.

As she runs towards, she sees the small demon looking figure shift and get in her way as Salina collides with a shield and there is ripple of blue as she flinches slightly. " oi oi what is it with grumpy people today?"

Salina growled "How the hell are you still alive Zazie?"
"and Who the hell are you?"
Salina asked as she got off the ground

Hearing Salina's voice Zazie turns around and looks at Salina and with anger" why did you come here to kill me again seems like you and your best friend Leon did a job rather well done earlier”. As he takes out his daggers and grips them as they begin to extend" if you came here to finish what you and Leon started best believe I wont be the one to be sent to hell this time!!"

Kamel looks between them before adjusting something on her belt and forced them both back with her force field. "OI! Yah stupid, stupid half breeds. Knock it off." The ex demon stretches her wings and doesn’t seem amused but them fighting. “Keep this up I will start pulling out numbers."

"I am not best friends with Leon and I didn't help him kill you either" Salina Starts back toward her things. "I gotta get Sun sun I’ll be right back then I want You to tell me how you are a live after a guns hot to the head. and you...I wanna know who you are and why you look like a Demon." she snapped saying the last part to Kam
"Number what the hell do you mean by that" Salina asked now confused.

Kam looks rather grim as she lets her teeth pull back as she bares her teeth, " A demon technically. I full fledged demon. Think of me as a teacher." She flicks her fingers about as she limbers them up and shakes her head. "And your sounding like an emo git. And you," She looks over her shoulder at Zazie, "How many people did you piss off man?"

"whatever I gotta get Sun sun I'll be right back" she then goes about 60 yards away and retrieves her things and Sun sun the mud puppy.
Salina returns shortly after she left with her things and Sun sun on her shoulder

Zazie stabs his swords to the ground and walks in front of them and leans up against his swords" doesn’t matter who I pissed off, only thing that matters was those people that I offered my help and my sincerity to betrayed me...I told them I had valuable information and as soon as I gave it up I died, you were there when Leon shot me... you could of saved me if you wanted to...seeing as though you backed off, and didn’t want to save me I died". Zazie walks towards Salina and gets in her face" now you and the rest of the crew are on your own on.... i'm not helping none of you to save Igor”. As Zazie turns around he pushes Kamel out the way and grabs his swords

Kamel tuts slightly, " hmm you do need help to get your cappy-ton. Seeing where he be."

Hearing that Zazie turns around and yells" then you can go with them and help them, if you want hmph they may beg for mercy but none shall of them will receive it from me"

Salina was mad "I Backed off since I thought he was gonna yell at you some more" she yelled at him her eyes Flashing Dangerously and besides my human side did that and when you did die I said a prayer for you.... I haven't seen death since my parents well my human side hasn't..."
her demon growled
"and besides he shot you in the head how am I suppose to save you from that?"

Kamel sighs, and tails after, Zazie, " I was just saying you need help. seeing who has him and where he is." Kamel stops at the flaring of demonic energies, " ah..... now you see. I don’t like other demons, control your self half breed."

Staring at Salina he quickly picks up his swords again..."yeah I heard your prayer...and what you said...don’t try to fool me what is it that you want from me anyways?... don’t worry Leon's time will come soon enough and that piece of shit will get what he deserves very soon". Zazie turns around and puts his swords on his back "look act as if I never boarded the ship...as if I never died...as if I never existed period... you and the rest of the crew can go save Igor I was hired to be the muscle...now good luck trying to find another". Zazie walks past toward Salina” go home Igor’s done for... "The rest of you are done as well, we were supposed to work as a team...remember...seems as though teammates kill each other in this game"

Salina just Growled " and they won’t let me help, why do you think Lady Kovu Left with out me?
Salina now had a sad look on her face

"Igor was the one that let me stay on the ship in the first place... He- he gave me a home...that is why I need Help getting him back... I can't say I forgive you for what you did but I will try if you Help me"

Kamel looks between them and dose a face palm as she listens to this "Aye! stupid heads! Ye sounding like idddd....eeeee.....ooootttssss." Kama; places her hands on her hips seeing that either are listinging to her as she pulls out a small book and starts writing down equations in case she needs the magic.

Zazie laughs" haha...think about it for one second.... for merely one-second Salina...they know what I can do... they fear me... but what can you do??... how would they benefit from you...if...lets say I were to go save Igor I could hold off many enemies while others have time to go and find him...I was the muscle....what do you offer to the crew?". Zazie puts his hand on Salina's shoulder" look...everyone tries to avoid you because they think you would just be a burden...something that everyone would just worry about during battle... and if you can't fend for yourself others can't fend for you as well... you'll just be worthless...if I want I can go down there and cause some serious damage to the place...".

Zazie then turns around and stares at Kamel" great your a geek to?? wow what did I do to deserve this, a demon with geek skills WOW" Zazie says sarcastically "what else can you do can you bring me something to drink and eat as well"

Salina's blood boiled at being called useless and worthless. "I am not worthless I have both Fire and wind Magic. Not to mention I have Holy powers and I can deflect things with my Barriers.... I have some fighting skills I had to learn to protect my Ex master's children....I am Far From Useless." as she was talking she released the "spell" on her wings.

Kamel looks up and her eyes shimmer dully as she regards him, "Hm? Oh well I was an accountant for as long as I remember. For souls, oddly enough." Kamel sighs as she steps back, " As well as oh look number shackles." She finishes a complex equation and numbers encircles both of them and she slowly walks towards the tepet mansion. " Useless emo whinny demon spawn. Thinking I am a geek. No Not only a business demon." She tugs on the equation that is shimmering in the air to get them to follow. "How look I got two demons oh lucky me." She seems to be rambling off as she walks towards the tepet's house as she mutters to her self, " Ah orcal told me where the redemption was but neglected to say there were two idiots."

"hey where you going?" Salina then followed them to the mansion.

Kamel shakes her head and looks up as she mutters, " Man and they said I was stupid." She looks over her shoulder and shakes her had, " Lesson one Humility." She makes a jerking motion with the equation clutched in her hand and Zaz feels him self go up then come back down in a jarring feeling with no real pain. "Learn your not a f-ing badass."

Zazie finally calms down and whispers " I was better of in hell" and as he stares at Kam" look I don’t want to be seen by the rest of the crew, Kam lets just leave"

Salina looked at Kam as she walked next to her "I don't think they will let me help them"

Kam sighs as she pulls out a paper and looks at the flow char on it. "Okay he wants to leave and that leads to ...oh...hmmm this will be interesting seeing the only person that will tell him where Igor is s in the house there." Kamel looks up and arches her eye brows, " Then invite your self."

Zazie begins to yell and makes a fist" IM NOT HELPING THEM THEY KILLED ME THEN THEY WANT MY HELP??? NEVER!!!!"

Kamel looks at the paper, "You came here first....And your old crew ain't in there. DURRRRRR."

Salina stops in her tracks as her demon markings start to fade and her eyes are now back to being the color of Green Emeralds. she then makes her wings Vanish again " okay I will Make them take me. But are you going with me... I am sorry what is your name?"

Kamel shrugs, " A little from column a and a little from column b, and the name is Kamel, course i’m not telling yah my real name."

Zazie twitches his nose and opens his eyes "yells out to Kam we have to leave NOW!!!, I know this scent like the back of my hand WE MUST LEAVE!"

"I am Salina Magaire. Just call me Salina" she then reached her hand out to Kam.
"what are you Sapazing about now Zazie?" she asked as she looked at him.

Kamel lets her wings hit the ground as she looks over her shoulder and hold up the paper for Zazie to read but he can't recognize the language. " Orical gave this to me. You want redemption fast or painfully slow?"

Looks at Salina with a grin" your safe if you keep going to the house... I smell Kovu's scent, i’m not going in there i’m leaving to be alone may you and the rest of the crew take care... Kam Lets leave PLEASE!!!!"

Zazie raises an eyebrow and looks at Kam:" I wish for it to be painfully slow, but best believe I will not go into that house, Kam you know me and what I've done so far I’m not a person of gratitude at all, but can we please leave this place"

Kamel sighs and looks annoyed, " Fine fine." She lets go of the equasions that vanish and tails after Zazie. "Why do you not like this Kovu person?

Salina looks at Zazie like he is an Idiot/ "what Part of she doesn't want me to help do you not under stand she is stronger than me right now."
Salina is dumbfounded as she watches them walk away. she then runs after them. "Can I help you get Igor back?"

Kamel shrugs at this and doesn’t seem to care.
"what ever I am helping you whether you like it or not Zazie"
she says as she keeps following them.
Zazie begins to walk towards the desert and looks over his shoulder “look they don’t need you help so why keep trying they wont even give you a chance... i just want you to no that I’m only going to save Igor just to redeem myself.. but I have to fight in human form since Kovu binded my demon are you sure you want to travel with me? its going to be a long journey and a hard time at that"

Salina Nodded "yes I am still gonna go with you and I should tell you I am still learning to control My demon since that is what I fear the most.... I don't fear being human like you do... I just prefer being in the middle of the two...
Zazie stops in his tracks and begins to walk towards Salina.." one day your fears will get the best of you.. that demon will come out.. whether you like it or not...in a life and death situation...that’s all we have we live to die like humans do, or we take the world down with use like demons do...remember that"

Kamel jerks her thumb behind her," Some one in there knows if you f-ing demons listened to me." She holds up her hands and makes hand puppets while using her tail as one too as she dose "Mimimimimimimi Roar roar roar roar. blah blah blah information in there blah blah blah blah."
Zazie stops and looks at Kam and twitches" uh what the hell are you doing?:

Kamel smiles, " Nothing if you cant tell."

Salina Just Laughed as she watched the two bicker "hey I am just Following I wouldn't mind helping the others it is them who don't want me to help"

Zazie then puts the daggers in his waste band and says" Kam you’ll be my translator and help me decipher, Salina, you’ll help me with your elemental powers...you guys agree?"

Kam laughs light heartedly and shakes her head, "Translator? HA! What the hell am I suppose to translate?"
Zazie closes his eyes and grins "Codes, different languages, that type of stuff"
Kam smiles, " Sure and apes can fly." She shakes her head wondering where he got the idea she can translate since all she has ever been good at is math.

Salina smiled and then said "fine but I think I am stronger than you right now since I can use my demon form and you can't

Kamel rolls her eyes as she wanders off knowing that something is suppose to happen, it eventually does.

sun sun comes out of hiding in the sling and climbs up on Salina's shoulder
Zazie catches something in the corner of his eyes" what is that thing on your shoulder???"

Sun sun wiggles its front legs at Zazie and makes a weird squeaking noise. Kamel looks over and pets it slightly out of habit and continues the mindless wandering

"oh its a Mud puppy I named her Sun sun. I found her in my room on the ship"

Zazie eyes the lil mud puppy" were did he come from Salina?"

"like I said, I found her in my room... SHE must have wandered on to the ship. she was too cute to leave behind"

Zazie then rolls his eyes" fine you guys we have to find some enemies we can take down so we can train, anyone got an idea were we can start?"

Kamel points at the shrinking mansion.

"same as Kami said, Back at Lady Kovu's place" said Salina as she pet Sun sun.
Kamel shrugs, " then I got no clue since all I got on the flow chart are numbers for walk away."
"I don't know either"

"anyone got any ideas? at all...or do we have to go to plan b?"

Kamel smiles and stares out serenely, " Something always shows up in the end"
Zazie looks at Salina" rip me of a piece of your cloth"

Kamel looks back and cheers "Whoo take it off!"

"why...she looks at the sling and her Kimono..." Salina gets red at Kam's words "w-what nooo.."

Zazie rolls his eyes "look just tear it off"

Salina" get away" she backs off....

Kamel laughs loudly and seems quite amused by this

Salina then tears a part of the Sling off "here just don't touch me"

Kamel whips her tail about to poke Salina because she can and Salina said not to.

Zazie grabs the sling and ties it around his face" hmph this should do it call me by a different name as well"

"and what should we call you... dumb dumb?"

"call me Lucius"

"Hmmmm how about not.... Benny"

Salina then keeps changing the name to some thing even worse
each time

Kamel doesn’t offering any help with names as she wanders about."

"..Benny can it get anymore boring then that? what about you Kamel gimme a nickname!"

Kamel thinks about it "Saten."


"what about Damien?"

Kamel, yawns as she shades her self with her wings, "Flick? Werther? hmmm that’s kind of obvious."

"Okay fine"

"Damien it is lets head to the tepet estate?"

"Okay but you are stupid for needing that she will still smell you." Salina said as she pointed to his facemask.

Zazie glares back at Salina" not if you go in there by yourself and tell her the news of my death...seeing though you no I’m the only one alive" puts on a smile on his face

Kamel looks over and looks up with boredom. "hmmm....well are we going?"

Salina rolls her eyes... "that will not work"
"yes Kam we are"

Zazie puts his hands up in the air " and why wouldn’t this work?"

Kamel shakes her head, "perfume, cologne, roll in something rotten."

"because I am not going in alone"

"I’m not arguing"

"I think Kami's Idea will work but where will we get some thing like that?"

Zazie grins "and why I’m just going to be outside!"
"kam can you calculate what will it take to get rid of my own scent from the tepet estate?"

"she will throw me out and say you will be in the way"

"tell her about my death....that you need a place of comfort at the moment...she'll let you stay with her"

Kamel leans over and sniffs him, " Hmm about .10 orange, .2 mint, hmmmm and pine workd really well."

"fine but only if Kami comes with me"
she says with pleading eyes

"fine shell go with you...kam give me the stuff that can get rid of my scent" and ill wait for you guys here"

Kamel looks at Zaz blankly before crossing her arms over her chest, " I’m not your seeing eye dog."

glares at Kamel and grins and slowly begins to breathe calmly...." kam can you please get it for me"

Salina looked at Kami "he was like this on the ship too"

Kamel swishes her tail and sticks her tongue out before pointing out, " I’m not suppose to leave you but you actually asked nicely so .....you can still do it your self since guide dose not cover personal servant."

"and don't look at me for I will not do it" Salina let out a sigh as she started Back toward the manor
Lets Go..." and with that Salina headed off to Kovu's manor.

"ill wait here for you guys and gather the ingredients"

Kamel doesn’t look amused as she plops her self down and shakes her head.

"you better come in about 10 minuets after us"
Salina then Knocks On the door
Of Kovu's Home
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:10 pm

Leon looked at Bradley and spoke with a surprised tone. "Didn't expect that from you. I thought you would've went home to protect your family. But, the more the merrier I suppose. We aren't moving out yet." He says and holds up the note. "I found this at the place where we were supposed to meet. Kovu left it for us and I need to decipher it before we move out. So you go get Rade and meet me at my room. Oh and don't worry, the security for my room will be off, for now." He says and chuckles as he heads into his room and sits in front of a computer and puts the note under a small scanner, he opens a program and starts working on deciphering the message while he waits for Bradley and Rade. "Hmm...I wonder if the kid will let me look at that thing."
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Fri Nov 27, 2009 10:03 pm

Kovu and her cousins spent the rest of the day looking over maps and trying to refine the location spell but it only narrowed it down to ten miles out to sea and an area about five times as big. "I will speak with Moe later." Kovu says and suddenly looks up at the same time Xian did both aware that Zazie had just died as his former demon came under their control. Linsha and the other dragon blood make a face at the mention of Moe since his attacks lack order and everything else that dragon bloods teach their soldiers. The other talk among each other as Kovu sighs, "Well we will be short the male half demon Zazie. It seems he has meet his end. Linsha check the monitor and make sure Valkyrie is not attack them at the ship." Kovu asks as she thinks what this could mean if Valkyrie was attacking the ship. Those considering who their opponent was there was a chance that even if Linshas cheeked the monitor that Jong had used to hack into the landing zones security feed she might not see any fighting. It would all be inside the ship were they would be unable to see.
The Kraw seem to be still hiding and no one has approached the ship as far as they can see other then the atypical rodents that are always about the docks since they have realized food is there. Jong does see a strange looking human exit the ship that doesn't look like he was part of the ship or at least shouldn't be any more. He shakes his head slightly and keeps his eyes on it before frowning as a small hooded character detached it's self to follow him with a slender tail trailing out behind them. "Seems like there might of been intruders."
Kovu nodes at him and they begin to plan the possible strategies to use since it seems they will be the only ones. As Kovu and the others go over different ways they can go about finding the facility, one of those ways by asking Moe if he had any information which Kovus cousins grimaced at but could not deny that he might know something. Kovu walked over to the window that over looked the backyard of the estate. The lush growing grass and shade were inviting but she had to focus there may be time to relax after, she told her self. Then her eyes fell on Moe. He was longing by the pool with a drink in one hand and a cigar in the other. He had done nothing but flirt drink and over all throw a party for one since Kovu had invited him as thanks for his aid and so she could speak with him about Valkyrie. She knew he knew something since he had attacked the warehouse. She watched as he sprang up and grabbed one of the servants and danced around with her whilel his odd mech played music. Suddenly Kovu's attention is pulled back to the room as an orb of light appears.Greeting Mistress and Master. As instructed i have come to let you know that there are people at the main gate! But they have not knocked or any thing. They well... Let me show you!, the orb grows to the size of the table and soon Kovu and the others see Zazie and some one Kovu has not seen before. It is not long till Salina appears and they watch as Salina and Zazie look as thought they will fight. "Linsha see if you can run an image of this new comer and find anything on her." Kovu looks over and Xian and she sees the same slightly curious and confused look on her face that is on hers, they both felt Zazie die and yet there he was. "Linsha, is he still a half demon or just demon tainted? Your training as a monk makes you better at figuring that out than me." Out of the corner of her eye Kovu can see her cousins placing bets on who will win the fight as they watch. As they do this Uncle walks in and places his bet on the new comer before walking over to a comfy chair and sits smoking his pipe.
Linsha settles down as Jong looks over and points at Zazie, "The person that left looks like him but well no clue about the strange looking one."
Linsha looks over the image as she crosses over the image to any thing that could connect the person they are seeing. " As far as i can tell that was a low level demon...accountant? Well seems like what I'm finding says she went missing ages ago. Hmm seems odd since I'm getting scattered reports of her but no definite answers. If this is the demon i found then she has no real use even as a familiar. Rather useless unless you need numbers done."
As Kovu watches she shakes her head as the unknown demon cast her spell ending the fight. There are a few flat looks as the money that was being bet is gathered by Uncle as he hums a song and leaves with his winning. "It seems there is more to this. And that the young Zazie does not wish to come here even though Salina and this new demon does." she says as she sees all three leave. The orb of light returns to normal. They have left the main gate and i can no longer see them. If you wish I will follow them., the orb says cheerily but Kovu waves the idea away. "No if Zazie is alive then at best he is only demon tainted sine we still have his former demon side. Who ever brought him back it is safe to say it is not demonic in nature. If he returns we shall talk with him then. And besides that means the others of the crew may still show up. Wait at the main gate so you may escort them in" They all go back to planing and talking and a hour passes and the warning glyphs glow. As they look up they see that Salina barge through the main gate and onto the grounds and march right up to the house and knock. "What a rude little filthy creature she is." Xian says. Kovu nodes and Linsha actives the appropriate wards that knock out any demon or anyone with demon blood.
Kovu and the others watch as the glyphs glow and Salina is rendered unconscious. One of the servants goes out and picks her up and takes her to a guest room. Back at the ship Leon finally deciphers the note and the new location on were to meet. as Leon, Bradly and Rade head out they can see the full moon rising. Salina begins to stir and feels as though her head is filled with cotton and can't really seem to focus and is a bit annoyed and confused at how that happened and the fact that she didn't know were she was.
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"Hmm....ok guys, I know where we are meeting up now." Leon says as he pick up the note and the weapons and stuff he gathered before. "Last chance for those who wish to stay behind...though it is only us on board anyway." He shrugs and leaves his room and heads to the cargo bay, stops before leaving the ship. "Follow me if you want to try to help save the captain or stay behind, your choice. If you don't follow, it was nice knowing you and hope you have a good life." He says to Bradley and Rade before heading out of the ship and to the address on the note, he stops at the gate and look at the estate. "Wow, nice place. Looks alot better than the ship that's for sure." He says with a bit of a whistle as he looks around before knocking the gate. "Not right to barge into a friend's house without knocking."
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He wanted to see his captain again. He wanted to see his paycheck. But, more than anything else, Rade wanted a drink. Things had been, quite frankly, wrong. Everything in the past few months that could possibly go wrong had gone wrong, with only a few of the "good" possibilities happening in return.

To start with, there was a parasite invasion of his ship. He might have been able to tolerate that on its own. Then their pilot left - no love lost between the two, but crew's crew. Following her departure, the bossy noble took command. Then their captain went missing due to a traitor on the ship. Said traitor had been shot on board and was going to be a very fun police report to write up... but somehow the man who was shot through the forehead was up and kicking again. A bunch of natives would like nothing more than to tear apart the ship, a lil' ball of pure evil was trailing him like a lost puppy, their main lead on their captain was blown apart by excessive force... it was a wonder he was still sober up until this point.

Of course, Rade planned to change that. He liked his Cap'n - he was a good boss. However, with how their current line of work'd been going, he'd be damned if he went out on a limb for some suicidal heroics for the guy that may or may not still be alive. Knowing when to cut his loses, the Slig went to the latest closing bar he could find and plopped himself at the bar. He was going to have a long, brain destroying night, but Great Slig in the Sky he'd not remember it!
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"Gabriel now launching." With that, Bradley shot out of the cargo bay like a cannonball, and soared high into the sky in his Power Armor, before heading to the address. He moved into a hover once he neared the estate, and scanned the ground for Leon. "Leon, you hear me? I'm in the air above you." Bradley came in and landed several feet away from Leon. His helmet popped open and he looked around, noting Rade's absence as rather odd. "Where's Rade? I thought he was with you."
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There are two things Mr. Jones knew about Kuttoz bases. They were heavily armed and the arms were never obvious. Like any well armed society, the Kuttoz value of courtesy was a dangerous thing to ignore.
"Greetings, doctor, I'm pleased to meet you," opens Mr. Jones.
"Hey Doc, how's the arm?" chuckles Ivanich.
"Greetings, Assessor, and healing quite well, thanks." The man was tall and thin, with a shaved skull showing several medical clasps. "I'm Polonius Skive, Assistant director to Project X force Pheonix."
Mr. Jones blinked and thought for a second.
"You're the one brought in for medical care last week! You're lucky to be alive."
Polonius sighed. "Ya, but I'm still here, aren't i?"
For the haunted look in his eyes, Mr. Jones had to wonder.
"You are definately conscious of your current state of being," concluded Mr. Jones.
"Thanks... I think," muttered Polonuis, "Anyway, I'm to take you to the new holding cell."
Outside the teleporter chamber, the wind kidded of sand and dust. The planet, mostly ocean, had an odd habit of desert interiors. The storms carrying the water often ended up dumping the water back into the oceans. On this water planet existed desert that had not seen water in decades.
Built into a canyon floor, with com-spikes and sensor towers stretching out of the rock, the facility's many buildings formed a jumble in Mr. Jones' mental map. Walkways ran overhead, while collumns were cut below, revealing deep cylindrical buildings. The most important note was that no building but a few sheds had the majority of their structure above ground. Like land locked icebergs, they swam beneath sight.
Every door had at least a camera, and guards strolled by in ones and twos. Most wore the heavy power armor of Kuttoz Security, but a few Project X initiated agents strolled through as well. The groups didn't mix much, Mr. Jones silently noted.
"How's you're wife?" asked Ivanich, breaking the silence.
"Good, though still worried," Polonius sighed, "but she should pull through. She's the base psychologist anyway!"
"And the kids?"
"Riecken just wrote back from the academy in Kroskav. They plan on making him captain of a ship!"
"Good to hear the Kuttoz Navy getting anther fine officer!"
"And little Pischana is no slouch! She just finished her first thesis paper. On post-parrelel neutronic matrices. She's turning twelve this tuesday!"
Ivanich let loose one of his shaking belly laughs.
"She always seemed a bright one."
The two continued talking, telling of friends and family. Ivanich seemed to avoid much on close family, but was always willing to talk of his old squad mates, alive or dead, as if they were only across the room. Mr. Jones began to feel that Ivanich was much older than he let on.
Amid the shaped sand stone was carved a large doorway. A Kuttoz trooper waved and let them in.
"Remember, Ivanich, this is a Red Level security center. Keep them in radius."
"Okay, Voche," Ivanich turned to Mr. jones and Polonius, "I'm activating the sheild systems in my suit. Keep beside me, or else you'll leave it." He seemed rarely serious, so Mr, Jones followed suit. Polonius followed slightly behind. He was sweating.
Down hall after hall, through catwalks between the hanging archologies, and through guarded portal, they came upon a circular building with a glass floor. A dozen men worked on consoles, all suspended above the floor by wires and cables. Only two people walked the floor. One was a man in an especially massive suit of power armor. His head, odvoisly not that of any regular human, was elongated and spiked. His legs were obviously digitigrade. On his back a massive gauss cannon stayed level on its swivel, despite his emphatic motions. There also seemed to be some type of aerial system, but they looked like wings... Mr. Jones found his reading not matching his eyesight, so he simply trusted his implanted instruments. Eyes deceive, as an old movie once said.
The women, dwarfed by this monster, looked on passively towards them, then beckoned with a simple, swift motion.
The trio strode forward, Polonius hiding behind Ivanich, Ivanich looking rather displeased to see this woman, and Mr. Jones, in the middle of it all, wondering what was about to happen.
The woman reached out and shook his hand, despite Mr. Jones never really extending it. He found such an intimate connection between people unlike him. He took out his hankerchief and began to wipe his hands.
"Mr. Jones," began the woman.
"And you would be?" asked Mr. Jones.
"You are here to see subject 1605 to assess his worth to your superiors, are you not." She hadn't even blinked when he asked. She was good.
Or mad.
"Yes. Yes I am."
No reason to rile the madwoman.
"So, as you can see, he is properly held."
It was only by biting his tongue that Mr. Jones stopped himself from agreing with her, spinning around, and leaving.
She was good.
Too good.
"I'm sorry, but I must inspect the subject myself," slurred Mr. Jones, tasting copper.
Her only sign of being irked was one slight movement of her left eyebrow. It raised two centimeters.
"As you wish," she said, flipping Mr. Jones entire existance into the same bin she likely stored her blackened soul, "I'm not one to try and stop you." with a swirling swish she turned on her toes and marched out, the draconic monster huffing behind her.
The door slammed.
"She is, how you say, not from around here." Ivanich seemed lost in some rather dark thought by the sound of his voice.
"She's... cold" trailed Polonios.
"She..." Mr. Jones concluded... "Seems familiar..."
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:54 pm

As Bradly Lands and Leon turns to knock on the door a glowing orb of light manifest in front of them.
Greeting! My master and mistress bid you welcome and enter! it says in a voice that sound musical and sweet.
As they follow the bouncing orb of light they walk across a huge front yard that seems more like a small park with trees and pounds with creeks linking them. Bradly soon get the feeling that the little orb is panicking every time his meck squashes a flower.
They are soon at the main house and Bradly finds that he can't bring his mech in since the door way is not big enough to admit it.
"Greeting. Our Mistresses and Master are sitting for dinner if you will please follow." the servant that opens the door says then notices Bradly mech, "If you would follows the gate greeter it will show you were you may leave your mech sir then it will led you to the Grand Dinning room."
As Bradly is led to a garage were there are other larger, smaller and mechs of similar size in different states of repair. The little orb of light then led Bradly back and he soon meets up with Leon and the servant that was leading him to the Grand Dining room. As They are let in they do not see Kovu seated there but there are five others sitting there.
Two of them, twin sisters, rise and walk over to the two of them.
"Greetings, I am Tepet Xian and this is my sister Tepet Linsha. Please sit and join us there is much to talk of. Our cousin will be joining us soon."
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Kamel waits for Salina to leave before shaking her head, " Well shall we head off?
Zazie looks around cautiously " i have a bad feeling yet i dont no what it is but yes"
Kamel chuckles and stands up as she spreads her wings out far before closing them again and sets out for the town. She quickly finds what is needed and picks out a neon red Hair dye that she looks at curiously as she brings foth a lock of hair and smirks, " Yeah want a descied too i suppose."

zazie looks at kamel and raises his eyebrow he yawns and covers his mouth and says"well lets do this and yes a disguise the Zazie you once new died when he was shot...i want a brand new me..im ready to change who i am...can u make my eyes gold?....the red dye is nice as well work your magic". Zazie suddenly takes a step back opens his hands and looks at kamel" ha work your wonders then"

SHe grins as she takes the dye and sits on a rock so she can easily get to his hair and works in the quick acting dye. Her tail coils about a stone out croping from the building and hangs up side down so she can fluff his hair back making it look like a mane, clearly having fun with making him look wild looking, not caring about the time. She drops down as she smears some of the dye into her hair adding to the colors. She stolls around as she pulls out her pad and seems to be calculating somehting as she scribbles out some numbers with basic colors before lifting his shirt so she can place a mark of the spell on him. His eyes change to gold as it does down the list of the color percent changed. "There that should work."

Zazie blinks and looks around he sees a little puddle of water and walks up to it he leans over and sees his own self image" wow you did a great job thankx" he opens his mouth and sees his fangs are still there, as Zazie puts his hand through his hair he looks at the puddle again and sees his eyes change as well as he trys to turn them red they suddenly turn into the color of the shining sun as if someone sat there with a a golden rock and polished it to a point were as to blindness can occur" ha well you surely have done your magic Kamel good job". Zazie begins to clap his hands as he stops to clap he sees the little mud puppy sun-sun run out of the Tepet-Estate"what the??? Kamel we best follow him"

Kamel watches the strange creature run about. " Hmm i suppose,

Zazie begins run after the little mud puppy and after running 100 yards he finally catches up to the little mud puppy but as he grabs it it suddenly melts to the floor and the goo gets all over his hands he turns towards Kamel and hugs her slowly wiping his hands against her back" your a good friend Kamel but i just had to do this" brings his hands back and shows kamel the goo that was on his hands" yeah i got half of it off on your back".Zazie then turns around and begins to walk towards the Tepet-Estate" well then were off my friend come on"

Kamel Shudders as it touches her skin and she tences up, " EWWWWW That so cold!" SHe spins about as the chill passes over her back and flaps her wings taking to the air for a moment. "Get it off get it off!"

Zazie grabs some leafs and takes off the goo that is on Kamels back and throws it on the floor"what in the hell was that??

Kamel grimices as she hits the ground harder then she planed. "I dunno. but its cooooolllddd."

As kamel feels the icy feeling smear over her back she shivers as the air blows over her bare back and sudently it feels like the world is spinning as it fades from sight before they slam into the ground of a cold metalic room. Kamal's eyes widen as her eyes take on a nearly complear red coloration as her irises shrink from the suprise.

Zazie slowly begins to get up off the ground" what the hell is going on i feel like a bus just hit me". Zazie rubs his head...."Kamel what did you fucking do this time". Zazie turns around and glares at Kamel with his eyes as gold and yellow as the sun

Kamel looks about bewildered and puffs out her wings. " I did nothing!"
Zazie looks around the room and looks at his hands"wait a minute you think that little thing that i grabbed teleported us over here?"

Kamel puffs her wings out, " I dont know you should know."

As they bicker the door opens silently and a familer figure of Zaz's 'friend steps into the room closing the door behind him self. "So whats this i hear about people trying to save igor?" He cleans the invisable dirt from his nails as he looks at them causaly as if nothing is wrong or the fact he just locked him self in the room with two possable hostiles.

Zazie looks at the man up and down and stares at him "look we came here to rescue him. Are you an enemy or a friend?".Zazie leans back up against the wall and stares at the floor" time is short my friend i suggest you think quickly, before i make a rash decision of my own"

The man smiles and he looks rather dishevled compared to what Zazie rembers him as. "Oh i was just ...clerafying. You see my superiors wouldnt like you messing with their experament." He seems to think on this before smileing nastyly, " Oh did those dragon blooded and the crazy man find my little pressent? I thought they would like to see their captian....well part of him any ways."

Zazie takes out his daggers and throws them at the man and they go through his shoulders and pin him against the wall before the man can make eye contact with Zazie he snap and quickly runs towards the man with eyes shining like gold and nails growing and grabs the man by the throat" you have come to talk to me before and let me no about the captin, in return i am willing to spare your life..if your willing to help us out of this forsaken place"

he man laughs as Zazie feels the man melt from his hold and step to the side. " Nice to see your so energetic. Also this isnt my realy body. Think of me like a big version of ...sun sun is what she called me?" Kam's mouth drops open at this revelation. He laughs slightly and lets his body reform. " So what will mister back from the dead do?"

Zazie walks towards the wall and grabs his daggers" hmph seems like..your more of a hassle then i thought you would be how about you make this easier on both of us and show me the way out" Zazie walks towards the man and sticks his hand out"lead the way my friend"

"Ohhh some one learned something. Maybe i will show you Igor, cant let you in but i can show." He laughs as he opens the door. as they start to leave they feel the world tip and Zaz finds him self looking through a one way surface at a figure that has a chain about his ankle and a bag over his face. "I think that is enough we got company coming to see him." Kamel squeeks as the world tips dangeriously and they hit a platform.Kamel groans as she clutches her head clearly not enjoying this jumping.
Zazie looks round and jumps with ease"Kamel whats going on what is this place?"

Kamel looks about and looks rather ill, " I dont know...i dont liek the jumping." He looks rather ill from the jumping as she curls up partally. The roo, they are in is only about 15 by 15feet. Kamel shivers as she trys to get her barrings.
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Mon Nov 30, 2009 9:56 pm

(starts as a post with Reep then goes to a small blerp with Zin... >^_^<...


As Salina wakes up she notes the felling of her head being stuffed up. She then sees she is in a very nicely decorated room. "How did I get here?" she asked her self aloud. As the moon rose, Salina can feel her demon energy turning her in to a full demon. "I wonder where Lady Kovu is at?" Salina then got up from the bed and walked to the door and into the hall... "Now where do I go?"

As Salina tries this, she finds nothing. She gets the sweet smell of roses and lavender. A she walks around not eve the sound of her foot falls can be heard because of the rich, think rug that lines the hall. As she gets to the end of the hall, she finds that she is on the third floor. And because of the stuffy head she can't be sure if what she hears are the voices of people talking of something else, but since it is the only thing she hears she goes down to the first floor were it sounds like its coming from.

As she walks the voices grow louder, she calls out yet again. "Hello is any one there?" she keeps moving as she Calls out Louder, "Hello.... Lady Kovu?"

"Can you believe it the Mistress and Master let that raged urgent in?" one voice says quietly, "I know, Normal they would have some one that rude and unmannered out." a second one is heard before getting cut off by a third, "Enough gossiping and get to cleaning. This whole wing of the manse must be cleaned and dusted." with that the voice fad and the servants go back to cleaning. The voices are coming from behind the last door in the hallway.

Salina: walks toward the voices and reaches the room, she then opens the door. "excuse me Do you Know where I can Find Lady Kovu." she is kind of peeved that they were talking about her from what she could guess...

The servant though taken by surprise do not show it. As the older of the three women step, forward Salina can see over her shoulder that the large window is open. As she looks out she can see a large expansive backyard with beautiful landscaping and out in the center is a small shrine and she can barley make out the image of a women and a larger then normal tiger by it.

Salina could tell they were startled by her as she asked Yet again "do you know where Lady Kovu is? I need to speak to her right away."

Salina then
notices the Aura of Lady Kovu out side and walks over to the window. "is that her out there?" she asked just to be sure

The oldest one looks annoyed at Salina’s back but a calm neutral exasperation replace it before Salina turns around. "Yes it is." the old women says then goes to open the door, "But the other are gathering in the Grand Dinning room. If you follow I shall show you the way."

Salina caught the annoyed look the annoyed look from the corner of her eye and simply stated, "Fine I guess I will go as long as I get to talk to her. If I won't be able to I will jump out the window right now and talk to her now." if the servants looked in to her eyes they would see nothing but seriousness in her red orbs.
The servant just says over her shoulder, "Lady Kovu will not be going to dinner. She already ate she will be meeting with her family after she is done with her training time with her family in private. At best you may request to speak with her tomorrow." she says and leads Salina out of the room

Salina has yet to move from where she is standing. After a few minutes, she slowly follows the maid. "You better tell her I need to talk to her as soon as possible I am not a very patent demon. and for your comment earlier about my manors, I only show manners to people who deserve it, if I was in my normal state I would not have said anything but you should be glad I am controlling my demon right now and didn't rip you to shreds for calling me what was the word again.... oh yeah Urchin as you put it. And I would like to see you try to do the work I did as a Salve back before I got away, for you would not be alive now. I can guarantee that my Job was harder than yours... you should be Glad you are getting paid and have some one Like Lady Kovu to work for
for my old master was not so kind.

The servant doesn’t turn around, "If you say so. But Lady Kovu will see you if she so chooses. You would be wise not to demand thing of Exalts."

"You don't look like one to me and I will show Lady Kovu respect when I see her... and I will wait as quietly as I can. It is a wonder I have this much control over this side right now since I am her to tell her some bad news. The death of a crewmate that was killed by a crewmate. I will not say who till I see her."

"I never said I was one child but you will have to wait how ever long. Though it will be some time if she dose not see you tomorrow for the Lady and the other Lords and Ladies will be leaving for some time. So the room you woke up in will be yours till they return."

”Look, I am here to help find my Captain... Would you at least tell her that much?" Salina is getting really annoyed by this point.
"I can not. I have the task to finish here after I take you to the Grand Dinning room. No one bothers Lady Kovu and she has left orders that the servants not wait on her. Though the other Ladies make sure we do when she is not looking." they pass another large wind and door that leads out into the back yard. Salina can now see that the shrine is surrounded by water and the smooth surface reflects the full moon beautifully.

Salina glares at her "and you call me rude." she mutters to her self "just show me where the others are okay"
Slivery figure darts by the old maid and springs onto Salina as she opens the door. Sun sun disengages on Salina as a white powder pours over her and as the dust falls over her she vanishes, as the powder falls to the floor it vanishes as well leaving no trace behind..

The old maid notes the old steak of sliver and frowns thinking one of Lady Xians experiments got lose as she turns and see Salina open the door and the thing jump onto her shoulder she then sees her vanish. "Oh my. Things never stay quiet around here."

As Salina is pitched forward, she hits a wall and hears the startled voice of Kamel who yells something as he hits the ground trying to grab onto the small animal before it takes off. Kam falls to the ground looking defeated as it poofs away in dust. "Damn."
As Salina sits up from the floor, she looks around "what the hell just happened?"
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"Brad, knowing him he is probably getting drunk somewhere, he made his choice and thats that." Leon says to Bradley before nodding to and following the orb inside, when the twins walk up to them, Leon gives a slight bow. "Leon Baron, honor to meet you all. And I assume your cousin is Miss Kovu?" He asks as he takes a empty seat and sets the things he brought with him down by his chair, he looks over at Bradley with a glowing red eye and whispers to where he can hear him. "Be respectful and dont do anything stupid ok?" He then looks at Xian. "Miss Xian, may I ask who the other three here are? Or will we be told in due time?"

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Silver Feng Mercenaries
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