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 Silver Feng Mercenaries

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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Silver Feng Mercenaries - Page 6 Icon_minitimeTue Dec 01, 2009 6:56 pm

"Should have known that friggin' boozehound of a mollusk would chicken out. Note to self: Sprinkle some salt on Rade's head the next time I see him." "No problem, Leon." Bradley bowed slightly to the twins. "Nice to make your acquaintance. I'm Bradley Carradine." Bradley followed them all to the dining room and happily sat down. "So... Are we waiting for the others before we discuss the plan?"
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Silver Feng Mercenaries - Page 6 Icon_minitimeThu Dec 03, 2009 5:59 pm

In The holding place below the glass floor Mr. Jones can see the scenery below him that has a few dead and broken trees, tall rocks, and a clear resting area among the cold chrome floor, almost pleasant looking. 1605 paces about the edge like a trapped animal while trying to keep his distance from the walls that darken where he passes. The long dragon fly wings shift about agitatedly before he springs for the rocks and lands on there before it tips to reveal its an imitation. The agitated experiment goes about and throws what he can at the walls before slumping what he couldn't throw. "Mr. Jones?" The voice of Ivanich brings him out of his watching before shakes his head slightly.

"Ah yes I'm ready to head down there. Please proceed."

Polonius gives a quick signal as he shudders at the thought of having be down there with the frustrated and unstable experiment. The glass glows for a moment before the floor about the trio gives away and lowers quickly. The heavily scared experiment 1605 spins about and looks up as he flares his wings as his middle eye glows a bright orange as he takes off for the ceiling before stopping as the light burns his eyes and slowly sinks back to the ground, unwilling to do a blind dash for the his false hope of freedom, or running the possibility of hitting glass and dropping to the floor. He keeps his distance from the trio accessing their threat level as his pupils widen to slowly consume his eyes covering the whites and irises of his eyes.

Polonius Says quickly, "Experiment 1065 stand down and desist attacks." 1065 watches them with hate filled eyes as he is clearly trying to fight before settling with standing with his hands behind his back at an ease position of a solder. The small doctor shivers uncontrollably as he hides behind Ivanich and Mr. Jones not wishing to rely on the commands to keep the infuriated experament still. The expression of 1065 turns murderous as his eyes shift barely to examine them all as cogs start turning as he tries to find away about the orders.

In a raspy voice, that sounds like he hasn't spoken in months, the man asks sneeringly, " Why are you here.... Adding something new? More alterations? Death wish?" At this his eyes trail to Polonius as he bares his teeth in a twisted grin before continuing, "Or More false promises." His slightly feathered hair slowly rises to make him self look bigger as he scowls at the trio, color returning to his eyes. Ivanich watches 1065 passively, who backs off and fidgets almost as if he is nervous about the power-armored man as Ivanich flexes a single hand that crackles of electricity ever so slightly.

Mr. Jones clears his throat, “ Actually I am here to evaluate you.” 1065 looks at Mr. Jones quizzically not expecting this at all as his face twists into a expression that hasn't been used in a while.
“Evaluate? Thats ...new.”
“ Yes I am to evaluate your worth for my superiors.” 1065 looks rather insulted by this before he strips off his shirt and hops up on one of the tipped rocks and spins about in a crude imitation of a strip dance.

“OK well evaluate me. Here I can even strip for your pleasure.” As his plain green shirt slips off his arms the amount of scars on his torso is reveled. Old ones of varying ages to a few recent looking wounds.
As he reaches for his pants to pull those off, Mr. Jones says in a calm level voice. “ That is not needed but if you wish you may continue. But what is your name.”
1065 scowls at not getting a rise out of Mr. Jones, “ The name is one zero six five. Unless your talking about what I thought my name was Igor Fressia but no it seems like my whole life was a lie. Hahahahahaha! IM just an experiment! A fuckin' clone of who I thought was my bastard of a father. No turns out I'm the bastard. Just with all the non cool abilities.” He starts to laugh manically before coughing as it seems to strain his vocal cords..
“Ah your age?”
Igor looks at the man in confusion. “What?! What does that have to do with any thing. I dont know....I lost track. Its been years since I have seen the real sun light. But I haven't aged.”
“What was your age when you enters this facility.”
“Ah ..twenty...something...twenty five I think.” He looks rather disornated with trying to remember his age. Before snapping irritably as he flares his wings, “ what does this have to do with any thing?!”
“Race?” Mr. Jones continues on as if nothing is wrong.
Igor looks at him in disbelief at these questions before looking for something he can throw and chucks it in their direction, hitting the sheild with one of the objects. “Out!” He cries out horsely, “ If i'm going to be stuck in this dump then leave me alone. Let me suffer what ...just get out.”
Mr. Jones Casually marks down other as the objects hit she shield and Ivanich as he continues like nothing is a matter. “ Do you smoke or do drugs?” He looks up and finally takes knowdic of the mangled body to the side of the room that looks like it as been partially eaten. “Oh dear that is highly unsanitary...”
Igor looks over at what his evaluator was looking at and grins horribly, “Tis not that bad...and they don't feed me a lot to keep me controlled. But its quite a delicacy once you get use to the taste.” He waits for Jones to say any thing before his grin drops and he answers in a monotone. “ No to both unless you count being on fire or zapped” At this Igor looks at Ivanich who remains passive.
With a curt nod Mr. Jones checks 'Maybe' and continues on the list, “Medical problems?”

Igor starts pacing slightly as he says sharply, “ I would of thought that would have been in my profile.” Igor sighs as his wings spread out in a half stretch. “Hmm other then the temperature sensitivity, rage issues, being a skizzy, a moral questionably, and traumatized by the training physically.....im just peachy.”
A mark appears next to no as Mr. Jones Asks, “ Family illnesses?”
Igor brightens up as he says in a sappy voice that is oozing with false pep, “Oh nothing other then becoming the universes ginnie pig. Or are you talking about the big family that i didnt know about that i have gotten far to aquainted with since i got here.” He drops the guise as his mood shifts violently as he starts stalking closer as he growls dangerously. He half prepares for a slow lunge before Ivanich steps forward only once in a non threatening way before uncertainty flickers through Igor's eyes as he takes a step back, becoming instantly wary of the guard. It is clear that the experiment 1065 is wary of the man of previous history but enough to keep the mentally unstable and emotionally challenged with keeping to one emotion. Igor quietly retreats to a fallen tree and claws at the bark waiting for the next question.

“Are you happy with your situation and their services?” Igor makes wither a gester that is quite rude or he is asking about the price of the sherbet Squibs. The heavily scarred experiment kicks off not wanting to deal with this no longer in a talkative mood.
Iven remarks with a bemused tone in his voice, “ He must like you. This is the most he has talked in a while.” Igor eventually comes back down like a dragonfly out of hell as Mr. Jones steps out of examen some skulls with crude carvings in it.
“ This is so horrible. His writing its atrocious,” As Mr. Jone touches one of the skulls. Igor slams into him and the clawed hands tighten about Mr. Jone's throat as Igor throttles the Evaluator. Over the growl of hate and territorial possessiveness Ivanich's heavy foot falls are heard clearly before there is a yelp as the hands tighten momentarily before allowing Mr. Jones an easier way to breath as the hands with draw quickly and the weight on his torso lessens as Igor retreats clutching his face and now keeps his distance as he seems to be checking on his wounds showing where his pale white skin has turned red from where Ivanick hit him with an electric shock punch. Igor keeps glancing over at the group as he makes sure they don't touch his skulls, not caring he is bleeding from a possible broken nose. Igor fixes his nose and stems the flow of the blood as he growls as Mr. Jones reaches to touch the skulls again.

“Leave Mr. Zanatoos And Ms. Jubabline alone” He hisses dangerously as he readies to spring again not carrying that Ivanich is there over Mr. Jones. As Mr. Jone touches the skull again Igor springs and slams into the force field as he drops from the impact growling, “ Stop that!”
“Ok.” Igor looks quite confused as he slowly sits up and seems quite confused someone actually listened to him.
“Ah what? You ….why...no one ever listens to me any more. It only gets worse...”
Mr. Jones dusts him self off and says, “ I am not a barbarian.” Igor quietly steps away and watches with new interest as he answers all the questions truthfully as he tries to keep all sarcasm out of his voice. Igor mean while tries to retrieve the skulls while avoiding Ivanich's protective blows since he is forced to get within arm's length to get them. As they conclude Mr. Jones starts to knowdic all the little details of the floor that look like someone carved into it. He starts to correct the stuff to get a snappish Igor who is not enjoying the obsessive compulsive behavior of the Evaluator. Igor keeps his distance for moments as Ivanich steps closer before continuing his berate of Mr. Jones till he leaves, finally having something he can control at the moment.

In the Bar Rade has chosen a human with dirty blond hair sits down next to him and rubs his forehead as he orders some decent brews and sighs happily after getting the first gulp down. “Aye buddy seems like your down in the dumps.” He hits Rade's shoulder lightly as the human smiles, “ care to trade tales to get your mind off problems?” As Rade gets a better look at the man he is wearing some markings of a pilot but his armor seems rather pieced together as if he was ransacking bodies till he found something that provided good weapons and armor that doesn't match up.
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Silver Feng Mercenaries - Page 6 Icon_minitimeThu Dec 03, 2009 8:06 pm

Whoot a Six pager....this post is Mine Zin's And Rev's...Ourlast one was 9 pages :affraid: Twisted Evil :awsomesnake: the cake it a LIE!!!!!


Kamel huffs irritably before she flicks her tail about not liking the sudden draw back of being in a box, cell or what ever else you want to call their holding room.

As Salina looked around she asked in confusion "Where are we and how did I get here when I was Just in Lady Kovu's House?"

Kamel snorts as she looks at Salina and narrows her eyes at the site of more demonic features on the half-breed. “A box"

Salina Looked at Kam "what the hell you staring at.... and I meant where the hell is this 'Box" located?" she asked as she stood up and looked at all the walls spotting the one that look like it had a door, as she rammed it the door swings open and she fall to the floor. "Damn it all to hell...it was open the whole time..."

Kamel huffs irritably before she flicks her tail about not liking the sudden draw back of being in a box, cell or what ever else you want to call their holding room.

Zazie looks around the room and hears Salinas voice in back of him he swiftly turns around" what are you doing here?" Seeing Salina fall out into the hall Zazie walks up to Salina and helps her back to her feet "that’s some power you got there"

Salina turned around as she heard Zazie's Voice " you are just now noticing that I am here…"

"seeing as though I was to busy in concentrating and thinking on how to get out of here I though Kam went insane and started talking to herself honestly". Helping Salina get back on her feet Zazie hugs her and tells her "that mud puppy brought me and Kam here...guess it brought you here to"

Kamel looks at the frame and stays quiet, "I have no clue where we are really." Kamel looks at the frame and stays quiet about the frame not bending in nor door. “I have no clue where we are really." Kamel keeps her silver pupils on Salina as Kamel feels the inkling of demonic presence, which takes some doing.

"Thanks" said Salina as Zazie helped Salina off the ground. She was kind of shocked as he hugged her. "The door was opened the whole time...that Kind of worries me... and why did you just hug me?"

”people change; just think of it as I had a change of heart...” I feel bad for what i've done and hope you and the others can forgive me. Zazie then looks around the hall and takes 2 steps back as if he saw something in the shadows

Kamel flicks her tail as she watches not too concerned by their situation as she gently claws her neck to relive an itching.

"What’s the matter?".... Salina asked as she saw Zazie step back. She then sniffed the air, "I don't smell anything."

"I just have a really bad feeling we need to get out of here". Zazie looks back at Kam “c’mon Kam lets get out of here!" and head down the hall. Zazie puts his hands on the daggers as they begin to extend. He looked back at Salina" yes your sun-sun brought me and kam here"

Kamel drops to all fours as she runs to make it easier on her back to support her large wings. She no longer seems as jovial as she was before

As Salina followed Zazie and Kam, she was kind of confused as to why Zazie looked different 'oh well I will ask later...' she thought as the group came to a large metal door. " hold on I am gonna see if I can break it down" Salina then rams the door and it doesn't budge and she ends up on the ground again “Oh fucking hell that hurts.... what the flying fuck is that door made of....Ouch" she screams as she rubs her shoulder while sitting on the ground.

Zazie quickly runs up to Salina and puts his hand over her mouth" shhhh stay quiet"

Kamel straightens up as she draws close, She looks at the door and rubs her head. There is a hiss as the lights dim and there is clear clacking of claws on metal as a large Massive sized creature draws near. It shake's its triangular, hammer shaped head hisses again as it scuffs about flicking its oily black tail about.

Salina's eyes widened as she removed Zazie's hand and whispered to him. "What in gods name is that?"

Zazie stands in front of kam and Salina and slowly puts his swords up" stay quiet and move away from this demon see if you guys can find a way to open the door." Zazie slowly moves around towards the demon as to distract its attention on himself

The creature shakes it's head slightly and snorts as it looks between the groups as it decides what it wants before letting out a screech that is answered by what sounds like more a good distance away. It flare's its leathery wings as it launches’ it's self at him.

Salina quietly says to Zazie I can hold him off I am a demon right now... you help Kam. She then makes her wings appear. As they come out Kam and Zaz would notice that the white wing looks like it has gainded some black feathers. Salina then puts up a barrier around the three of them “get that door opened," she yells as the creature bounces off her barrier.

Kam looks at the door and frowns as she snaps irritably, “How? I see no controls."

"I don’t know blow it up or some thing!” Salina yells as she takes another hit to her barrier and it starts to crack just a bit.

Kam looks at Salina and the door as she shakes her head, “Hell no i'm not blowing my self up." Kamel sees that the blast would end up destroying them as she rubs the clay in her pocket as another of those creatures appears.

Salina then makes her barrier incase them completely

Zazie looks at Kam "don’t worry you have time if her barrier breaks I’ll take control, me and Salina will fight of the demons you look for some kind of device that can open it...or blow it do whatever it takes to Open that FUCKING door. I came here to recues someone and not die". Zazie’s eyes turn gold as he walks and stands next to Salina in a defensive stance." hold them for as long as you can Salina... if you cant then drop it ill take over"

"Well think of something... I can open and close the barrier at will if some one had a plan on how to blow the door up"

Kam flares her wings as she trys to figure something out before she pulls out a small block of putty C4 and reaches through the demon shield not finding any comfort that her hand passed with ease through the shield. She keeps her hand on the block as she says, “I hope your ...things are strong... like really strong.

”it will hold" she then Flares her demon Aura as she makes the barrier stronger. And if one of the creatures attacked, it would get burned since Salina just added Flames to her 3rd barrier as she made the last 2 barriers appear.

Zazie looks over at cam with his golden yellow eyes" BLOW THAT FUCKING DOOR!!!!!!"

Kamel shifts uneasily as she pulls her hand away as she covers her ears and counts down. As she reaches zero there is a massive explosion that utterly destroys Salina's shields as the door blows away. Kamel is forced back from the explosion triggering her force field as the creatures are swept away by the blast.

Salina screams out in pain as the explosion broke her barriers. Salina then used every thing she had in her and moved in front of Zazie and put up one last barrier with her wind abilities and as it shattered too it sent them all flying and Salina was then left on the floor now looking like a true full demon that was out cold on the floor and barley breathing

Zazie flies across the hall into the shadows and as he is in mid air from the explosion he loses his grip of the swords and they fly to the ceiling. As he lands on the floor, he opens his eyes and sees that the swords are impaled in the ceiling. Zazie slowly gets on his feet and leans over in pain gasping for air

Kamel is shaking where she stands as the shield glimmers a red about her and the area about the doorway as pitch black as the lights gave out. They are now just flickering back as Kamel falls back and looks drained. She scrambles up as she remembers the creatures and darts towards the two. " Ahrg?! She said they would hold!." Kamel checks for breathing and looks over her wards with concern in her eyes, " Ah err ah......I would of used less if I knew less would of taken the door off."

As Zazie straightens his back his face turns red as he’s trying to take a gasp of breathe he slowly pulls down the swords and walks down the hall and he sees Kam" good job where’s Salina?"

Kam points down at Salina and softly nudges her having no clue what to do.

Zazie takes a step back and stares at Salina and thinks to himself" why would she waste all her energy trying to protect me?" Zazie bends down and picks up Salina" were to now Kam?"

Salina is barley breathing as Kam nudges her side. She hit her head when she went flying and is now bleeding just a bit.

Kamel looks up bewildered, " I don’t know. I’m just as lost as you." Kamel keeps her wings tightly about her self as she shivers in fear.

Zazie stares at kam and says" lets move on from here and go past that door that you blew to smithereens....hold my swords cause I have to much weight on me and my back is still injured from the explosion and on top of that I have to carry Salina"

Salina lest out a soft grown as Zazie lifted her but she did not wake up.

Kamel flares her wings and retrieves the swords before gliding down and landing in a run.

Zazie then begins to walk towards the blown up door" Salina why would you risk your life for me??" he thinks to himself" what was the reason for that?"..." kam be my eyes tell me what you see"

As they walk Salina wakes up 20 minuets later

Kam lets her tail snake out and carefully curls about his pant's loop so he knows where she is as she leads them along. "Ah well there are a lot odd doors... can't see in side I’m too short."

Hearing Salina wake up Zazie puts Salina down on her feet and puts her arm around his neck " how you feeling...you ok?"

Salina's knees give out as she tries to stand. "Not really I take half the damage of my barriers so I can't really move right now." she lets out a small whimper of pain as she lets her self go slack in his grip." I think I am bleeding I can smell my blood and strange powder" she tried to look at him. "I can’t see very well right now" she then lets out a small gasp as she felt her lungs burn. "and it is hard to breath...."

Kamel shifts uneasily as she looks back curling her tail about her self as she shivers slightly, not saying any thing"

Zazie then stops and tugs on Kam's tail "wait a second". Zazie then helps Salina down to the floor , he takes off his shirt and rips it and uses a long piece of fabric from it to tie up Salinas wound" there that should do it" sit for a little bit and catch your breath... and I also wanna know, why you decided to save me....".Zazie then slowly walks up to one of the passing rooms and puts his head towards the mirror but is unable to see anything he then bangs it a couple of times hoping for something to pop up but nothing appears. He then turns around and leans up against it catching his breath.

As Salina slowly gained her sight back, she looked up at Zazie "You said you wanted to help Save the Captain right?... You can’t do that if you are dead...and besides...you never really did anything to me except make me mad and I forgave you for that... I know I will need help to save Igor. I gant Do that Alone." she said not really lying but not telling the whole truth...after she got to know him better she thought he was kinda cute. She blushed at the thought. She then quickly looked down at the floor and tried to stand. Stumbling she caught her self on the wall..."I can't move too fast right now."

Kamel looks back and watches them before making a face at the gushiness wondering why they haven’t ran into any thing else of the late.

Zazie then walks towards Salina and helps her up "don’t worry I understand were your coming from... I didn’t even think I would make it this far....but thank I appreciate what you did for me". Zazie smiles at Salina and helps her off the wall "here hold on to me" .Zazie then looks towards Kam "I have that weird feeling again kam"

Kamel fidgets slightly and her wings unravel, " I don’t like your feelings... " She starts walking again.

Salina Leans on Zazie "I agree...we should move"

Zazie keeps looking forward and asks Kam' Why is there nothing coming out of the shadows to attack us?"...."something is very wrong here you should try and open up one of these cells"

Kamel looks at the cells and fidgets nervously, "Why do you keep asking me.... I don’t know and I...don’t want to know what is in there." She gestures at the cells.

Salina shivered. “Don't open any of them.... they smell Funny”

"hmph I’m going to go against your words, Kam hold on to Salina, I’m going to open a door and see if there is anything we can use"

"she won't be able to hold my weight she is so small” Salina then tries to lower her self to the ground "I will sit here"

Kam stands up straight and holds onto Salina as much as she can," trembling under her weight.

"Kam just help me sit"

Kam trys to help but really does not have a lot of strength to do so.

Salina plops down on the ground and winces in pain. "I'm okay"

Zazie grabs the swords from Kam and walks towards the door. He puts his hand on the knob and slowly begins to turn it he cracks the door open enough to take a peek but since its pitch black he cant see anything." I no there’s something in here guys I just don’t no what it is though?"
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Silver Feng Mercenaries - Page 6 Icon_minitimeMon Dec 07, 2009 12:40 pm

It was late at night. Ivanich and Polonius had said their goodnights and had seen Mr. jones to his room. Little dd they know how little this man slept.
When sure they were gone, Mr. jones picked out his jollyest hat (the one with little tuft of pheasent feathers in the brim) and walked back towards the holding cell for 1605. At the door, he greeted the guards, showed his papers, and was soon standing in the central dias.
"down, Sir?" asked an undergrad suspicoulsly.
"Why yes, my good lady!" Mr. Jones was humming to himself.
Then he started his do-re-mi's.
"Doooooo. Reeeeeeeee. Miiiiii..."
The undrgrad looked at him oddly. Mr Jones smiled, waived, smailed, thought a second, then gave his widest grin and gave a two thumbs up.
"His funeral..." sighed the undergrad as she hit the button.

The lift slowly descended, Mr. Jones clearing his throat every moment or two. Nearby, Igor dozed fitfully.
Mr. Jones checked his cane. Jaunty. His hat? At a rackish 32.5% angle (the dog).
Time to let loose.
"Wellllll everybody needs a jooooob,"
The bundle of ragged blankets, rolled out of bed, and like a blind ghost of Dick van Dyke, tripped over a small table.
"Weeeeee've got our duuuues to paaaaay!
The bundle bonked his head on a table leg as he crawled under.
"And whiiile some of will fight for blloooooood,"
The bundle, now peeking out slightly, revealed a shocked face.
"I prefer the merkets waaaaay!
So if you're down and otherwise,
And their's no easy baaaanks to roooo-oooo-oooob!"
Igor looked upon this devilish apperition with all the hopes it was another waking nightmare.
"Grab your boots!
Lose the Suits!
Aaaaand get an army jooooooooob!"
Mr. Jones was in the swing of things now. his shoulders twitched, at eaxaclty every 1.043 second. He swung on his cane, a drunken arc which turned into a roll, and a perfect recline.
Mr. Jones smiled. It was the stuff nightmare clowns were made of.
"Weeeeeellll it seems to me Igor, you're down in the dumps.
Stuck here in a little hole, taking all your luuuuumps!"
Somehow, someway, there was music.
"But what if I told you that there could be a deeeeal!
It'll make you dance! Just give a chance! You might even squeeeeea!"
"You don't need to sit and whine. No longer need to pout."
"Cuase you see, my genome friend, I may just get you out!"
"For my backers say, every day, this market seems too stationary,
Means you are worth a lot of dirt! $10,237,675.92 to be quite explinary!
But you're value would be mch more, if you stretch your skiiiii-iiii-iiiiills!"
"Where is the music coming from?"
"So we may transport you to hide you from your ills!"

Mr. jones reajusted his hat to level. It was good to let loose, but dignity had to maintained. Igor stood slackjawed.
Mr. jones waited a second, then pondered.
"Would you have prefered hip-hop? Maybe barbershop was too much."
"Ok!" Mr. Jones turned his hat, in a most exact fashoin, sideways, 'popped a squat' as it were (done by a car assembling robot), and began to, to the best of his knowledge, 'gyrate'.
"You got the SKILLZ with KILLZ to be CAPPIN the HOMIES!!!
Could get some MON' with yo' GUN! No this ain't no BALOANY!"
"Stop, stop..." waved Igor. Mr. Jones immediatly straightened up. It was wierd being in charge... "You said you could get me out?"
"I'm trying, though I think some would prefer you here. You see, you're a flight risk and in association with a known paramilitary group," Mr. jones explained.
Mr. Jones pulled out a picture. It was a birthday party. Festive hats were sadly visible.
"My crew? Paramilitary?" said Igor increduously.
"Yes. They are causing us no end of trouble. Claims follow them like tornadoes follow mobile homes."
It took a second for Igor to take this in. "you're saying you want me to find my old crew?"
"Among others, yes."
"For my freedom?"
"for you're release from this facility."
Igor began to way the offer.
"I'll think on it..."
"Good!" Mr. Jones, stepping back up to dais, "tell me when you're minds made up. I'll tell you if anything new happens."
While Igor sat down to think, Mr. jones hummed a little song, bits falling down to Igor as it trailed away.

Who can take a landmine? Smother it in glue?
Stick it to a tank and then it goes KaBoooom!
The DemoMan caaaaan!

He makes the world burn gooooood.....
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Igor quietly shifts so his wings may be free of being crushed as he complicates the words of Mr. Jones. The first time in ages hope glimmers like dull metal in black ashes of a burned out coal mine. He unconsciously taps his foot to the beat of the music as old habits stir in him of sounds he hasn't heard in ages. Now being a man who had his hopes of leaving this place get squashed mulitipal times he has learned to examine every thing very pessimistically as the metal of hope darkens from the soot falling about it dulling the gleam as darkness closes about it. He mulls over the fact of the words as he stands up and paces about his arena sized room no longer up to sleeping since well lets face it, it wasn't like he was sleeping before...well restfully. Igor flutters his wings slightly as he keeps them limber and ready as he feels them cramping from sleeping on them and the all so graceful tumble out of bed. well 'bed' was always an optional term with him now days seeing his provided bed was generally stuffed with the dummy he managed to make because of his paranoia of attacks from previous training. Of course something crazy had to happen with curling up in his bed, if not an attack. He runs his hand over his tagged ear and sighs as he feels the ever present reminder of experiment, feeling just a bit like a cow. He holds out an arm to cut into the top of it to check to see if this is a dream. As pain cuts into him he grimices at cansling dream out but unable to verify if it is a lie or false offer.

He tences up as he wars the lift activate again as he tries to gauge the time wondering how long it has been before settling on not very long as he takes to the air finding it the most affective way to survive when other experiments are let into his territory. his eyes darken as his irse color shrink as the pupil enlarges as his middle eye flares open. He zips about as he sees a hooded figure who does not have the large figure of Ivanich with them marking them as a threat. He pares his teeth as he readies for his normal quick attacks before hearing, " 1065 Instant guerrilla operative recon stand down and sit down." He keeps in the air since he does not reconise the scent or the aura he is seeing as he darts higher as he flutters his wings quickly as they shimmer a red as pixy dust shimmers off his wings from aggravation. "Come down or this will makes things more painful for you." Igor bites his lip as he narrows his eyes as all eyes shimmer black at the threat of pain weather he comes down or not. He flexes his hand as he tests the strength before darting forward lighting fast only to feel sharp pain as he crashes into her arm and manages to spin him self about it and hits the ground feeling winded as he rolls over to get to his feet but finds a foot on his back as the figure tuts, " This will only hurt for a moment." HE grimices as he struggles to push up on the ground to get free before he feels as if he is unravling on the inside.
"Gah!" He twists back to see a red and forest green thread coming from him as the cloaked figure ties them together and he sees something that is there and not there that looks like a loom before his attention is drawn to another loom which she reaches out for and cuts a strand. He claws the ground as he feels pain flowing out of him but not a physical pain as he jerks frantically as he struggles desperately for a breath. Panic fills him as he feels like he is dying as the pain becomes physically with out the woulds. The figure silently weaves the threads together as she hooks them up to her loom and smiles, " That is all. for insurance. I like to know those given to me for care are alive" Igor lays there wide eye as his mind tries to comprehend if he is ripped apart or not as his body shakes uncontrollably to the pain his mind is feeling. Eventually he sits up gasping in short breaths as he feels renewed but craptastic at the same time as the pain dings into him with that refreshing minty flavor of life. the skin about his eyes have sunken in as if he hasn't slept for several days She he looks at him self wondering through the non mental-physical pain what just happened.

On the web of fates a single thread snaps and vanishes as the loom twitches slightly, tieing knots into where the thread was as ripples of a disturbance of a soul being removed off the loom of the universe. The loom spinners work the knots out quickly as they try to figure out where the missing thread went.
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As the twins sisters tack their seat and Leon and Bradly take theres the convorsation is very pleasnt and polite. Looks at the group as they ate you never would of know that they would be planning an a raid of a facility that would black list all those that tack part in the raid. As they sat and talked the doors on the oppiside of were Leon and Bradly had enterd open and Salina walks in though she seems diffrent then normal. The twins rise to greet her but a sudden sliver blur swirls around her and she is suddenly gone. Leon stares at where Salina once was. "...What just happened to her? And I have a question that I think should be answered." Xian and Linsha move as one to the area were Salina had been. The others see a light glowing between Xians hands as Linsha pulls out a device made of jade and other matierals that leon and Bradly were unfamilier with. "It seems some one knows somthing of our planes. Jong, take one of the others and go activate the defenses." Xian says and two of the other dragon blood seated at the table, rise and leave the room. Xian then turns to Leon and Bradly, "It would apper that we have less time then we had hopped. Please follow us." she says as she and her sister lead the way out of the dinning room and down one floor.

"I would not worry much about that girl, she is just one of our crew members." Leon says before pausing to get up and following the twins, he takes a mental note that they didnt inquire about his question. "Who do you think might know about this planning?" The twins looks over their shoulder as they pause in front of two large doors that is carved with the house symbol. "From what Kovu has told us it is possible that from the moment your caption was handed over there is a chance they had bugged your ship. So any time from his abduction to before you all chose to come here, there is a chance they some how over heard." Linsha places a green jade hand on the door but dose not pushes it open as she looks to Xian who then turns and faces Leon and Bradly, "You had a question that you felt need anwsering yes?"

Leon grumbles at the thought of the ship being bugged. "Ah yes, with the chance of our ship being bugged, and after we saved our captain, our ship will obviously be VERY unsafe to fly around in after this whole ordeal. I'm not sure about the rest of the crew, but I for one do not wish to be stranded on this planet." He looks at the twins. "So my question, what will become of our ship?" Xina nodes to her sister who opens the door, and enters followed by Xian who says over her shoulder, "Our cousin Kovu will be dealing with that." Leon chuckles a bit as he follows them into the room and looks around. "Kovu, heh...she is just a jack-of-all-trades isnt she?" He asks before shaking his head. "Who exactly has the captian?"

"She is an Exalt, and has many past lives to call on to help her when need toght with out practice and refinment none of the skills she skims are as fine as the life that perfected said skill. And as for who has him, it is a project know as Unit X though if he is still on this plant has yet to be confermed. The last clear reading we had was from some were in the area." she says and indicates on a map an area ten miles of the coast that is about twice as wide. "We have yet to narrow it down any farther but Kovu belives we have found someone that knows how to locate him." Leon looks up at the map and nods. "Who might that be?" A brif grimase crosses Linsha face as Xian snorts her distace as well, "A Mister Moe Fisher. If you went to the old meeting place Im sure you saw his handy work." "Yeah....the crater?"

Xian nodes as servents enter the room and begin to help the twins into their ade armor. They both look up and nod, "The defense are up. We are safe fer as long as we are in this building. If there is anything you need ask and we shall see about what we can do to arm you." Xian says to Leon and Bradly. Leon thinks for a moment then looks at his own weaponry. "You have an armory I may look at?" Xian nodes and one of the servents leads him to a diffrent room. "You are welcom to find any armor for your mec as well Mister Bradly." Xian says.
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As the door screeches forward the dim light reveals a single figure that is sitting in the middle of the room in drab puke green clothing as they draw on a pad of paper images. Zazie pushes the door back enough to slide his body through the threshhold and gets his weapons ready still being weakend from the blast he walks towards the figure in full awarness" and who might you be?"

Kam looks in casiously as the person dosent looks up and says in a soft voice, " I am what they call a watcher. I can see happenings Angel's hand."Zazie takes a step back and looks at the figure raising his eyebrow he suddenly begins to ponder if the figure is rather corrupted or just a mere trapped soul" well if your seeking freedom its right outside that door...but heed my warning theres dangers out there so if you do decide to go out there it would be best if you were to go with us"

The figure does not get up as they continue drawing, " I will stay in here so i will live." Kam raises an eyebrow at this and frowns. Zazie gets irratated and walks towards the figure and hits the drawings out of the womens hands" I DIDNT WASTE MY TIME TO COME IN HERE AND HELP YOU YOUR COMING THATS NOT AN OPTION OR WOULD YOU RATHER PREFFER DEATH!!!!!!!"

As he pulls the drawing from their hand Zazie sees a detailed drawing of Igor with grey parts coming out of his middle eye and moving down his jaw line on a red back ground but at the same time he looks a bit like a puppet. "I will die if i leave this room at this time. Do not worry about me." The woman smiles up at Zazie. "I can alter the futuer i draw. And this is not my time to walk out of this room." Zazie sees the womens drawings and listens to her speak of how she is carving around the future and steps back while maintaining his offensive stance in fear of the women he asks" is there by any chance you can predict and weave my future?"

She looks over and smiles, "not right now...i mean your here arnt you?" Her hand continues moving as if there is paper still under in.

Zazie raises his sword to her and out of rage puts it near her throat" TELL ME WHAT MY FUTURE IS!!!!". As his eyes begin to glow gold. he slowly grips the sword tighter and tighter as his hand shakes

"Kill me if you must but you have no way to make me tell." She smiles sadly as she steps away. "Also i do not know your futuer till within the last 10 minutes. If you want to save your fairy you might want to hurry and lead your army." She pulls the pad back and opens it up to what he belives is an darm but it looks like it is peaking over Kam's shoulder at him with a off blue ripple about him as he is surrounded.

Suddenly an overwhelming emotion comes over Zazie as he slowly succumbs to his rage he impales the women through the neck killing her instantly he then licks his sword off and tastes the fresh blood that has been spilled as he stares at Kam he begins to walk towards her as well" prepare to witness what death can bring". He lets off a sudden evil smirk as he walks towards her. Kam stares wide eyed and looks between her and Zazie sputtering slighlty, "what?! what are you! stop this at once." She hops away from zazie and gets out of the room as she flairs her wings out to make her self bigger.

As Zazie walks towards Kam he slides and trips over the blood of the dead weaver. as he falls he extends his hand and grabs Kams leg. Zazie slowly begins to creep and crawl towards Kam with such madness and anger fueld by such sudden hatred towards others. He trips Kam and stands as she falls he leans over her with golden eyes almost as if Apollo the sun god lived in his pupils, his Fangs begin to extend as saliva begins to drip off of his teeth he slowly leans in into Kams face placing both swords under her neck" Kam............Help........Me". As He twists the hilt of the sword trying to prevent this unknown force from killing Kam blood begins to drip from his palm almost as if he is preventing himself from killing Kam.

Kam's eyes widen as they turn compleatly red as her tail flicks about touching something on her left leg and jerks the tail about lighting fast as it hits Zazie and sens electric current through his body freezing him up enough for her to get out of the way before he crashes to the ground. She huffs wide eyes as her eyes turn back to hormal and she shudders from pain of controlling the little demon magic she can use. She pushes Zazie over and pulls out the barbed dart out of his lef and slips it onto the tip of her tail as she waits to see what will happen.

Zazie crashes to the ground and closes his eyes.Slowly opening them he looks around the room almost as if he had no idea what happend to him. as he trys to get up he falls on his knees and looks at kam" what just happend?".Kam glares at him as she brandishes her tail that hsa a odd mitalic bit on the tip. "You tried to kill me. Thats what people would of said if they didnt kniw i was immortal. So i zaped yah." She keeps his swords away from him as she keeps her tail at the ready.

Zazie looks at Kam as if she is crazy and raises his eyebrow" WHAT!???!!!!".Zazie slowly gets up and slouches over"my energy.....is all gone.. i jsut dont have any energy at all i feel as though i lost everything that i have..... i feel like i just fought a war and lost all my energy yet i dont no what happend..Kam....im sorry...ill stay here i feel as though the further we get into this forsaken place the more power i lose....you have to get Salina out of here...." Zazie turns his back to kam and stares at the dead body that lays across the room he begins to walk towards it and begins to examine it
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"Thank you," Bradley said before going through the armory, scratching his chin thoughtfully as he looked over his choices. "I'll need some sort of protection. Plus a little extra firepower couldn't hurt..." After several minutes, he went and asked a servant to come with him. "I want these for my mech," Bradley said as he pointed to a small energy shield unit and a gatling laser that could be mounted on one of the Gabriel's shoulders. "We'll get right to work installing them, sir," the servant told him, he and Bradley picking up the two items and taking them to where the Gabriel was being stored.
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Igor keeps his distance from Mr. Jones who if any thing has been making him a bit more social during his times of not training. For Igor these are the few times he is allowed to talk openly with out fearing repercussions and finally express him self other then Ivanich if he gets too aggressive with Mr. Jones trying to rearrange his few objects, like the puppets he made of skulls or the scrawling on the floor, also touching the gun he managed to make off the opponents he has fought, which is what one would call a ticking A-bomb waiting to go off, seemingly fond of the radiation that has been given off the gun.
One of the visits seemed different in the timeless state of his prison when Jones came down during one of the times Igor has been feeling new scenes of pain much like when that one strange woman came in that one time as he clutches his chest waiting for the pain to pass like it normally does after a few hours if not what feels like hours. He pants as he glares at Ivanich as he comes down with a group he doesn't reconise and Mr. Jones. His eyes narrow at the cuffs they have but submits to the orders as they check his condition and health.
"Igor i was able to work out getting you out of this faclity." Igor blinks slightly as he looks over the new people again now seeing the new badges but remaining mute with the strange people and from the pain as they comment it looks like he hasn't been sleeping as one runs a finger along Igor's eye. At this Igor brings his hands up to grab them and starts rolling them into a throw before Ivanich catches the doctor and releases a swift punishment on the misbehaving experiment. Mr. Jones carefully helps Igor up as they inject the down man with drugs to keep him sedated.

A young hot headed Tepet dragon blooded heads out to the arm that was found and shakes his head as he pulls out a dagger and cuts the arm as he uses a charm wondering why the higher ups didnt just use a simple locate person since they had an entire arm of the supposedly missing serf. Vaguely wondering why Lady Kovu is so keen on getting back the low breed mortal he finishes the charm and uses another one to make it so he can easily locate the living person. Looking quite cross he heads back As the pen he used for locating scribbles out the map of the city they are at then where they would need to travel for there. He walks in and sneers at those that are not of his house as he seeks out the elder Tepets. At finding them he hands the paper over as he takes the pen and snorts out, " You could of easily of used the bloody arm of that mortal."


Back at the ship a browning and redding Marsion walks up to the ship and calls out telepathically, < Excuse me but im looking for an Captain Igor.> The elder sprouting slumps its stiffening shoulders and rolls them back to a slight crackling noise as the bark skin gives slightly. <I was coming here since i figure this falls in my promise to his father i believe about warning about my ....i believed he called it godchild.> There is a slight noise of disgust, or more accurately the feeling of annoyance.
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And her is my Long thought out post...if you have a problem with it too freacking bad...the only person that can tell me to change any thing is the GM.... Enjoy....


As Salina watch Zazie from her place at the door she was shocked at what just happened. ‘O_O’ “I am not sticking with him any longer if he can’t keep him self under control” she said to her self as she snuck back out of the room and continued up the hallway not daring to open any of the doors that lined the walls.

The farther she walked the more she couldn’t help but feel like she has been walking for ever. “I guess I have no choice but to open a door an hope to find another hallway” she grumbled to her self.

As She reached for a door she is wincing in slight pain from her injuries. Once the door is open a Large animal like dog demon (More like an animal than a person) attacks her and forces her back against a wall. She screams out in pain as it sinks its large fangs in to her left shoulder. Acting on pure instinct Salina then uses her demon aura to try and intimidate the beast. When it didn’t back off like she thought it would Salina punched it in the side of the head hard enough to do some damage. As the beast let go of her shoulder her demon aura flared even higher, she then said a word that turned her aura in to flames, and she then started to attack the dog. the demon dog had broken the bone in her left shoulder just before she shot flames at it and it caused her to miss her direct shot. The beast attacked her again this time lunging for her head, and it lunged she made her wings wrap around her body and strike the thing in the face as it came closer.

Once it backed off to avoid her hit, Salina Then launched herself at the demon dog with her eyes glowing and her fangs got much longer as did her claws. She was becoming more demon like than she was before and with this last attack she had the sent of a full demon her, human heart was now locked up so it would not see if she killed the creature. The fight lasted for at least hour before they were both worn out and bleeding.

With one last burst of demon speed Salina launched herself at the demon dog and slammed its head so hard in to the wall that it let is head sounded like it cracked. It then crumpled to the floor whimpering as she sprang back heavily in to a crouch.

After Salina caught her breath and got the bleeding in her side, leg, and arm, she then ripped the other sleeve off her kimono and made a sling for her left arm.
Salina then walked closer to the dog and spoke to it in the universal language of dogs “I will spare your life and treat your wounds and free you from this awful place if you obey me as your Mistress.”

The dog looked at her weakened form she looked ready to drop but the dog was in worse shape. The last attack Salina did before the launched herself and hit it’s head at the was to the bottom of its paws. As it laid there whimpering and liking its paws it was amazed that she didn’t just kill it.

“why not just kill me? It would save you the trouble of healing me.” It barked at her softly.

“Because I only fight to stay alive and I can tell from your aura that you just want to be free and you were already in pain to begin with were you not?”

“Yes...and I am what they called a Failure. I was free once and I do wish to be once again. I don’t know if I could survive on my own after what they put me through.” It whined “and who are you and why are you here? and you never really told me the real reason you didn’t kill me.”

“I am Salina Magaire a Hanyou/Half demon, I am here to Save my captain, Igor” Salina answered softly as her caring side once again started to show its self. “I also don’t kill people or animals that have a kind aura. Is that why they deemed you failed? What’s your name?”

“I think so. They called me number 126578.”

“That is not a proper name…Hmm…would you like a true name to start your new life with?”

The dog just looked at her as she bent down and started to bandaged her paws. “I can change size”

Salina looked in to its eyes “really” the dog nodded, “yes” it then shifted to the size of a small Rat Terrier. As Salina looked at it she couldn’t help but notice that it had 2 tails, it had black fur with white strips around its tail, paws and muzzle and pretty moon colored eyes.

“Awwwww” Salina breathed out as she picked up the now small dog. “from now on you shall be called Mizuki Tsuki Kumori, but I will call you Mizuki for short”

“Beautiful Moon Shadow? I never had a name before” the dog cried in a whisper. It then nuzzled it’s head against her check.

“okay okay” Salina Laughed “we should probably move on”

Salina started limping slowly sown the Hallway peeking in doors and closing them when they didn’t look like a way out.

she has been at this for like 30 mins now.

As she opened one more door she heard a very familiar hiss of a half cat demon. As the Aura and sent reached Salina her eyes widened in surprise this was a sent she had not been around for 10 years. Yes the sent has changed some but it was there under all the other scents and changes that was made to her body.

“Namarie…?” she whispered as her eyes adjusted to the light of the dark room. She watched as the girl on the floor looked up with surprise on her face but she didn’t say anything as she watched the very injured Salina walk closer to her. She eyed the door and she would have made a break for it too if her arms and legs were not chained to the wall.

“Sister… speak to me…” Salina begged as she took in the form of her sister. Namarie had been very beautiful when Salina was growing up. Looking at her now, sure she was still pretty, but she now had scars on her neck, arms and legs. As Salina looked she noticed her sister had bits of metal poking into her skin. The more noticeable ones were under her right eye and the ones on her arms that looked like it was armor that has been embedded into her arm maybe even the bone it’s self.

The cat hanyou looked at her with sad eyes. Then she tried to speak “S-s-Sa-lin-a” her voice came out harshly from not speaking out very loudly “No…it’s…just…a…dream…my sis-sis-ter not he-here” she was soon babbling in a whisper to her self”

“Namarie… what have they done to you” Salina whispered as a tear rolled down her check. Setting Mizuki down Salina Set to work on picking the lock on the chains that bound her sister to the wall.

“Namaire I will get you out of here safely…” ‘Igor’ she thought, ‘wait just a little longer. I will save you and my sister even if it kills me.’

(and yes even if she is injured she is pushing her self really hard. She will collapse of weakness and exhaustion in my next post. Anyway. JA! (JA sounds like JAH. Informal exclamation which can mean "well..." or "see ya!" or "umm..." or can be used to stall for time when you don't want to answer a difficult question. It is a very handy word and has many more meanings. It is also a very short way of saying "bye!")
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Igor looked at it for a few seconds.
"It's a piece of crap!"
"Actually, it is a B-29 Far Cargo Hauler, rated to go out into interstellar space before activating a Stellar Field Array to-" began Mr. Jones.
"Sorry, it is a B-29 Far Crap Carrier!"
The two waited a second, Igor immediately sorry he had bothered. Mr. Jones had that far away look again.
"Wait.... If this was a carrier, it could hold at least," Jones did some mental math, "over 500 Billion square feet of manure, depending on consistancy, in her holds before either it combusted or overwhelmed the air scrubbers."
Another pause.
"How the hell do you know that?" Igor had to ask.
"You'd never believe what come across a insurance man's desk," replied Jones. He still looked far off.
The craft itself was, indeed, a B-29 FCH. It's jump rating was 1.2 Parsec/days. It was also, sadly, a piece of crap. Any rated shipman would have cringed at the very sight of this thing. The radiator was caked in glassed space dust. The vents needed a soot scrub. The seals around the door bulged in a worrying manner around the corners, a common sign of disrepair. The front window has the worrying spiderwebs of meteorite speckling. On the side stood a old man wiping the side with a rag. The dirt, it seemed, needed to be in a even layer.
"So were did you find this hunk of junk, anyway?" Igor didn't like how the thing was listing.
"Pilot died. Caught himself in the landing-cog relays and" Jones made a crunching noise while pulling up his collar.
"Didn't know the ship well?"
"Nope, half-demon. They always seem so carried away."
"Accident prone?"
"I wish!" Jones shook his head. "More like death-wish prone. Most tend to go after too big of fights. Then the families come back and yak yak yak!"
The Iris door on the side opened with a disturbing, low, warbling squeal. Ivanich stepped out and waived an industrial caulking gun.
"She good on the inside. Just needed some spritz!"
"Hope so. This thing looks to leak more then a wicker tub!" Igor scowled.
"The Ancient Egyptians made boats of wicker and the floated, you know?" Jones began to ramble.
"Can you spare a cup of caring? I've run out."
Jones thought for a minute.
"No, but I have a quart of clueless for you if you want.
"Wait," Igor blinked, "Was, was that a joke?"
"I know, gross ain't it." Jones started up the ramp, oblivious or... something as ever.
Igor followed, deciding to switch subject. Jones funny was worse then Jones blank.
"So, Jones, what's with you and half-demons, anyway. You seem to be not a fan."
"Lets just say I think there are too many of them. About a fifth of my insurance reports seem to have them. Count as 'act of god' so their cheap but annoying. If I never see another one, it will be too soon."
The iris again began its siren song of screeching. After a second Jones burst out laughing.
"Piece of crap! I get it."
And with a clack, they were all sealed in together.
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As Zazie begins to examine the dead body his legs begin to get weaker and weaker he uses his swords as a caine to hold him up as he looks over at kam he says" what is going on here kam i feel like i have no control over my rage any more i have no energy im losing myself we must leave". Zazie begins to limp towards kam

Kam looks at him and keeps a passive face as she keeps at an easy pace for him to trail behind her as she shivers slightly wondering if she might need a pick up soon enought.
Zazie stops and leans up against a door and slides down losing his grip of both swords."wait were did salina go?"
"she ran off Z." Kam rubs her arms and shifts about. " I cant watch both of ye at the same time."

"i want you to promise me one thing kam...im not a person who asks for alot...but if anything were to ever happen to me promise me youll watch over her?". As Zazie slowly begins to get back up he looks down the hall..." lets keep moving, we have to find her and get out of this place"

Kam looks at him and rubs her head as she grimices, " I suppose i can try to." She quietly tails behind Zaz as they look for Salina looking at the doors as they pass them wondering what is behind them.

zazie stops in his tracks"were gunna need all the help we can get we best start knocking on the devils doors,im hoping the devil himself wont answer it though", as he stares at the passing rooms he suddenly becomes fond of one and looks over to kam" try that door"

Kam swallos slightly as she looks for a lock and pulls out a lock picking kit specailly made for her as she works at the lock before giving up and pulling out a small ball and sticking it in the hole and pulls Zaz Away as the metal warps and explodes slightly

In side they see a small huddled creature that seems to be nusing wounds as it flariesthe frills about it's head and watches the door or at least in the direction of the door with milky white eyes

Zazie slowly gets up and fully opens the door seeing the small creature he begins to walk towards it limping dragging his blades as he gets closer to the creature he kneels down beside it and looks back at kam i think this creature is wounded no worries it dosent seem hostile at all"

It makes crooning noises as it seems to be lisinging where he is as it swiffles it's head about and its frills settle down as it shifts about and runs its slender, bony claws together before it hisses and the frill about it's neck and it opens its mouth with a quick screech as blackish green liquid hit's his eyes as it puffs up.

Zazie stumbles back and retreats towards the door as his vision is blurry and everything is disfigured. Zazie dashes out the room and slams the door shut right after he gets out of the room and sits down to wipe his eyes" i cant take anymore of this kam well never find igor your better off just going to find salina and getting out of here alive...i am slowly losing my eye sight as well im useless"

As Zazie wipes at the liquid blinding him his eyes burn slightly as the gunk seems to harden about his eyes as Kam places a light hand on him in consirn. "Ah...i actually have no clue how to get out of here...."

tears begin to come down Zazies eyes" this is what it feels like to be mortal..to not have anything nor anyone to take care of you....rather to be useless to society..im willing to gamble though...kam before i lost my vision there was another door right next to the room up ahead try that one ima get you and salina out of this hell hole". Zazie grips his swords and gets up as his eyes burn and his legs are giving up from underneath him..."pop that door open and lead me to the entrance"

Kam swallows nerciously as she has him step away before she pops the lock with the ball of explosive. the metal this time warps out ward and dosent pop as the door swings open with the ruined lock. SHe peers in and sees a laying figure in the back of the room. the figure barely moves to the door opening othre then balling up as there is a scrape of metal agancst the floor. " Hmm there is someon in there Zazie"
There is a slight wheeze and a raspy voice crokes out, " Wait! Please. You dont look like them.."
as Zazie hears the voice there is somethign very smiluler to a voice he knows.

Zazie slowly enters the room half dead and withscars across his body, as he trys to regain his breathe after the experience with the creature before he answers to the voice"...i am blind but your voice is the first ive heard from the inside of these rooms....what are you and who are you...forgive me for i am currently blind"

The voice darkens slightly as he hears a slight whorrle of mecanical parts and a single foot step and a clatter of incect wings. "I am...oh its you...suprised you dont rember me. You turned me in to theise ...monsters." There is a deep bitterness behind the voice as it croaks out the accusion.

After hearing the voice Zazie takse a step back and realizes it that it is the voice of his captain Igor." ill explain later we have to get you out of here im fighting a battle that i no i am not going to win ". Zazie extends his hand with the hilt of the sword pointing at Igor" you know this place better then us help us find Salina first. then we can escape"

The igor before the demon tainted creature grimices as his expression turns darker as the haggerd figure lurches forward and pulls the sword roughly from Zazie's hand as he keeps his euyes narrowed. " You know this even with me being stuck in this god forsaken place for how long? You findly think now is a good time to save me?"

Zazie raises a fist at igor"look i dont have time for your bullshit igor..this is more then me and you right now...Salina is in trouble and everyone else if you want to kill me then go ahead but i suggest we work as a team... gota problem with that?"

Zazie raises a fist at igor"look i dont have time for your bullshit igor..this is more then me and you right now...Salina is in trouble and everyone else if you want to kill me then go ahead but i suggest we work as a team... gota problem with that?...you can learn a thing or two Igor the darkest demon can turn into the brightest angel..."

Igor clutches the sword tightly as he shoves pass Zazie in paranoia and looks abou tthe hall way and grunts slightly leting that be the only indication he heard. Kam Yelps as Igor walks past her as he treads on her tail not caring for her safty seeing both of them as enamies that he trusts less then he can throw them as he bites back the deep hatread for the brute that put him here. Zazie can hear that Igor's steps are unequal with a heavy thump followed by an soft foot fall as he moves for his potental freedom trady to turn on the two behind him as he weighs the sword in his hand.

As Zaz hears igor walking out of the room he quickly follows out feeling kind of uneasy he starts to think to himself" hmph maybe it was a mistake that i made turning him in...but hey..stuff happens"

Igor looks over his shoulder and keeps his eyes narrowed as he bares his teeth in a vauge threat or dilike before going back to keeping his eyes peeled for any attackers. A single figure lopes down the hall way in a hazard suit and reguards them for a moment before snorting slightly and continuing on as if nothing is wrong.

Zazie looks down the hall but is unable to see into the distance" whats going on? arent you kind of happy ive come to save you igor i mean after all kind of ironic the evil villian becoms the hero huh?"
Igor growls at somethign as Zazie can see him skirt the misty looking figer in a yellow suit and flairs his wings in annoyance. "Never said you were a hero." He snorts and glares back at Zazie as he continues on preiodicly stoping as he lisens for danger.

Zazie walks up a lil closer to igor and puts his hand on his shoulder" look man i messed up big time.....im pretty sure you can forgive me right?". Igor jerks his shoulder away and Zazie feels the flat of his metalic hand hit him with a strong blow of a rail road hammer. " Dont touch me." He turns away as he freeezes for a moment and heads on. Kam watches this and sighs slightly as she sees she is stuck with the most dis fuctional group that she has been with for a while.

Zazie jumps back and begins to breathe hard as his pain begins to leave" fine ,you peice of shit ,you just watch when we leave this hell hole youll be begging to come back here". Zazie begins to slow down his pace and walks near Kam.
Igor keeps walking along as he sniffs at the air for any changes as he seems to be reliing on compleat instinces and not carreing what Zazie says. Kam looks back at the lumbering figure wondering who or what that was suppose to be doing.

Zazie whispers to Kam" maybe one of his friends that hes not to fond of being with currently...yeah me and him dont seem to be getting along at all maybe just a thank you would of made me feel better...should of kept that door closed"
Kam whatches Igor and grimices slightly, " I think you might of betrayed his trust... any idea what his race is cause some dont like to forgive after a betryal."

"you think i care....kam...hate me or not its not about forgivness...its about respect..and i deserve my respect for coming down here to rescue him...?". Zazie looks up towards igor and puts a smile on his face "huh"
Kam sighs slightly, " He might not want to give you any respect." Igor looks over and flutters his ragget wings dusting the unknowin pair in his irratation he has to rely on the two people behind him.

Zazie stares at kam..."i dont care as long as he is able to fight and let me regain my strength over time.." Zazie yells out to Igor "yo Igor wanna hold my other sword im pretty drained he puts his sword out to igor

Igor looks back and takes a single sword with out a single word as he closes his flesh hand about it and seems to flinch slightly as he raises it as if testing the weight before heading along. Kam's grimice gets longer as she sees this and shakes her head wondering if she can get the full picture

Zazie runs up and stands in front of Igor" just between me and you i wouldnt want and problems to happen between us while were here...just for your better cause....and for your own protection...Zazie walks up and whispers into Igors ear with his low raspy voice"whether or not you wish to hate me thats your decision...but you will ....respect me"... as he puts a smile on his face and moves to she side

Igor snarls as his hate fills his eyes as he drops a sword to foce Zazie away from him. His normally dull grey eyes blasing with Hate and anger. He croaks out and bitter;y spit out his words. "Respect? No." He continues forward as he keeps his bac kto them but seems to be moving more like a predator that is ready for an attack.

Zazie picks up the sword and laughs" hahaha you just watch fool". he turns back to Kam and says "im done with his bullshit this isnt the Igor i once knew lets just move on"

Igor glares ahead as he relectently holds his anger and rage in check at the want to attack driving deeper and deeper into him for the man who turned him in who is now taunting him. Kam shifts uneasily and shifts from foot to foot as nerviousness takes over and she looks at Zazie about taunting the as far as she can tell the unstable captian. Kam follows him as she keeps her thoughts to her self anf lets her tail drag along.
zaz takes a step back and his eyes widen up and he thinks to himself" wait a minute this isnt the Igor i once new...he seems to be different i just cant find whats the problem"
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<<<<Ugh! oks his is the fight with the Igor the half demons are with losing it as he falls to his training and gets a sword driven through his chest but not before taking out Zazie, Kamel, and doing considerable damage to Salina and her sister while making it so it would be better if the demon dog is put out of its pain with death. There is a possibility this Igor can survive due to the fact his hearts are fine and it was only in the middle of his chest and he forced into hibernation so all functions are limited on him. >>>

Down the loanly corridor the figure in it's hasmat suit lopes along on all fours noting there seems to be intruders as it passes, Igor, Kam and Zazie, but not really caring since no one here really bothers her. She slows as she comes to a open door and pushes it forward and open. Inside the room it sees Salina and the demon dog experiment and lopes in curiously seeing no harm in doing so as the demon dog growls at it but keeps away as it as it peers curiously at Salina. The arua about this figure seems at peace and not worried at all with being so close to a intruder. The general shape that can be seen is a large fighting dog yet the hasmat suit is a curious feature since it seems to be containing something inside the suit its self as f it is the hazard.
Hearing Mizuki Growl Salina turned her head towards the door. and spots the figure. she quickly checks out the aura of the being. her hands still working on the second cuff for her sister. Salina then asked in both dog speak and normal common "who are you and what do you want?" the panic was leaving her body as she took note of the calm peaceful aura

As Zazie grows weary and feels fatigue come down upon him he stumbles towards igor.bending over gasping for air..still rubbing his eyes trying to get the gunk off from his previous attacker" whats going on...what are we doing now?"
Igor stops as he looks back and catches Zazie in irritation as Zazie feels cold metal under his hands, "I dont know." He says simply and hostility as he starts towards where he heard voices.
The creature looks up at her and makes odd noises as it talks which sounds oddly like, "Looking and checking alarms." the ear like structures on it's head flicker about as it looks towards the door and it's shoulders slump slightly as it sits down like a humanoid. Igor comes about the corner with a sword in his hand and stops at the sight og the caninie looking figure. His aura is drenched in blood shed of survival and she sees him supporting Zazie by his arm that is not right looking as she realises its made of metal. He grimaces as the arm sparks slightly and seems to wince out of natural reaction.
Salina's lets out a small gasp as she sees Igor and as she takes in the fact that he is holding Zazie up she asks "what happen to him" she then starts to pick the lock again while she waits for a responce. the Lock clicks open as her sister's arm is free. Namarie just looks at Salina but says nothing as she gentaly rubs her wrists. every one hears a riping noise as Salina rips the Sleeves off her Kimono and places part of one in Zazies hand. "you might wanna use that to help stop the bleeding" she then takes Namaire's wrist, which she trys to pull back but is not successful, and Salina starts to wrap up her sisters raw wrist to keep the reddened skin from being damaged.
Igor keeps his arm level as if he isnt thinking about it as his attention is slowly torn away from the hasmat creature, " I ...he found me." His voice comes out very gravely like a rocky road as he shifts to they are off to the side as the hasmat creature leaves. He tenses as he presses up against the wall as the person leaves as if nothing is wrong. Igor slowly steps into the room before he and the demon dog seem to foces in on each other as the dog barks out, " You" just at Igor balks at the site of the dog and takes a step back so he can defend him self.

Zazie hears the figures voice and suddenly realizes its Salina..he takes the piece of cloth from her and quietly says" what append in the other room, something came over me it wasn't me....please believe...me". Suddenly Zazie Trys to stand up straight and uses his sword as a canine" he walks towards Salina"you have to get them out of here..ill stay"
Igor lets Zaz ie leave his arm with more then a look of just happy to get rid of the half demon as he starts to turn as the demon dog lunges and slams into him. They fall to the ground snarling as they both seem quite intent in killing each other igor using his arm as a shield as the jaws close about the metal and scape uselessly on it as he brings the sword up to slash at the cainie. Both of them no longer caring there are others in the room from the looks of it. The ragged wings on Igor's back flutters as dust starts wafting off of them to distract the creature on him as he gets his legs under the dog and kicks hard to get it off.

"Stop moving you Baka! Your just gonna bleed more...and i don't need you to tell me what to do. I will be getting my sister out of her WITHOUT your help. I don't NEED your so called Protection. You might wanna worry about your self. iIf i need Help I will ask you to help me but I don’t." Salina then walked back to her sister and helped her stand up as Miziki shifted her shape to her mount size and started to attack Igor.
Salina let out a Sharp Yelp as she let go of her sister and used what she had left of her strength and used a barrier to separate the two from killing each other.
then Salin returns to her sister and in a gental voice Salina spoke to her sister "come on Namaire, your gonna ride on My back" Namaire just stared, this girl was being so nice to her it reminded her of her mother a sweet caring woman when you were on her good side. "m-m-mom?" she whispered. Salina looked at her. "No, Mom's gone...if you liik in my eyes you will see I am not your mom but your little sister please...sister remember is me Salina" as Salina helped her sister he Glared at MIzuki and Igor "what the hell was that about?"

Igor shakes his shoulder free of Zazie and the dog dont seem to knowdic the sheild as they try getting at each other and Igor pulls his arm back and drives the metal arm forward getting the sheild to shadder as it seems to open up and eat the boken energy as he goes back after the dog moving to restrain it.

Upon the sheld breaking Salina let out a small whimper as she collapses on the floor breathing very shallow breaths. as Salina collaped Namaire's eyes Widened as she watched the nice girl collaps to the ground and then the next thing she saw was read as she lundged forward with out warning hitting both Igor and Mizuki hard across the face.
Igor bares his teeth at the new attacker as he slams his metal fist into the do gcreature to break bones and stabs into it before lunging at the attacking demon.
Zazies eyes widen as he runs towards igor pushing him against the wall with the little bit of energy left" what are you doing?". As he looks back at Salina he yells out" run get out of here"!
Igor narrows his eyes as he see's Zazie stop him and brings the sword forward as he stabs into Zazie grinning darkly, " Your not going any where but i am , fucker." He twists the sword about the inside of Zazie as pleasure of killing the one that sent him to this doom is killed by his own weapon.

Zazies eyes begin to turn red and his fangs begin to grow as he grasps the sword and pull it in side him so as to get closer to igor. Every inch that the swrod get in deeper he spits out blood onto igor" you....traitor...". Zazie pushes Igor out of the way and looks back at Salina as his surge of adrenaline begins to calm down he looks at Salina with fading eyes and says" you protected me from the blast" collapsing on his knees" now i protected you....now were even".Zazie his other sword and collapses to the floor
Salina is oblivious to what just happen asince she is uncontious. mean while Namaire is Glaring down Igor as she walks back over to Salina and then sits on the ground and places her head in her lap.
Igor rips the sword away seeing that the threat is down he turns to the other threats in the room as Kam start mumbling out a spell and writing glyphs in her book as he springs on her. The small demon crys out in terror as he pins her to the ground by her hands ans starts cutting into her wrists to sever the tendons making magic useless to the small demon that screams as she whips her tail about stabbing him with the shocking device as his arm opens up again to draw in the damage before he turns on the woman that hit him earlier.

Namaire Growls as Igor turns in her direction. she then managed to growl out a few words as sha placed Salina's head gentily on the ground "leave I won't attack again if you do not harm her" she was clearly pointing to Salina. "she not bad like Baka-Chan was" she says as she points to Zazie's lifeless form. As she stood up a sudden gut of wind starts to blow around the room and Igor feels a sudden drop in tempature as small white flakes start to float down to the ground.
Igor shudders as his ragged wings shimmer black from the sudden change in temperature. He gasps as he feels his body going into shock as he charges recklessly not wanting to be put into a hibernation He leaps as he brings the sword forward to distract her from his metal fist as he brings that about to go for her heart.

Namaier moves away from Igor upon pure instinct as she moves to the other side of the room with the agility of a cat. "Meya... it that it...Your S-L-O-W." she Taunts Igor as she dashes out to the hall way hoping to draw him away from the"nice girl" that helped get her chains off.
As Igor runs passed zazie feeling the vibration on the floor. Zazie grabs the sword thats in his hand and with all his might and power he swings it and slashing Igor hamstrings as the blade leaves his hands Zazie suddenly.drops his hand and rolls over on his back and immediately dies with his eyes wide open giving up his last breathe.

Igor yowls in pain as he hits the ground and fear enter his eyes as he trys to get up from the pain and panic as his muscles that hold him on his feet don't work. He curses and snarls at Namaier as he drags him self away as his want for self preservation kicks in.
Namire turns to look at him as she heard him fall "you stay down" she then walks around him and back to Salina she then tries to pick Salina's head up an replaces it back on her lap.... her eyes Never leaving Igor...as she watches him she can see and smell his blood. "You die now...thanks to lots of blood...that coming out...I will let you bleed more then when you are gasping for air i will be merciful and kill you." she said in a harsh cold voice that Salina would never have reconized, since the sister she knew was always kind.
Namaire then said with out her eyes leaving Igor "thanks Baka-chan"

Igor huffs in pain as he tears his short and binds the wounds tightly making a make shift bandages to slow the blood. His face pales slowly as he huffs in pain as he pulls him self over to Zazies body searching for a needle to attempt to sop the wound close to stem the flow farther as he keeps looking back at the half demon before reaching back for a crystal and throwing it hard at them. As it crashes into the ground it explodes releasing raw magic
As the crystal was about to hit Namaire moved getting like half the blast while protecting Salina. as the explostion hits both girls are sent across the room and in to the wall hard, but that was not gonna stop her. Once again Namaire made the room temp drop and as she stood up she winced in pain and she was now bleeding. the cold temperature of the room started to numb her pain. as she used the water in the air and her blood to make very small but deadly icicles appear, she then fire in Igors direction aiming for his leg. She smirked an evil looking smirk as she watched him try to dodge her attack.

Igor's eyes widen as he sees the iceacals and brings his arm about to protect the limbs they were aiming for as most hit his metallic arm and he shivers as he breathing starts to slow as the onset of hibernation starts kicking in. Grunting in numb pain Namaire mad her way over to Zazie and she then took the sword from his clod dead fingers. she laughed a kinda insane laugh as she looked in Igor's direction. "Fun...Fun...so you hate the cold..." she was now standing close to him watching his body go in to hibernation mode. "Should i kill you Now or should i let you Bleed to death?" sha asked letting the room warm up just abit so she can get an answer out of him...
Gamegrl24: *her voice was as cold as ice" Should i kill you Now or should i let you Bleed to death?" sha asked letting the room warm up just abit so she can get an answer out of him.

Igor huffs as he lays there as his body starts feaking out with the changing tempature as he is proght out of the start od hibernation. His face twists in pain as his hearts beat faster wile the other has cslowed down as he clutches as this chest growwling slightly trying to get her to bac koff as he opens a single eye and shifts to defend himself. "fu-fu-fu-fu" He cant seem to get many words out through the hearts beating off key.

Namarie just Laughed as she watched him she then heard a faint whimpering from behind her. looking to see what it was Namaire turned toward the source of the noise, only to find the demon dog now in its smaller form laying on the ground with a bone protruding through it's skin. Namaire slowly walks over to her. she just stares a blank stare not sure what she should say as she looks at the injured Mizuki.
Igors's breathing becomes regular as his pain subsides over time as he starts to drift off into zoning not quite cold enough for him to go into hibernation. Kam lays there with her wings wrapped about her as she silently takes the pain unable to do any thing about stopping the flow of blood

Namaire smelling the blood of someone unfamiliar starts to look about the room...she ten spots a set of wings coveing a small body and she slowly makes her way over to where Kamel lays. Kamel's breathing is ragged but she looks oddly at peace as she remains bundled up with her arms to her sides bleeding with nothing stopping the flow."are you still alive" came Namaire's voice it was soon followed by the sound of ripping fabric. "what's bleeding...tiny...person..."

Kameal opens her eyes as her dim eyes only responsive light and darkness as she opens her wings slightly as she shows the damage that is far to severer to stop from bleeding out as rivulets spread out on the ground.Namaire looks at Kanmeal's wrists she then takes the fabric she ripped from her shirt and carefully wraps it around Kam's wrists. this should help slow the bleeding down for a while tell we can get you some real help." she said as she ripped more fabric from her shirt as well as picking up the piece that Zazie discarded earlier. "I am not sure you will make it but i hope this helps some"Kamael closes her eyes as she slowly passes out as ther wrists are bandges as the death of her closes n on the small figure.Namaire then looks back at Igor "Time for you too die" she then picks up the sword she put down while trying to help Kam. She then once again makes it colder by 10 degrees. she then pounces on Igor Plunging the sword deep it to his chest. "Have fun in Hell you Bastard" she says as she gives the sword a twist and pushes it in till she can't push no more...
: Igor's eyes flutter as he slips into hibernation as the sword cuts deep into him as he blacks out from the cold and his futions slow down staving off his death whilme making it look like he is dead,
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(Collab between me and zin, enjoy)

As Leon searches the armory he can find a lot of armor and melee weapons made of Jade of all sorts before finding the normal weapons. He sees a man in a suit that looks slightly singed as he seems to be straightening it off and if any think looks like the suit has cone through the ringer. Leon looks at the man and pops his gun out of his arm. "Who the hell are you and how did you get into this building?" He asks sounding a bit surprised. The man looks over and adjusts his broken sunglasses as he smiles, " Ah just wondering about things." He doesn't seem to care about the fact a gun is pointed at him as he dusts his self off, " I can take you to a Igor ex captain. That's if you point that gun away from me and tell me why are dragon blooded so interested in him."

Leon lowers his gun a bit when Igor is mentioned. "And how can you me to the captain? As for the dragon blooded, I myself am not sure. Me however, I just wanna get the captain back." "Hmm well i have a feeling he will be bringing trouble to us by the man he was originally cloned from. So take my hand and i will take you there to a igor." HE holds out his hand and smirks, a slightly crazed look in his eyes. Leon looks at his hand then at the man. "What the catch?" He asks as he puts his gun away and holds his hand out, not yet taking the man's hand. "Catch? oh i dont know just get him. I dont have a wish to run into his protective DnA doaner." Leon grumbles then takes the man's hand.

The man smiles as his hand warms and seems to break apart to move up Leon's arm. If Leon had scensors for feeling a teleport he would be feeling rather ill as his sight is covered by silver and then he can see again as he is in a lonely corridor with a creature in a hasmat suit sitting there that feels oddly familiar and his memory as good as it is cant seem to recall why this person is familiar. In side the room he sees a sight of gore as well as igor who is showing life signs that are quite weak but understandable with the room being 20-25 degrees in there just where Igor would go into hibernation and the sword missing mostly vital things getting only a lung as it got driven through his chest. Leon shudders from the teleport then looks around in the area he is in now then looks at the hazmat suit creature and walks over to it. "Odd..who or what is this? Seems familiar in a way...wait.." He looks from the creature into the room where Igor is, his eye glows red as he seems to panic alittle and run into the room. "Igor! What the hell happened to you??"

Igor dosent respond but he hears afflicted talk that he hasnt heard for over 50 years, "He happened to them when attacked and she happened to Him when she made the room cold." Leon spins his head and glares at the creature and talks back to it in the afflicted language. "What do you mean?? What the hell happened here?! Who stabbed him??" "She did." at this The afflicted raises her finger to point the stubby fingers at Namaire and salina. Suddenly memory clicked of the Afflicted on the cortana when Laru was trying to figure out what to do with them. Leon looks at Salina and Namaire. "Well that explains where she went..but who is that with her?" He shakes his head and looks at the afflicted. "Do I know you? I've come across your kind before..." He asks the creature as he activates a heartbeat scanner then looks at Igor, Salina, and Namaire to check their pulses. Namaire growls as Leon looks over at them during his heartbeat check.

Igor's is very weak for his normal hearts beats but seems stable and rhythmic while the half demons have a steady heart beat other then a periodic heart arithma. The creature looks at him and his scanners barely detect the radioactvity coming off it. " Maybe i was one of the afflicted spared from the destruction of the planet from being taken. Leon grumbles as he recalls his sensors going nuts a long time ago from one of the afflicted. "I was saved, in a way, by two of your kind." He explains as he gets up and carefully moves Igor out of the room and carries him gently so the blade doesn't cause him more harm. "I wish I had some medical supplies....wait" He looks at the creature. "Medical supplies, are there any close by?" The creature watches him and tilt's its head before pulling a red and white med pack off it's side and nods. "I saved a robot before by the name of leon With Draco."

Leon takes the pack and pauses for a moment as he recalls the two in more detail and shakes his head slowly, goes over to Igor and puts the pack down and opens it up. "That so huh...where is this Draco now?" He asks as he pulls the sword out carefully then quickly applies medicine and bandages to keep Igor from bleeding out. Sian helps by applying foam into the wound to keep him from possibly bleeding out into him self and shrugs, " We left shortly after dropped of the cortana. "That ghost ship? You were on it? And thanks for the help Sian." Leon nods to her and glances at the sword "On it for little before Laru kicked us off maybe less then a year after you got dropped of Leon."

Igor's body spazzs from the change in the temperature as he gasps and wheezes as his eyes flutter open. Leon looks at Sian. "I'd smile if I could, but still, its good to see you again, why are you here?" His attention turns to Igor when he comes to. "Captian, how you feeling?" Sian says simply, " Valkery wanted to study a sane...ish afflicted so im letting them on the condition i can leave when i want to.." Igor gasps as his hand reaches for his chest because of the pain as he spazzes out from his temperature being brought up too quickly. "Hurt"is all he is manages to get out." "What do these guys want with Igor here?" Leon asks has gently moves Igor close to the cold room to try to get him from spazzing too much and messing up the bandaging. "And was there someone else with the half demons over there?"

SIan's shoulders shrug as she does a human-like walk so she can show emotions with her body. "Don't know but this was the area for disposing of worthless experiments or ones that dont work. and there was a small demon and a human." She points at the dead body Of Zazie and the dying Kam. " The demon will dies ther is no hope and she knows it." Igor shivers as he stops struggling as his spazzs slowly stop and he huffs and shivers uncontrollably with his eyes closed and heavy breathing. His body slowly adjusts it's self to where his hearts beats are regular and he mumbles out horcely, " I killed him...bastard"

Leon stares at Zazie then Igor, then Zazie again. "He...came back after I killed myself? Kudos to you captain...who is the demon? Friend of the bastard?" He says to Igor and walks over to Kam to inspect her wounds. Kam's breathing is low and barely there as she keeps her wrists to her side as Igor lays there waiting for all of his functions to be up and running as he said, " She...think so. was casting a spell" "Eh...never good then.." Leon looks over at the half demons before walking out. "So...how are we going to get the hell out of here when Igor here can move? And speaking of which, you're welcome Captain."

Sian tilts her head and nods slightly, "I know the way out since nono wont take you out. Long walk, very very long. You have ship? for when we get out?" Igor smiles faintly as he tries to sit up falling back as he grits his teeth in pain, eventually getting up as he seems rather out of it. He glares at the half demons and pulls the door shut as he smiles grimly at the noise of the door clicking close. Namaire curses at Igor as he gets close to the door and closes, when the door clicks shut she starts growling loudly in anger. Leon looks at Igor as he closes the door and thinks a moment before shrugging and looking at Sian. "Ship? Kind of...but we can't go there. Chance of it being bugged. I know a place we can go to, just have to make sure no one from here follows us..." He looks at Sian. "You don't have any tracking devices on or in you do you?"

"No radiation to ...screwy with tracking." Igor closes his eyes, " Simple...shut off the ship all the way and locate energy signatures. Or EMP the damn ship. Might kill some things on the ship but they are easy to replace." He closes his eyes and rests for a moment as his ears twitch, " But when we get out food, I dont remember when i last Ate any thing, feels like several days." Leon chuckles at Igor then nods to Sian. "Good, if you can get us out, I can get us to a safe place till we either do what Igor said, or get a new ship....then we'll get you both food. How's that sound?" Sian tilts her head slightly, " I get a lot of food down here even with them having to put me in a special room to eat." She silently lopes along other then periodic squeaks from her suit and sparks from igor's arm that makes him flinch.

"Meh, then at least we can get you off world soon I hope, only said food for you too cause of Igor." Leon points to him and stares at his arm. "You're gonna have to tell me what happened to you in here Captain, once we get out. Sian, please lead the way out." Sian yips out, " I am i am. just like i said long walk." Igor glances at his arm and looks at the ground as he says horsely, " They ripped my arm off to see if it would work with a cybernetic arm. They tried several different kinds arms but they all spark and hurt." "Ouch, sounds like you had a long day of fun then." Leon says as he walks with Igor to catch him if he falls from the pain as they follow Sian.

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*yeah this is a crazy long one co post with me and zin hope you all enjoy it*

Kamel CLoses her eyes for the final time before opening them as she feels her wounds heal and energy come back to her as her face falls at seeing a place she tried so hard to avoid going to. The broken and empty howl of the icy wind. The floating islanfs in the sky loom ther menacsinly with nothing holding them up as they slowly travel by. Zazie wakes up with Cold snow on his face.

As the cold snow touches Zazies face he suddenly begins to tremble and slowly opens his eyes , as he takes his first breathe and exhales he sees the mist from his own breathe appear. Zazies shakes his head and and looks over at Kamel " what the hell...whats going on last thing i remember was cutting Igor then faaling asleep...he slowly takes a step back and suddenly the realization of what happend what seemed like merely seconds ago flashed in his mind." NO Kamel this cant be I protected them i Died trying to rescue him!!"

Kameal rubs her arms out of nearviousness seemingly fine with the cold as she breaths out wit hthe faintest of mist. " Ah well did you do other wrongs? " He can see her shivering in terror as she looks about and coils her large wings about herself to fend off the wind.

Zazie closes his eyes and makes a fist" the only thing i remember was i was taunting Igor nothing more... such a cruel fate we both suffered...yet the condemnded do no get the last words we seek". well im ready to spend my eternity here dosent seem like were going anywere anytime soon i mean SHIT i protected and rescued those so called" crew members" of mine and this is where i end up".Zazie looks over at Kamel with saddended eyes and sits on the floor shivering

Kameal ears visably droop as she looksd about and seems to shrink into the bushes as a figure passes over them of a Large demon. Kameal's red eyes stay wide open as she watches it. She seems to be paying more attention to the surroundind then Zazie as she tremmbles, " Did you do wrongs with any one else? I mean i suppose i can look through records to find out i mean i was an accoutant of souls at one point

Zazie looks at Kamel up and down trying to find and remember his thought of what sins he has done" um none that i remember..this hella really isnt different from any other is it?"

Kamel looks down breifly before she slowly spreads her wings out against the snow. " I wouldnt know. Every one has their own hells i suppose."

Zazie closes his eyes and lets out a sight" 1000 years of sorrow will bring 1000 years of joy...but an eternity in hell...well there is no joy..sorrow....pain...fear...is what ive always been knowing guess i dont belong up there huh? pretty ironic the person that i destroyed mentally kills me physicall....what a day!.....". Zazie stands up and walks towards kam extending his hand out "cmon we gotta get out of this hella hole hahaha"

Kameal looks away as he draws cirles into the snow and sniffles, " You cant fly...and portals are random." She curls up in the shurbs she found to hide from any eyes and crys slightly.

Hearing the sound of kam crying Zazie walks over to kam and places his hand on her back" look im in the same situation youre seems like we have something in common we both hate this place so how about we make the best of the situation whadaya say?". Zazie rises up and looks down at kam and smiles "cmon we got each other"

Kameal keeps crying knowing what this world holds for her but not for Zazie as he tremmbles uncontrolably. "Yo-yu-you d-d-dont know whats here."

suddenly the hair on the back of Zazies neck stands up and a sudden fear crawls down his spine as it runs through his veins making him paralyzed and unable to move but as he puts a grin on his face and he nails come out he glares at Kamel"whatever it is im ready for whats going to happen"

suddenly the hair on the back of Zazies neck stands up and a sudden fear crawls down his spine as it runs through his veins making him paralyzed and unable to move but as he puts a grin on his face and he nails come out he glares at Kamel"whatever it is im ready for whats going to happen".Zazie suddenly becomes enraged as he thinks about the moments of betrayel and treachery caused by others

Kameal looks about and rubs her eyes, " I dont know what will happen to you. but but im a low demon the one every one walks on."

" lower demons or not...its you who chooses what you are.....not what you are meant to be by faith...". Zazie begins to grow angry and angry every second suddenly he slams his fists into the ground" theres this fear around me...but at the same time i just wanna get my FUCKING hands on those traitors and those people that i risked my life for......loyalty is such a treachorus bond"

Kam crys harder, " I cant not here i cant beat any one in streanght or smarts." There is a heavy thump and Zazie feels the land rock under him as He hears a cold voice laugh out, " Kameal your back and human what o i hear about revenge?"

"but...you... have what others dont that is for you to decide and find out what it is". Hearing the demonic voice Zazie laughs out menacingly and evil begins to surround him..."yes.......revenge for there treachery!"

"Hand me over the small demon that is behind you and we will call it even as i help you out of here for revenge. I have connections." Kameal wails at this for Zazie not to hand her over as she trys to stay under the shrubs with her pleeding

Zazie puts on an evil smile as he walks closer to Kamel he makes a fist and with his other hand he grabs Kamels arm and lifts her up he stares into her eyes moving his face closer as to were there noses are touching. Zazie suddenly drops her and looks up closing his eyes trying to fight this demonic possession that is controlling him" no.....i cant......sh she helped me.....sh sh she was my only..... friend"

Kameal screams and kicks him as well as starts to claw with out care as she fights to get away sobing loudly. "But what about your revenge i thought you wanted it."

Zazie looks at kam with one eye open and with scratches on his face" i....willl have my revenge.....but this sacrafice that is offered to me is not worth an innocent soul..." .Zazie turns his back and falls on his knees and yells out" i will offer you.......my....my....". Zazie looks back at kam and smiles" looks like you are going to make it out of this after all". "i offer you my soul in exhange for hers"

"Your soul is not intersting as her...arua. I would want somethign of equal value." The demon smiles showing it's icy teeth as it becomes the size of a man in a velvet green suit and slicked back hair, "SIdes she is no where as innocent as you. Liek i said unfair trade."

As the demon exposes himself Zazie walks towards it"NO! what can i offer to you from myself my servitude for eons,perhaps the reaper of souls".Zazie looks back at Kam "stay back ill protect you".

"i dont do deals like that."

" then you and i have nothing to talk about"

"The demon strolls forward and says harshly, " She is my property and i want her returned."

" hmph for some reason im not fond of your offer its not fair to her.....you have her and i live....yet this poor innocent soul has no idea what she has done,,, she kept me sane....she has nothing that you need" .Zazie smiles at the Demon giving an evil grin "....my friend its not her you need.....its me..."

"Oh but she is i can never forget that wail of pleading and trust me boy she has done a lot worse then you. Just ask her that is if she is willing to tell." Kameal coils up in fear as she covers her self with er wings.

"well i dont no and i dont care about her past i care about the stat quo of the situation!.....if you let her come back with me....i will cause such horrendus destruction upon this planet...such tremoundous agony and pain you wont be dissapointed trust me"

"planet? you think i care only about a planet?" The demon laughs light heartedly, " No im aiming for a system of souls to expand our souls. Besides ther is no one better at what she does. and its been so long since i have seen her."

" then provide us with a second chance to serve you better hmph instead of one demon you can have to.....ill be your personal hitman......ill do whatever it takes for you to feed your hunger.....but this sacrafice i cannot offer she has not done anything to me".Zazie looks back at Kam and smiles" what ever it is that you did i forgive you kam....."

"No deal i dont deal with hit men. I deal in souls and your is odd. And im not hungery i just want my accoutant back. I'm just being nice and offering you something."

"well last time i checked this accountant you so call "your property"..... belongs to me seeing as though the angles as you might say rather blessed me with her to be my guardian....and her part of the contract was to look after a half demon.....seeing as there is only two half demons she was never told which one to watch over.....".Zazie walks near kam and puts his hands on her wings"calm down i wont betray you"

"Heh no she doesnt belong to you but the damn creature she works for." He shoves Zazie to the side and Drags Kameal out as he stares hard at her before dragging the screaming and kicking demon off.

being pushed off Zazie runs back towards the demon dragging Kam and runs in front of him an falls on his knees and begins to beg"listen....ill do anything .....anything im telling you just spare her life i beg of you shes the only companion i had for a long time....ill do anything".Zazie looks down at the floor and a tear drops on his hands" ill do anything i beg off you"

"Hand her over to me and her life will be spared but she will be under my care." The demon lowers his glasses to look at Zazie with goat eyes and smiles, " You will be working with the living contacts i have. Do we have a deal?"

Zazie studders and looks up at the demon as tears drown his eyes" fine but i wish to comeback more hellbent on revenge then anything in that has ever existed i want....and i want Kam to be apart of me as well i wanna go out there on her behalf as well".Zazie looks over at Kam and with teary drowned eyes he runs to her and hugs her" you were the closest thing i had to family Kam im going to come back here to see you again i promise"

Kam tears up as the demon lets her drop and claps his hands together as sparks fly out of them for a moment, " Ah our deal is done and you should be heading up soon. I am erassing memories and you will just have to go to sleep to return." He smiles wickedly as he pushes his dsunglasses backup on to his nose as he smiles brightly and scoops Kameal up, " By the way i wouldnt beable to kill er since she has no soul to spare. Ta ta!" The demon at this as great wings unferal as he takes to the air humming happily over Kameals sniffles and whimpers.

As the demon takes off with kam after hours wich seemedlike centuries passing by Zazie loses his will to live along with his energy. Zazie falls to the floor and with a blank look just stares at his hand thats in front of his face as he wipes his eyes from the tears. he slowly closes his eyes awaiting for a miracle and his chance to strike back at the people he once so called his" crew members".Zazie then lets his anger consume the last of his energy and falls asleep

As Zazies falls asleeps hefeels a sharp tingling pain and the faint voice saying, "Little more juice. i tihknk its starting to stir." He feels his body convolce and arc off the cold surface as whiteness comes into veiw and he sees shadows and light. "Oh hmmm shock it one more time." Zazies feels his body tence up and arc again before hitting the cold surface

as Zazie wakes up from his slumber the voices begin to echo waking him up slowly but at the moment he could only see through his left eyeas he raises his upper body on the slab he looks around the room" what the fuck......is going on?". Zazie puts his hand on his head and traces his hair"what the....my hair never used to be this long"At the same time as pgliding his hair down his body to his chest "wow it covers up my face". Suddenly Zazie freakes out and looks at his hand and realizes that his arm is mechanical and cybernetically enhanced as he feels his face it suddenly became obvious that the whole left side of his body was cybernetically enhanced and the right side of his body was made of pure flesh with huge surgery scars on it as his hair went down to his chest, he reached over and rubbed his back only to find 1000s of tiny shards on his back unoticable but yet he knows they are there.."what the hell do these do?". As he suddenly closes his eye 2 words come out from his mouth"kam.......revenge". He then acknoledges the people in front of him with a headshake

The hunched back figure chears, "It worked, it worked! Told them 'ltricity would work," He does a happy dance as he spins about. The other scientest has a streak of black in his grey hair looking rather annoyed at the other scientes's succes.
"Ah since your awake and we know what was promiced to you but we need you to train for reasons.

zazie stares at the man through his left eye and acknoledges his command and with the gesture of his hand he gets off the slab and shakes his head

The hunch back makes a strangulates noise that sounds like a no, " You must rest first still adding things and your body is not full yet."

Zazie lays back down on the slab and rests his body awaiting for the man to finish his surgery. as he closes his eyes he trys ro remember something of his past but since the demon brought him back to life it was with the loss of his memories that he traveled back. with nothing on his mind he closes his eyes
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*Sammy notices the telepathic call and sets down his calligraphy brush, having been carefully arranging and reinforcing the energy flows of the break room through rearranging everything in it and painting certain symbols on the walls that seem to force the eye to focus on the central table. The table is... Refurbished, covered in intricate designs and elegant scrollwork that makes the table seem bigger than it actually is. He looks at the table, then rests his hand on the cleverly-concealed channeling circle he carved into the surface of the table and taps into the newly-reinforced energy flows to project an illusion of himself outside in front of Bodak. The illusion bows*
Ah sir, Captain Igor is currently indisposed. I am but a humble crewmember, but the ship is in my charge at the moment. Pray, come aboard and enjoy a cup of tea with me while we await his return.

*Bodak bows respectfully*
<Ah, I would love to have a cup with you, but I would require a dish or saucepan, for the peculiarities of my species>

*The illusion of Sammy bows in return and smiles*
Very well, I shall be out shortly.
*The illusion vanishes and the real Sammy walks down the ramp, his exquisite sword strapped across his back, wrapped in an illusion of a richly dressed (if out of date) human male of uncertain age. He bows again to Bodak and gestures for him to precede him into the ship*

*Bodak follows Sammy into the break room, where Sammy has cleared off the remains of his carving and calligraphy tools. In their place is an elegant glass teapot, which is brewing some form of tea, green from the looks of it. There is a rather plain mug and what appears to be a large saucepan. Sammy gestures for Bodak to take a seat, and Sammy sits opposite him. He pours a generous portion of tea into the pan and pushes it towards Bodak, who puts it down on the floor and rests his feet in the warm liquid while Sammy takes a sip calmly. After a long moment of peaceful silence, Sammy sets his cup down and nods to Bodak politely*
"So you're looking for Igor then?"

"I was. I'm not sure if I am anymore."

*Sammy nods again and takes another sip. Another long silence, then Sammy says politely*
"If you're curious, he's at 247.12 by 126.3 by 206, getting on a ship at the moment."

*Bodak nods*
"Ah, so that would put him... Next door. Hm, he's probably in the care of some agents, I don't particularly care to tangle with them..."
*Bodak waits politely, and the silence stretches on until Sammy breaks it with an inconsequential conversation topic, the flowers for example. Another, longer silence, then Bodak launches into the gossip of the plant world, with many long pauses for Sammy to comment until they both realize that adjusting their silences has gone beyond polite and into the plain silly. Zoom back to Igor trudging onto the insurance man's ship. He looks around curiously, having just had the oddest that someone was talking about him...*
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(Since i have been told things the rp has been ended at this post as the folly of the gm msksing the rp after the ship comes to its peak and the gmpc not there to stop this.)

Kove Sighs slightly as she says to LinSha and jong to go inact the plan of clearing connections to the young captian in hopes the ship can not be used against him. Linsha nods slightly as Jong smirks sheepishly as they head out moving to the docking area of the city. In the cool night breeze they see another ship taking off as they board the ship to see Sammy and Bodak talking plesently. "Ah i am sorry spirit but we must dispose of this ship."

Bodak looks up and says softly in their minds, <Pardon us?>
"You need to leave this ship's permeices."
Sammy narrows his eyes and sighs slightly as he stands up. "May you allow me a day to sort things out?"
Linsha shakes her head and Sammy nods slightly as he splits into fox fire to run about the ship rearanging the energy into a snigle point on the ship and he forms again to pull the bolt out and nods looking ever so slightly flushed as he pockets the bolt. "Ah bodak its been nice to talk to you but i must see to finding else were o be." Bodak nods with a tilt of his head as he speaks to Sammy silently before Sammy shakes his head. "No im sure my santuary will be fine but thankt you for your consirn." Bodak gentally shakes Sammy's hand and bows slighltly as his tenticals coil about him self as they leave not mentioning to either of them about the fact the Igor they were looking for just left.

Bodak heads to his ship and watches the explosion, well lack of expoloion as the ship implodes and he folds his hands over his waist as his smaller arms reach out to start to diel a untraceable number taking his sweet time with coding every thing as he opens a channle to a mister Krath Jatu. Bodak places a head set on so they can understaand him over long distance as a man with hair that is generally smooth and well cared for looks on Bodak with a Hagerd Face. "Oh hey Boddak did you find my son?" The silver eyes come close to a grey gleam as depression shows in them.
<No. But i have a feeling he will be ok, They are transporting him as we speak Bim.>
"Oh... So they do have him....Kind of wish i could be there for him."
<Bim you are on the run from unit X and as well from your own people and race.> An annoyed look crosses the tired man's face as he stares at the screen. <You know what i mean Bim, the race you were born as and the luners.> The man waves that of with a heavy hand and leans back as he closes his eyes. <Do not fear i have a feeling your son will come back and so will your daughter, not as you wish but they will be back.>
"Bodak...ah never mind you will just give me the same thing. Well I'll see you when you get back to this moon. Bim out> The screen goes dead as bodak pulls his arms back and places his fingers together as he reflects silently on situations before reporting to his home planet about possable accptance of a clone for caring for about a years worth if he can locate it. He speaks to them in images and touches the proper scent buttons to get the full piture across. He slowly spins his chair away as his eyes close.

Igor relaxes as he looks about thinking about escape but unwilling to talk much seeing he is stuck with people he doesn't know. He keeps quiet about their harsh names for him as well as how they are treating him like an experament. He silently calulates how to get free before after the second day where all hell breaks loose....

(if you want to see how this ends ....join 'lost in Black' when it comes)
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((found a way to fix it kind of))

SIan activates the elevator and looks at leon as she huffs out, " I turned it on...You can leave if you want to." Igor is trembling as he has paled farther and is tremmbling slightly from the cold that is now setting into him.
OmnLnk2000: Leon nods at Sian as he walks over to Igor. "Thanks Sian, you coming with us?" He asks as helps Igor into the elevator and props him against the side. "Just hold on Captain, we should be out soon.." Leon pats Igor's shoulder then walks to the door and looks at Sian. "Well? It would be nice to have an old friend around."
Sian slowly pulls her helmet off after backing away from them. The rad meter on Leon's screan goes bezerk as he sees that liquid ozzes off what use to be a furry creature. he sees the 'snout move in an opening and closing manner as he hears, " I am a danger and still mutating." He cant see the eyes or any real features on the old crew member.
Leon steps back with an apparent sad sounding sigh. "So I see...I'm not too great at goodbyes, but." He reachs for the button in the elevator and salutes Sian with his freehand. "Farewell Sian...hope you have a good life.." He says as he pushs the button. "Thanks old friend."

SIan places the helmet back on and reseals the suit as she waves good bye, "Maybe i will see you again." She lopes back into the bace as Igor looks up and leans on Leon's shoulder as he closes his eyes.
"Leon... im fading...i think i have lost a bit too much blood....why is that thing going away?"
Leon shakes his head. "She couldn't have come with us, she would've cause damage...though not intentionally..." He sighs again then looks at Igor. "Please do not say that, not when we're close to getting out of here. Save your strength and rest against the wall, we'll get you REAL help on the outside captain." He says and helps Igor back to the wall and takes another look at his injuries.
Igor Slowly slumps against the wall as the elevator heads up. Igor's bandages are a deep black as it seems like his body has warmed back up to a normal tempature causing his slow bleedign wounds to flow normally. Within a short time the elevator stops as the doors open to bright sun of the morning. Igor covers his eyes from the sun light as it seems like his eyes have not seen real sunlight in a long time. his breathing is still steady even if it is weak as his vitles seem to be on the low side.
Out side the door Leon can see the ocean and the see through walls that keeps the water from washing over As Leon helps Igor out He can see a landing pad for ships to land on for drop offs and pickups.

Leon looks around checking if its clear or not before carefully helping Igor down to the landing pad area and finding something to lean him against. "How you holding up Captain?"
Igor opens his eyes and nods slightly. He mummbles incoherently but seems like he is still partally there.
"Ok good...I'm going to take a look around see if there is anything we can get away from this place with, don't move and stay quiet." Leon nods and pats Igor's shoulder then starts to walk around the area looking for any kind of ship.

Leon eventually sighs at the unsuccessful search and goes back to where Igor is and sits beside him. "No vehicle of any type, good news is that no one is here at the moment..hang on sec." He clicks on the short wave radio in his head and starts talking into it as he talks to Igor. "Turned on my internal short wave...this thing is useful and saved my ass a few times before." He forces out a chuckle then sighs.
His raido is staticly before he hears someone picking it up and there is a surious metalick ,'hello?' Igor slowly slumps down as he rests oddly and doses from exaustion.
Leon looks at Igor and pats him. "Did you just say something Captain? Cause I swear I just heard someone...god I hope Sian didn't screw anything up whenn she showed her..face.." He says to Igor sounding confused and worried before replying. "Hello..?"

"hello? this is piolt trainer Bodak. I didnt think any one used this tech any more."
Leon's eye glows a bright blue at hearing who it is. "Bodak?! Good god I'm glad to hear you! It's Leon, and how do you think I felt? I was NOT expecting a response from anyone! Where are you?? I got someone with me who needs medical assistance ASAP."
Bodak responds in the metalic voice, " Ah i will be there shortly. Give me 4 minutes to trinulate and get there." The siginal remains open as a small ship lands and it opens up. Bodak steps out and waves Leon in as he reveals that his skin and coloration as changed drasticly.
OmnLnk2000: Leon helps Igor up and makes his way to his old friend as quick as he can. "Man am I SO glad to see you, you're looking well, for a plant." He chuckles then pats Igor. "My friend...well Captain here, needs some medical help...he's lost alot of blood before I got to him."
Bodak helops then in and closes the door as he looks over Igor, " <The galixiy is a small place... themedical suplies are in the red box. And i was like a father figure to the kid.>" The ship lurchs slightly from a froced jump that bodak became well known for withen the last several years for risky jumps that landed the ship else where. "<Bim will want to know about his condition>
Leon holds Igor steady during the jump with one hand and reachs for the med supplies with the other. "You need to work on the take off there Bodak my friend.." He says opening the supplies and removing the old bandages to apply medicine along with new bandages that should hold up till they get a real doctor, he gets up to go and sit next to Bodak. "Where is Bim anyway? And thanks...I for sure thought we would've been stuck there for a while..."

Igor closes his eyes and Leon can scence him shivering from pain but seems to be slowly sliping in between an uneasy rest and passing out. Bodak holds somethign out for Leon that looks a lot like Igor's blood that has several medical symbls on it. <Bim is....stressed. The luners are still after him to take him back and he has been killing people to stay hidden. Still has other governments after him... the usauel. And i jumped with out lifting off.>
Leon eyes the thing and takes it to examine it curiously. "That sounds like Bim alright, what is this anyway? And why would be want to know about Igor here?" (we should try to wrap up soon, im getting kinda tired)
Bodak stares off as he makes a gesture with a tentical, <more or less Igor is a clone of Bim, tecinically speaking. But However Bim sees Igor is a father son relation ship.> Bodak lets that over out as he slides his feet into somethign and his body creeks. <i would like to rest and the ship is on auto pilot.>

Leon nods and leans back in his seat and starts to think. "If we can, we should try to pick up Vince's son...I might not like it, but the kid has his uses..I'll try to get in contact with him through Vince once we're clear, that sound good to you?"
Bodak nods as Leon feels the ship shift slightly but there no responce as bodak seems to become very plant like. Igor doses as he comes to peroticly with a start before falling back huffing in pain. <It might be a bit since i did a suddent jump, tends to launch us else where.>
"Fair enough, get some rest, I've got something to do in the meantime." Leon nods back and looks back at Igor before leaning back in is seat again and thinking.
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Silver Feng Mercenaries - Page 6 Icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2010 7:37 pm

Bodak slowly brings the ship about as his small arms type in codes as his eyes remain closed. <they wont find us for a while but i will contact Bim and he can meet us at Al's office for the young one to be patched together.> His small arms move on their own as his eyes slowly open and a man appears on one of the screens with brown hair and silver eyes. "Ah hello? Bodak why you just called me." The man seems rather weary seeing Leon as his eyes flick between them. "Alright, after you call Bim, I'm gonna make a call to Vince to tell his kid to meet us there. I'm sure Vince can spare the pocket change for his kid to get a lift.." Leon says with a nod then looks up at the screen. "Bim?"

The man scowls slightly before he tilts his head and a questionable but on edge asking, "Leon?" Leon just gives Bim a nod and a thumbs up. Bim smiles slightly as weariness enters his face, " Bodak why are yo-" In the metallic voice of the mind to computer they hear, " We found your son." Bim's expression goes blank as he watches them. He isnt looking happy nor is he looking sad at this. He softly says, " His condition?" "Unknown."

"He's alive though...was kinda on the brink when I found him again. To me he is my new Captain, and he needs a doc, a good one." Bim's silver eyes waver slightly as he says, " head to Al's office. I can meet you there. Unless you can ask him to come to Zeta for an emergency case. I can cover all expenses." Leon shakes his head. "Let's just head to him. I think he is trying to lay low too. We'll meet you there. And just to give you a fair warning, Vince's kid should be there too though he'll come in with us."

Bim nods as he smiles weakly, " But when you see me please call me Steve. I need to keep the ploy up for now. And Bodak bring something you would want a pet." Bodak narrow his eyes to slits as he hears this but nods. Bim's picture flickers out as he reaches forward to click it off. "What's this about a pet?" Leon asks before motioning behind him. "There anywhere else on this ship of yours I can call Vince from? I don't want to bother you with the...idiot of the Cortana."

Bodak pulls of the head set that allowed him to communicate through electronics as he points at his console. <You can use that. I'm going to look in on Igor.> He gets up slower then what Leon remembers him able to get up as he moves to check in on Igor who is resting from exhaustion and loss of blood as he remains on the brink.

Leon just nods and puts the headset on to call Vincent to get a hold of Bradley to meet them on Seldrin at the spaceport and to wait for them to arrive before going anywhere, the talk lasts a few minutes before the screen flickers off and Leon takes off the headset. "God I hate talking to him..."
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Feng Mercenaries   Silver Feng Mercenaries - Page 6 Icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2010 10:20 pm

In the aftermath of the mission, Bradley had decided it would be a good idea to lay low at a hotel for a while. Having bribed the manager so he could hide his power armor in a garage, Bradley now lay on the bed in his room, staring up at the ceiling and trying to make sense of all that had happened. "Alright, quick recap. Been separated from the others and am now a wanted fugitive. All in all, pretty good day," he said in a quiet tone dripping with sarcasm. Bradley was spaced out a little, so he didn't hear his laptop beeping at first. He pulled it out of his backpack and flipped it open, a small window appearing and showing Vincent. "Dad? What's up?"

"Good to see you again, Bradley. I hope the mission went well?" "Yeah," Bradley said quietly. "I'm just waiting for things to quiet down a little. How are you and Mom?" "We're safe. She's right here, if you want to talk to her. Shina?" His wife, Bradley's mother, leaned her head in to look at her son. "Are you alright, sweetie?" "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm glad to know you guys are, too." "Leon contacted me," said Vincent. "He said he and the others are going on ahead to Seldrin, and they want you to meet them at the spaceport there." "Alright, I'll wait until tonight to-" Bradley was cut off as he heard voices outside in the hallway. "Hang on a second."

Bradley went to his door, already fearing the rest as he cracked it open slightly, and saw two police officers talking to someone. "Sir, we have reason to think a criminal may be hiding in this hotel." Bradley quickly and quietly shut his door and locked it, running back to his laptop. "Dammit, the cops are here looking for me. I gotta go. I'll call you after I leave this planet." "Okay, Bradley. Good luck," Vincent told him. "We love you, son," Shina added as Bradley put his hand on the screen. "I love you guys, too. I'll see you soon." Bradley flipped his laptop shut, and slipped his hoodie and a pair of sunglasses on before stuffing his laptop in his backpack. "How to get out of here...." He looked out his window and saw a tree near the balcony.

"Bingo," said Bradley as he opened the door out to the balcony, even as the cops knocked at his door. Jumping to the tree and climbing down, Bradley quickly made his way to the garage, being careful not to draw attention to himself. Walking up to a truck driver who was loading stuff into the back of his rig, Bradley tapped him on the shoulder. "Eh? Whadda ya want, buddy?" "Sorry to bother you, but I need you to help me move something to the nearest spaceport. No questions asked." Bradley said in a hushed tone. "Yeah? What if I don' wanna?" said the man, obviously irritated. "Well, what if I could somehow change you mind?" Bradley retorted, slipping him a card with a large amount of credits on it. The man's tone lightened instantly. "Okay, den. Whadda ya want moved?" Bradley pointed to the metal crate his power armor was stashed in and, moving it into the back of his truck, hopped into the front before they rolled out.
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As Bradely gets closer to port he can see the silver Feng is gone with a heap of metal left behind where the ship was. There are many other ships about with some advertising their trade routes.

"Holy crap. They blew the ship up?" The truck pulled to a stop, and Brad unloaded his power armor. "Good luck, buddy. Hope ya get where yer goin'," the driver said. "Thanks," said Bradley before the driver went on his way.
Bradley headed in and checked the list of outgoing flights, scanning for any that were going to Seldrin.
As bradely watches the wrech of the ship he sees that odd stoleaway looking at it then at the nut as if biding his time. Rolling a single nut in his hand with and bothered look on his face before walking away.
As he walks down he finds one for medical supplies and food heading to Seldrin. The do allow passangers as long as the passangers can afford being there or cover their cost in some other manner.

Bradley walked up to one of the ship's crewmembers. "Uh, excuse me. I'd like to talk to your captain about coming on to this ship."
"Ah yes I am the Captain. I prefer not to stand out."
"I see. That's convenient," stated Brad. "I also need something I'm bringing with me loaded onto your ship." Bradley gave the captain a credit card. "I think this should cover my fees?"
"What would this be?"
"What I'm using to pay you?" said Brad, with a slightly confused expression. "Because I really need to get to Seldrin."
"I would just like to know. Safty you know. I like to know what im trasporting."
"Oh, of course. It's just a suit of power armor. You see, I'm a mercenary, and one of the next contracts is on Seldrin."
"ah good. I didnt want to have to make any thign speical for you. come on come one, Put your power suit in the cargo bay and secure it."
"Thanks, I appreciate it." Bradley retrieved it and had it moved into the ship's cargo bay before he boarded.
As Bradely lingers about the ship, nothign really happens as they take off and got to the planet. The entire event is rather boring. As they land they seem to land in the snow before sinking behith the snow into the under grouns space port to protect the ships that land on the ice planet
As Bodak stands about in a thermal heating suit to keep him self from freezing up on the inside as he steps out leaving Igor budles up in a thermal blanket to keep him from droping into shock in his weakened condtion.

Leon looks at the ship that is landing and grumbles. "This one better have him on it."
Brad had acquired some winter gear on the way, and bundled up before leaving the ship, spotting Leon on his way down. "Leon, over here!" he said as he waved.
Bodak looks over and seems odd with out showing his tenticals as he nods, <I will take him to Al and locate his father. You get to entertain your friend.> Bodak bows as he kneels to pick igor up who makes a small noise of disconfort through the drugs as he is lifted and Bodak moves slowly towards where AL's office was said to be.
Leon just walks over to him and pats him lightly. "Took you long enough, not alot of time to talk, get your mech thing onto that ship." He says pointing to Bodak's ship. "And wait there for us to get back. We got a doctor's visit for the captain...damn you Bodak...I guess I'm helping you load the thing Brad." He grumbles and goes to move the mech over from the ship Brad came in on to Bodak's.

Bodak slides a tentical out as he gets to Al's office and uses it to knock as he waits patiently for Al to answer.
"Alright." Bradley gave Leon a hand, wheeling the crate from the medical ship to Bodak's. "How's the captain doing?"
"In a word: shitty, thus we are here to a guy we can trust." Leon simply says as he secures the crate then takes a seat in the ship. "Now we just wait."
OmnLnk2000: Al opens his door and smiles at Bodak before motioning him in. "Glad to see you again old friend. Bim messaged me already so bring the patient in and I'll get right to work."

Bodak walks in smoothly ducking slightly as he lays igor out who Al can see is heaveily druged to keep him under and out of pain. Bodak with out asking pulls the strips of bandages away from Igor's chest to show the wound that he recived. "<i hope Bim did tell you who this was.>" the Resmbalinace between Bim and this Kid laid out on the table are there eventho there are clear differences. As Bodak pulls away the coverings Al can see the signs of fighting on the skin that were quickly patched and the damage the shoulder has taken from the cybernetic arm.
A man comes joging up as he huffs out from under his scarf. "This is Bodak's ship right?" He is flanked by a single man who is in a 3 peice suit and seems horrably ridged.
Leon looks at the men. "Who's asking?" Al just nods and quickly starts getting to work on tending to Igor's injuries and injecting him with his improved nanomachines.
"We don't want any trouble, Sir," Bradley said politely, keeping a firm grip on the handle of the pistol hidden in his coat pocket.

The man frowns, " Leon. If i wasnt a proper gental man i would hit you." The man pulls away the goggles revealig his silver eyes. "Is he already in surgery?" There is a strictly busness air about the men infront of them. Leon finds him self looking into a pare of cold eyes.
Leon nods. "Yes he is, Bodak is with him." He then turns and eyes Brad, his eyes red. "Don't even think about it."

"Sorry. Just can't be too careful with everything that's happened," Brad remarked as he let go of his pistol.
Bim waves off the guard and once he is gone seems to drop the air and sighs loudly as the different sounding voice of bim slides out. " Geezious mother of cosmics! I hate havin' to have that guard about. Cramps me personality." The silver eyes show worry in them as he looks between them. "Well since we will have to wait why dont we go get a drink."
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As the operation finishes and most of the Damage done to Igor is stitched together, 2 men leave the Bar near buy with a robot. The smaller human stumbles slightly as he grips onto Bradley and hiccups slightly. " Allish said that he ish done... hmm lets head in that direction to your captain." Leon makes a snickering noise. "Hey Brad, hold onto him make sure he doesn't wander of. He's coming with us to the doc." He says jokingly and starts heading towards Al's office. Bradley got a confused look on his face. "Uh... Okay."

As Bradley helps the man he can feel that this man is heavier then he looks but also forcing the drunk stumbling, even tho this man did have quite a few shots. As they get closer bodak is standing out side with his boots off tasting the snow. Leon walks up to Bodak and nods to him. "How is he holding up?" Bodak looks over and wiggles his toes in the snow as he shrugs with a great deal of crackling. <seems like he is doing ok. I mean he is still alive.> The man that was leaning on Bradley seems to be swaying as he looks about before straightening as he smooths out his suit and a dead sober look enters his face. <You should go in there. All three of you, He is partially conscious but drugged.> In side they find the room Igor is in where his eyes are open but there is the glazed look in his eyes and light bandages as well as straps holding him from getting up.

Leon enters the room and looks at Igor with a slight sigh. "At least he's better now." He looks over at Al who is cleaing up and putting his tools away. "Thanks Al." Leon says to him and Al turns and looks at the robot with a smile. "No problem old friend, just glad I could help." He nods and goes out to talk with bodak. Bradley walks out after Al. "Uh, Doctor Korso? My name's Bradley Carradine. I think you know my Dad?" He holds his hand out. "It's nice to meet you. And thanks for helping the Captain." Leon looks at Brad as he walks out then looks at the man who came with them. "Where should we go next Steve?" He asks and nudges him alittle. Al looks at Brad and smiles as he shakes his hand. "Pleasure to meet you, good to hear he is still doing well with his business."

Igor mumbles out, " Let me go." through his drug haze as he stains as the strabs even tho he should he resting. The man watches Igor and shakes his head slightly as he sits near the young captain and gently holds Igor's hand.
"Igor. Please keep still and rest." A fatherly tone enters his voice as he feels Igor struggling to get free as igor glares at him. "Yeah. I'll tell him you said hello," says Bradley before he goes and rejoins Leon.

Leon looks between the man and Igor. "I'm going to give you two some space. We'll be outside." He says and turns around bumping into Brad. "Outside." He says pushing him out lightly and going to stand next to Bodak. "So...we got a plan?" Bodak looks over as he slides his boots on. <i was staying with you to see the damage and..> He stops as somethign moves in his jacket and he shifts his arms about to hold somethign there. <Ah well i think ther emight be->There is a exploxion of horse yelling and the man comes out as he rubs his cheek, <He guessed who you were didnt he.>
"Er yeah...he isnt happy seeing his dad again."

Leon chuckles and shakes his head as Al smiles slightly and shakes his head. "Steve, where's our next stop? I think we all want to get off this ice ball. Except Al." Steve rubs his chin, " Er well i suppose get the kid back into mode of captianing. But i will only be with you guys for a single trip."He coughs as Bodak opens his jacket and a cat like head pokes its way out as the brilliant glowing antennas wiggle about as the nose wiggles. "Oh...joy... really bodak?" <It lives for a long time and its durable.> Steve grimaces as he hears Igor managed to get free from the restraints. "IM going to kill you 'dad' you could of told me you were my only parent. Going to rip your heart out" Igor manages to get to the door before falling over as the cold hits him and he starts to go into shock from the cold.

Leon shakes his head and sighs. "Brad, please help Al get Igor back inside and bundled up for the trip back to the ship please." Al sighs and as he walks over and starts helping Igor up. "Okay." Brad gives Al a hand getting Igor up. "Come on, Captain. Let's get you some warmer clothes, okay?" He and Al take Igor back in and do that. Steve pulls off his coat and shivers as he wraps it about Igor and runs back in for the thermal blanket bodak brought him in to wrap Igor up as his eyes start fluttering. "Gods damn it Igor i swear your as stubborn as me at time." Igor seems to be recovering as he growls out, " I hate you so much." "Yeah yeah i know you want to rip my heart out and what not. Get in line kid."

Leon shakes his head and looks at the thing bodak had with him. "What is that? Never mind, I'm going back to the ship. I want to get off out of here and get some work. Meet you all back at the ship." He waves to them as he walks off to the ship. Bodak smiles with his eyes as he pulls the animal out handing it to Steve and takes igor who growls faintly but is mostly passive as he is carried out. Steve stays about to pay Al for the operation as he chats light kindheartedly with Bradely, " So your dad is still alive and kicking?" Al smiles at the group and waves to them all before going back inside to get some warm food.

"Yeah, he's getting on in years, but he's still got a bit more time ahead of him," said Bradley. "Sounds nice...I do miss the old crew. Wish i could see those still alive and kicking....but well just a old man's dreams eh?" He smiles as he walks with Bradely before he seems to go into deep thought. He contacts a few people to delay his leaving and looks at the strange creature bodak left with him as he examines it unhappily. "What is that thing?" Bradley asks in a confused tone? "Some kind of cat?"

I'm going to say yes." The little creature cock's its head at him before wiggling about as it eyes them sleepily. "I asked him to bring somethign he wanted as a pet and i get this little neon colored fuzzy lizard thing." "I see." Bradley slowly reaches his hand out and pets it. It croons ans makes a happy whistling like noise as it wiggles for more petting. As they get closer to the ship Bodak opens the ship and lets them on as Steve finds as room for him self with the pet and locks him self away. Igor is securely fastened to a spare bed as he seems more alert and irritable with being tied down to the bed wanting to get up and wander and explore.

Leon has been sitting in the seat beside Bodak's in the cockpit the whole time and looks back when Bodak and Bradley enter. "Where's the father-son pair?" Bodak shrugs, <As well as they ever have gotten along tho Steve is focusing on the pet i gave him. And i have to think on where to dump a body when we get to Thr'ie." Leon looks at Bodak confused before leaning back in his seat. "Thi're eh? Not a bad place to start looking for a new crew. Brad, strap in." "You got it." Bradley does so and, with everything that's happened, decides to just rest a while before leaning back and closing his eyes.
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Bodak puts up some ads on the local Holo net for crew members as he rests in a half awake state not quite needing actual sleep any more. Igor rubs his wrists as he still looks quite pale from blood loss as he hangs over the chair griping to Bodak silently about having to stay on the ship, having no energy, and no ship to talk of not to mention his father being on the ship in a damd disguise. Steve has long since taken off during landing only to return for a moment to look at Igor reproachfully to return to the room. Its assumed he left seeing there has been not movement in the room after that. The purple and neon green Squig Bodak got for the strange man peeks in and squeaks and whistles at Bodak for attention as it hops about seeming aggravated. Igor Looks down at it and scowls slightly at the long cat faced otter thing that is making a racket. Bodak quietly scoops it up as it attacks his feet not really feeling pain from the root like material his feet has become.

<Yes Igor i am listening and no Igor your Gene doner is gone. Besides i got you a cute little pet since your dad thought you might want a companion.> Igor settles down in a seat and glowers at Bodak before the Squig is dropped into his lap as it continues to squeak and whistle at Bodak who is smiling a lot with his eyes at something that makes no scence to Igor. Igor softly pets the Squig and scratches under it's chin as it settles down and becomes quite affectionate to the idle scratching from the claws of igor as his other hand hands up the blood packet that is replenishing his blood loss.
Silence passes as Igor finally says in a raspy voice, "I guess we should head to the near by dock side place you scooped out."
<Yes seeing you are being more reasonable.>
"Hey im....resonable."
<When your nort being like your father...yes.> Before Igor can fight the mind bender, Bodak stands up and helps Igor up as The young captian is pulled up out of the chair and forced to walk even in his weakened state. The squig squeaks and whistles at Bodak who ignores it as it clambers up onto Igor's shoulder and settles there. The steady and aging Marson lets the taller man lean on him as he grabs the blood packet.

The pair walk over to the Dusty Wings and finds a table to sit down at As they take in the setting and metal walls of the place. The lights periodically flicker as Bodak talks to Igor silently quietly evaluating the young captain's mind. Igor quietly rubs his wrists as he has his mind soothed by Bodak from becoming to angry about the raw reminders Bodak had kept any one from letting him go so he could recover. The rust colored walls have the fake rust running down in an artfully detailed painting as the lightly smoky room where many people come in and out stopping at tables to see if the people there are looking for workers or know of any one hiring, if not to have a good chat with some people.
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This takes place right after Igor Locks them in. and when the others get off the island.

In the cold room the door of the room echoes dully as it snaps close leaving the bodies and they wounded in there. The dull metal walls gleam errily as there is an odd noise of somethign starting and stoping. The vent above in the middle of the room rattles momentarely as Namarie Looked down as Salina started to wake up. "What Happen?" she asked as she slowly start to sit up right. she then looked to her sister and saw her looking up. "what wrong Nee-chan" Salina asked
"Bastard Fairy locked us in...might be able to get out that way" was Namarie's response as she continued to look at the vent.

“What do you mean Locked in?” Salina then looked to the door, her eyes widened “Fuck!” she exclaimed as she weakly got to her feet as she moved she could feel all the wounds she has taken.

“don’t move so much yet… you hurt” said Namarie as she steadied Salina.

just then they heard a small whimper from in front of them
Salina and Namarie Looked over at the source of the noise to find a very wounded Mizuki. Both Salina and Namarie walk over to the injured dog demon "Mizuki" was all that came out of Salina's mouth. The demon dog's leg bones are showing through the skin as the jagged bones protrude from the broken limbs
As she took in its battered state Salina let a tear slid down her cheek.

"Mizuki..." she was at a los for what to say as she kept staring at the poor dog.
"she hurt too bad" Stated Namarie as she looked around the room to look for stuff to stack up to try to reach the vent in the ceiling "Not sure we can help her now"
"But-But… We have to try" Said Salina as she kneeled down to see if she can set the bone back to it's proper place and try to keep the skin from any more damage.

The room quite empty of furniture has the late bodies of Kameal and Zazie lying about.
Miziki whimpers and cries out in pain, as the bone is set the demon dog looks up at Salina with glazed pain filled eyes.

as Salina gently placed Miziki's leg Back on the ground and then riped some more fabric from her kimono and wrapped up the leg. As sshe did this Salina felt Namarie Touch her shoulder. "We need to get out now." she said as she looked back at the vent.

"I will give you a boost you open the vent with your fire thing." Salina Nodded as she looked back to Mizuki

"Mizuki if you change back to your small form i can get you up there with me then we can get out of here. then I can get you proper help too. Could you do that for me?" Salina asked as she watched the dog.

"Come on nice girl we have to get out. I getting a strange feeling"
"Salina looked at Namarie "...it's Salina your sister. Nee- chan" Salina Said as she asked Mizuki again. "pleace try to change back. I can't take you if you are this big"

The dog closes it's eyes as it tryes to shift forms but lacking the blood to fouce the dog remains large and slowly lays it's head down

"Mizuki...how bad does it hurt?" she asked as Namarie grabed her shoulder yet again. " I can't leave you here, Oh....what should i do that will help you Miziki" Salina asked
"Salina we have to go" Said Namarie again as she started to make to room go cold and formed some icicals and amed them at the cover over the vent. it was soon followd by a ball of fire as Salina helped while waiting for Mizuki to answer. as the sisters pounded the thing the vent cover gave away and fell to the ground.

After oepnign it they can see that the distance is just high enough fot them to get to it if they were to stand on each other's shoulders and hop to climb he rest of the way into the vent.

"It hurts alot..."

"well you need to try to shif i don't wanna leave you here" Maybe Namarie can numb the pain with her ice/water powers" Salina then turns to ask her sister and she gives in and starts to make the room go cold. as it gets colder Salina can feel it nubing her wounds as she tries to access her Miko healing abilities with very little success, but she uses what she can to help the poor dog.

the dog narrows its eyes before biting Salina warily as it snorts out, " I need care now I have lost to much blood to try to escape.

Salina is taken back at the dog’s harshness as she tries again to use her Miko healing powers. She also rips off more of her kimono as she wrappers it around the leg some more to keep the wound from bleeding to much more. Salina then lets out a small sigh as she powers fail yet again. "We will Climb through the vent and come to the door and get you out" Salina says as she " Stands under the vent and gets a boost from her sister. Once up she pulls her self up and in to the vent she turns around to reach her arm down to catch Namarie's hand as she jumps up. she couldn't quite make it to her sisters hand, so Namarie fall back to the ground "I can't get up"
Salina then removes her outer kimono as she clombs up ti the curve in the vent shaft and she then ties her outer kimono to the inner one as she is left in nothing but her bottoms and her bindings. “try to reach this Sahe calls out to Namarie as she lowers the makeshift rope.

Namarie Jumps up yet again to try to snag the clothing.
As her sister snags it Salina can feel her self sliding forward from the sudden weight As her sister snags it Salina can feel her sel sliding forward from the sudden weight

"Namarie your making me slip I have no grip up here" Salina said as she feels her sister let go.

As Namarie let go she felt a weak and gental bump against her leg. she looked down to see the injured Dog was standing up with pain in its eyes. It looked at her as it limped hevily to position its self under the vent.
Namarie looked at it" Miziki?" she asked with confusion in her eyes

“Jump off my back and get out. Don’t come back for me. The bleeding won’t stop no matter what you do for me now. Don’t let her come back for me.” Came the dog’s weak reply.

Namarie nodded with a little sadness in her eyes as they cane hear Salina protest from the vent.

“give me your word cat girl that you will get her out”

“I will I promise” Said Namarie as she climbed up on the dogs back and caught the side of the vent and climbed in the last thing she saw was the happy eyes of the dog as it lied back down on the ground.

“Mizuki…Thank you” said Salina in tears "I will never forget you" as she was pushed forward by her sister.

“Thank you for making me feel loved. That was something that I have not felt in a long time. thank you and my spirit will watch over you” was the last words that left the dog as all signs life drained from her body.

Both half demons cried as they crawled away down the vent in the direction of fresh air.

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Leon had stayed behind in the ship to make a quick call to the Kraw who were working on his body to notify them that he would need it delivered to him due to him not being able to pick it up in person, he grumbled and sighed after the call being both relieved his new body will be brought to him and the fact he no longer has to talk with the child-like crab people anymore for at least a week or two. "Brad, I'm going to the bar to meet up with Bodak and Igor, wanna watch the ship for a bit? And call your dad, let him know where you are. Later kid." He shouts to Brad as he walks off the ship and goes to the Dusty Wings and gets a seat across from Bodak and Igor and nods to them. "If you don't mind Captain, I want to be here when you hire new crew."
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Silver Feng Mercenaries
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