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 Infinity Patrol

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PostSubject: Re: Infinity Patrol   Infinity Patrol - Page 14 Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:58 pm

(Ok things are open again and a day and half have passed)

After the explosion of the main facility that rocked the plates before a strong wind blew over the Valley. Gismo who was patching up Adonis and Roslin covers them as the wind shakes the upper trees. They are the first to know about the evacuation. Others run into other groups that reinstate those students that were I-cops to their previous titles due to the emergency. The teachers gather people together as their only way to a safe zone since it turns out this time line has been compromised.
Calico fouced once they collected who they could of class 3, calico's class, class 9, and 32, total of 10, 10 missing, and those of calico's class that could be found. As the world formed about them they see signs of infinity markings on the walls. Calico's eye rolls back as he collapses from exhaustion of transporting a large group of people and sudden drain on his energy as magic Seems to implode from the lack of it. They are in a Gym And people are getting up from the flood of unforseen water that shoved them back. There are calls for security, which quickly People in Mark 4, I-cop infinity uniforms, from 20 years ago, show up with local cops with guns drawn and ready to fire.

The teachers look a bit dazed before shaking them selfs to go through protocols which is getting confused look from those involved. The oddest part of this is that every one see that there are only Humans about. A Team of I-swat shows up pretty quick and one approches the group with his rifle pointed at them. He removes his helmet and people find them selfs looking at a human looking Calico, The only thing off about his is his hair is a dirty blond with grey and red streaks, and the skin on his face looks like he might of had a sunburn recently. He speaks up as he keeps his weapon on them, "Drop all weapons and Items. Then Identify your selfs."
"I-swat Andel, Code name Wolf, pack Alpha, on psychiatric leave. I need to report to the Medical wing for procedural examination." Wolf Steps forward in his Hawaiian shirt and shorts. "The Kangaroo on the ground is I-swat member Calico."
The female teacher steps forward after putting her weapons on the floor and says quickly, "I am I-Cop Shasha Jutha, teaching duties."
The Hispanic I-cop steps forward and says, "I am I-cop Fernado Hortez. Also a teacher at the moment."
Gizmo steps forward lazily as he drops all his weapons and disarms him self. "I-Cop Gizmo, code name damd cat. Pack position Beta. Was watching for pack weakness in a training exercise. Also need to report to the medical wing for procedural examination."
Some of the students say who they are and that they are green horns. Those that need to report the need for medical examination do so.

Through this whole thing the people watching them seem uneasy by those that are not human.

Haiba and Nova are still on the timeline they found them selfs enjoying.
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PostSubject: Re: Infinity Patrol   Infinity Patrol - Page 14 Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 8:29 am

Roslin stepped up next to Gismo and placeing anything that she has on her like medical supplies,” I am Roslin, I am currently a green horn and was learning from Calico. Gismo and my self have patched up my team mate and my wounds but I may still need the wound to be re-cleaned and redressed.”

Roslin then just sat back as she watched the others introduce themselves.
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PostSubject: Re: Infinity Patrol   Infinity Patrol - Page 14 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 13, 2011 10:14 am

Haiba Relaxes on a beach, as he thinks on the class he has been since he now does not have a need to worry about possible mind readers. The place was extremely strange compare to how he was trained. He closes his eyes as he soaks up the sun as he lets his worry fade into the back of his mind. All the protocols were right but the behavior and nonhumans was very off from what he knew. Not to mention they seemed to need Jack's help on creating something for him in particular. Just didn't seem right and the lack of UN people there bothered him as well.
He lets out a sigh as he rolls his shoulders and silently thinks on the facts he knows. Not to mention they said he was missing for twenty years when he came back. He knows what he saw but just their lack of care seem to bother them. He shakes his head of the toughts as he folds his arms behind his head, before remembering he should really clean his metal arm. He sits up and pulls out the kit to polish the arm and do general maintenance.
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PostSubject: Re: Infinity Patrol   Infinity Patrol - Page 14 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 13, 2011 10:58 pm

Finkley is having fever dreams.
Odd, he seems not alone. A man in a dimly lit rooms haunts him, mumbling about ants.
He is not dead, and water is at times presented to him, which he drinks greedily.
Hours blur, but Finkley knows the worst of the fever is spent, and now waits for lucidity to take him again.
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PostSubject: Re: Infinity Patrol   Infinity Patrol - Page 14 Icon_minitime

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Infinity Patrol
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