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 The adventures and misadventures of the adventurers

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PostSubject: The adventures and misadventures of the adventurers   Mon Oct 26, 2009 10:04 pm

[b]Appearance [/b]:

[b]Strength [/b]:


When you make a Character for this it is pretty much all DnD and midevil with magic and goodies like that. And like every good rp you start in a tavern. Gms are Sage and i.

Name: Quin
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Air Genasi
They are decedents of Air outsiders from the plane of Air that have mingled with humans which cause them to be fast and free willed like the wind. The blood lines of the descendants of djinnen or other outsiders are so diluted and have had many crossing overs that many Air Genasi's that run into each other just call each other cousins. The generally spend most of their life is the back ground hoping people over look them till they are able to protect them selfs where they leave. The are able to fall slowly once per day and seems like they have no need to breath, as well able to see in pitch black up to 60 feet.
Appearance : She has light blue skin with long white hair that is tied back in a long thick braid. Her skin is cool to the touch if one was to touch her. Her eyes are a dull brown and her figure is one of a dancer despite the 4 swords that hand on her sides. She generally keeps her cloak tightly about her but under the cloak she periodically allows those that are fighting her to see the extra pair of arms under her cloak. She has no true armor other then her clothing and the light leather that is barely on her person. She favors clothing she can easily move about in .
Personality: Very free spirited but will examine things from a distance if she can before leaping into conclusions unless she is pressed for time or angered where she will react very quickly. She is a horrible flirt when it comes to other fighters that are 'her type'.
Bio/history: As a Child she was always that strange child that parents of the village kept their own children away from her leaving her find other forms of entertainment since the village deemed her the devil's child or freak till a troupe of Gypsies came by and showed her equality despite what she was. She ended up joining them at a young age to find out the gypsies were band of outcasts and rejects that had many strange and odd races as well as people to travel with for protection due to their skills. The times were good while those times lasted under the infamous Jarad the duelist. When he succumbed to a horrible curse he told his troupe to head on with out him. A few stayed behind to care for the fallen half elf but it is rumored they all keep in contact except for the Drow of the troupe that was rumored to of vanished before they established the connection. She traveled with many infamous people but over all they never truly did any good or evil they just took jobs other people would not take. She left her good friends behind planing on setting on her own in hopes of finding Members that went missing over the ages she was with them.

Strength : B (16)
Intelligence:A (16 + 2)
Wisdom: C (14 - 2)
Dexterity: A (18 + 2)
Constitution: B (15)
Charisma: C (14 - 2)

She has a single copper bracer that does not look impressive other then the slight magical aura coming off of it with a matching full fingered ornament for her other hand that has a tip that resembles the end of a dipping pen also made of copper.
Her swords and a cross bow with a small quiver.
A Pack with a roll and food in there as well as basic Aid.
She had a spare change of clothing but mostly travels light.
(If people who know the system are curious about what i rolled it was 14, 14, 15, 16, 16, 18 in traditional DnD stats)

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PostSubject: Re: The adventures and misadventures of the adventurers   Tue Oct 27, 2009 2:31 pm

Name: Kian Green
Age: 21
Race: Human
Appearance : Stands decently tall at 5'11", weighs a noticeably light 125lbs. His brown hair is wavy and long, coming down to his neck. His face is bare shaven, or more accurately bare-haired (Kian has no mustache or beard). Has purplish eyes. His skin is a pale caucasian color.
Personality: Eccentric. Kian will walk the streets in outrageously gaudy outfits at times, most especially if heading to or from a performance. He can be quite "classy" and civilized if the situation calls for it, but more often than not he's out to have a good time and make sure others do as well.
Bio/history: Born to a merchant class family, Kian was practically a disappointment. With neither the sharp wit of his eldest brother (who went on to become an effective merchant until gutted by irate customers), nor the charismatic charm of his glorified sister (who is spending quite the copper for disease curing blessings), Kian was seen as a sort of 'average' child. Though his parents still treated him with respect and kindness, any observer could clearly see favoritism was not in Kian's field.

Eventually on his 13th birthday, Kian was found to have an affinity with musical instruments. Though not a prodigy in the making, it was enough of something for his father to encourage him to take up a career in it. Now, eight years later, he's just started to turn his parent's efforts into a break-even. Having a bit of a reputation for being over-the-top, his performances have had varying degrees of success.

Strength : E (5)
Dexterity: B (13)
Constitution: C (8)
Intelligence: C (9)
Wisdom: C (8)
Charisma: C (9)

Accessories: Entertainer's Outfit, Darts (x6), Musical Instrument, Common (Accordion), Accordion Case, Disguise Kit, Dagger

Skills: Perform (Sing [1], Wind Instrument [3]), Disguise (2), Sense Motive (4), Sleight of Hand (1), Speak Language (Common, Elvish, Halfling, Dwarvish, Gnomish), Profession (Acting [1], Music [2]), Listen (1), Knowledge (Religion [1], Local [1], History [2]), Tumble (1)

Feats: Skill Focus (Performance [Wind Instrument]), Run

Bardic class

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PostSubject: Re: The adventures and misadventures of the adventurers   Tue Oct 27, 2009 6:01 pm

Name: Gregory
Age: 80
Race: Human Half-Dragon(Black)
Appearance : Gregory stands around 8 feet tall and weighs around 200 lbs, has grey reptilian eyes. His body is covered with black scales which he keeps hidden under his thick cloak. He has horns like a black dragon under his hood, along with a small 'snout' full of sharp fangs, also has sharp claws.
Personality: Very cruel and uncaring, does not think twice to kill anyone who crosses him. Has little care for others besides himself. Very short fuse.
Bio/history: Gregory was raised by his human mother in a human village, but he was never allowed out of his home often due to what he was. If his mother ever had to really take him out of their home, she would make sure no one could see his 'uniqueness' by covering him in thick robes. He was a problem child, causing violence and prone to sneaking out of his home and bullying other children in the village for fun. For fear of him harming and/or fatally wounding her, he was never really scolded nor punished. As he got older he was more prone to outbursts of violence and soon left his home and village, due to being bored of his mother and the villagers. He now wanders the world seeking 'entertainment' and means to get stronger than he is now.

Strength : S 16 (+8)
Intelligence: B 11 (+2)
Wisdom: C 12
Dexterity: B 14
Constitution: A 16 (+2)
Charisma: B 13 (+2)

Accessories: The thick robes he wears almost constantly, a pair of brown leather gauntlets and boots. War hammer for a weapon.
Fighter Class

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PostSubject: Re: The adventures and misadventures of the adventurers   Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:00 am

Name: Brock Vlad
Age: 5
Race: Welsh Corgi
Appearance : standing at 3 feet tall and weighing in at 35 pounds, Brock is a welsh corgi with an amber fur colored back and white furred belly and paws. Though preferring to go ‘in the fur,’ he knows that is not always approved or looked favorably upon so generally he wears loose fitting clothing that can be seen worn by any commoner.
Personality: like others of his race he is very curious and likes to be in the middle of encounters. Though from his training with the monks he has managed to improve on his attention span but still he can get distracted if the right item is shown.
Bio/history: growing up in a monastery surrounded by monks, Brock gained a fascination over the fighting style he saw and despite the doubts and criticisms that came with it, he set himself to learn the way of the monk. Unlike his brothers and sisters of his litter that went about their business in the city or beyond, Brock stayed for as long as his attention could be held in the monastery. His time there was split between being in the monastery and travelling with a troupe of other monks as they made a pilgrimage to other monasteries for further training. After deep meditation and instruction from the masters Brock discovered that he had some mental powers, giving him something else to explore. Along the way to another monastery Brock decided he had had enough experience with the monks at the monastery and went off on his own to see how he could improve when he wasn’t getting side tracked by assorted adventures.

Strength : B (14)
Intelligence: C (11)
Wisdom: C (12)
Dexterity: C (12)
Constitution: B (15)
Charisma: A (17)

Accessories: a pouch which holds his money and a small backpack that fits onto his back filled with some simple cooking utensils, bandages, and some dried food.
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PostSubject: Re: The adventures and misadventures of the adventurers   Sat Oct 31, 2009 8:32 pm

oh just as a warning there will be some rolling but is cause sage and i cant agree on something and we might ask you to pick numbers. this si not a true DnD so the name will be changing to the adventures or misadventures of the adventures. As a side note this was based on the DnD universe with Sage and i running two beloved characters through that have had may bad times as well as fun times
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PostSubject: Re: The adventures and misadventures of the adventurers   Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:34 pm

Name: Ella Darkwood
Age: 40
Race: winged Elf

Appearance : has blue tinted skin amathyst eyes has really, really long silver-white hair. she is 100 pounds and stands at 4'8". she wears light fabric clothing that are toga like. she still has the childish look to her and is offtened mistaken for a child since she is only 40.

Personality: She acts like anyone else of her race, like every one that doesn't have wings is ment to be a servent and that they are below her. she acts like a Princess and is very proud and hates to be wrong. if she sets race aside she is capable of learnig to respect what each race has to offer. she is very stubborn but knows when to give up.

Bio/history: most of her people have been whiped out and she is now looking foe the rest of them seeing as they are now scattered about.

Strength : 14 = B
Intelligence: 12 +2 = B
Wisdom: 13 = B
Dexterity: 15 +4 = A
Constitution: 15 -2 = B
Charisma14 +2 = A

Accessories has a very detaled Quorter staff that has swirls on it
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PostSubject: Re: The adventures and misadventures of the adventurers   

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The adventures and misadventures of the adventurers
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