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 Vlad and Zia fights (hero's rp)

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Vlad and Zia fights (hero's rp) Empty
PostSubject: Vlad and Zia fights (hero's rp)   Vlad and Zia fights (hero's rp) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2010 2:57 am

Out side the back of Zia's place the two healers have a stand off as there is a box of various cleaning materials, steel wool, and 3 bottles of dish washer soap. Zia tosses back his messy hair as he plaace his hand on the knob to the hose and glares at Vlad as he trys not to smell the stench coming from Vlad. " If you want to stay hear you need a bath or in your case a good spray down and scraping."

*Vlad laughs shortly and his voice is like a declaration of war dragged over cold gravel* You can have my gunk *he draws his knife* when you pry it off my cold dead body, zhopa ('asshole' in Russian).
Zia quickly turns the hose on and places his finger over the end to make a strong spray and aims at Vlad as his now free hand reaches for the bottle of dish soap as he readies to try to squirt it onto Vlad as he trys to figure out how to get the coat of Vlad blissfully unaware of what lies under or more accurately what is lacking underneath.
*Vlad throws his knife at Zia's face and dives to the side, using the moment's distraction to grab the nearest object (in this case a can of some sort of paint, unopened) and chuck it in Zia's direction
Zia dives to the side and covers his head as the can colids with his arms and he grits his teeth in pain as he aims his distance weapon at Vlad dousing him with water as he scrabbles to his feet. "Arg!" He drops the hose after getting Vlad suitably wet and springs for Vlad as he tries to pull the jacket he always wears of to get Vlad to the point the water can do more.

*Vlad hammers his fist hard onto Zia's head as he grabs for his jacket, then drives a knee up into him for good measure, looking around wildly for a weapon. He grabs a hammer off the wall and holds it ready with both hands, scowling now that he's wet*
Zia latches on to the coat as he gasps in pain as Vlad knee connects with his stomach rolling of to the side managing to pull the coat down one arm as he works at trying to roll away with the coat and grabs the soap squirting it at Vlad before he realizes the horrendous mistake he did by looking at Vlad.
Rusty: *Vlad, now angry, soapy and wet, charges Zia, aiming a two-handed stroke at his head. Unfortunately, his grip slips, the hammer goes flying out the window where it humorously startles a cat, and he crashes into Zia with all the weight of his plate-lined coat and himself.*

ZIa feels Vlad colid with him knocking the wind from him as the combined weight of the heavey coat and Vlad strikes him. The pair of the crash into a shelf as various things crash about them as well as on as Zia lifts his legs to kick hard against Vlad to force him away so he isn't pined between the shelf and Vlad.
*Vlad staggers back from the hit, but a plate took most of the impact, then rolls to the side, shakes his head and grins when he notices the circular saw blade hanging on the wall. He takes it down while Zia gets his breath back and hurls it hard towards him, laughing maniacally*

Zia's eyes open wide as he lets his legs go limp letting him drop getting only a glancing blow as it cuts deeply into his shoulder and he yelps in pain as blood flows freely down his chest, arm and back as he rolls away to try to get something to use as a shield as he grabs a hold of the hose and sprays Vlad full on while trying to get closer so he can undo any thing that is keeping the coat on Vlad.

*Vlad backs off, raising his arm to protect him from the spray of water. The other hand rummages on the tables, looking for something to throw. He grabs hold of a handle and hurls... A torque wrench hard at Zia, followed by a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, and whatever else he can find on the table nearby.*
Zia flinches as he is hit unable to see what exactly is happening as he darts to the side dropping the hose in hopes to jump onto Vlad's back to try to work the filthy coat off. Trying desperately to ignore the pain and the slicking of his right shoulder Zia holds on tightly on what ever he can get a hold of.
*Vlad feels a pull on his right sleeve and leans towards it, leaping into Zia practically, forcing him down. He tries to pin Zia with his weight, using the full weight of his coat with his momentum to smash him to the floor*
Zia not expecting this move, balls up his fist and slams it into Vlad's face just as he is hitting the ground where Zia convulses under Vlad and writhes under him pushing up on Vlad as he looks like he is struggling to breath. Zia's pale grey eyes bulge slightly before he shuts them tightly clawing at Vlad in attempts to get away from the man.

*Vlad curses loudly as he's hit in the face, notices his knife on the floor and grabs it, lifting his weight off Zia for a moment as he lifts both arms up and brings them down, aiming for Zia's chest* ZIa huffs as he moves to shove Vlad off him as before seeing the knife where he grabs the hose and sprays it into Vlad's face hoping it distracts him long enough to figure a way to get out of this twisting to get away.
*Vlad snarls as the water makes him miss his mark, and he's unbalanced long enough to be tossed to the side. He punches Zia in the face as a last act of defiance, but he falls off him, shaking his head to get the water out of his ears*
Zia rolls to his feet as he clutches his ribs from the pain and lets hi nose bleed freely as he stumbles back and takes the time to shove the hose down the back of Vlad's coat to get the cold water to finally hit the hidden skin.
*Vlad reacts instinctively, arching his back and scrabbling to pull the hose out from the back of his coat. He pulls it out and lunges at Zia's legs, snarling* You're going to pay for that, I swear you will!

ZIa smirks in a oddly satisfied at the threat he got for cleaning the mad man not quite relalising what he called onto him self as he backs away and squirts Vlad with soap in defiance and insult to injery. " Oh yeah?"
*Vlad completely loses it. Snarling curses, he swings the hose in his hand like a lash at Zia the heavy hose crashing down on the hand holding the soap like the wrath of an angry anti-sea-god. He drops it at the bottom of the swing and leaps at Zia like a man possessed, screaming incoherently, his eyes like blue portals to Hell.*
ZIa pales at this as his arm is brought down and him seeing Vlad leaping at him as he jerks back in suprize and only manages out a feeble squeek before Vlad lands on him and he trys to roll with the bloow and use the momentum of vlad against him but well it fails spetcuertly since he has no clue or taining on how to turn attacks against another.

*Vlad lands on Zia and headbutts him against the concrete, too angry to register the pain in his knees upon landing on the hard floor. He swings the knife down and it sticks halfway into Zia's sternum. He jerks it hard to dislodge it, but that movement fires off the one-shot .36 in the handle, putting a hole in the ceiling and driving the knife in deeper. Vlad shakes his head to clear the ringing in his ears, then grabs the handle of the knife, digs the blade in deeper, and withdraws it, the soap now in his other hand and a horrible grin on his face. With a swift movement, he shoves the nozzle of the soap bottle into Zia's wound and squeezes*
Zia's eyes widen as the dagger tears into him and between the bone as he jerks instinctively to get away making it worse when the shot is fired off and goes deeper into him as he gulps air a suddenly something is wrong as he struggles to breath. Sharp pains goes through his chest as he breaths in as Vlad pulls the knife out, Zia bringing his arms about to try to stop the next down ward stab. Now imagine his surprise as plastic breaks his feeble defenses and the burning feeling of cleanness entering the hole in his chest getting Zia to buck and thrash under Vlad.

*Vlad empties the whole bottle, holding Zia down with his knees and ignoring the pain of whatever blows he may accumulate, then he tosses it aside and gets up, panting. He stumps over to where the hose is and picks it up. He stumps back over to Zia and unceremoniously shoves the hose down the front of his pants, then he sits down, cackling softly to himself*
ZIa clawed and his eyes fly wide open as he feels like he is drowning but getting air at the same time through painful burning as his attacks on Vlad becoming desperate to get away from the thick Russian man. As VLad gets off him ZIa flips over and lays there as he lets his chest drain out till he is harassed again where Zia kicks up at Vlad not making it easy at all to get the hose down the front as the color seems to drain slowly out of his face. After Vlad manages to get the hose down the front of his pants he pulls it out and fives vlad s final spray.
*Vlad curses and kicks Zia in the most easily accessible place, then staggers out of the room, wiping his blade clean on his coat.*
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Vlad and Zia fights (hero's rp) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vlad and Zia fights (hero's rp)   Vlad and Zia fights (hero's rp) Icon_minitimeFri Jun 04, 2010 9:33 pm

Zia plops down on his couch as he lets out a long sigh as he closes his eyes and leans his head back. Taking a break that was normally ment for lunch to deal with riffraft near by causing trouble. He lets out a soft groan as he feels his skin healing from the multiple gun shots that got him. He grimaces as he feels skin closing about one of the bullets as his eyes crack open. The smell of the faint oils he used to cover the scent of blood up starts to fade into the strong coppery smell of blood. He slowly reaches down and pokes a finger into the bullet hole to drag out the bit of metal that got lodged in him, leaving bruises where his recent injuries have been.
*Vlad announces his entrance into the room with a bottle, throwing it through the doorway when he kicks it open and letting it shatter on the back wall. He reeks of alcohol worse than usual, and there's blood on his fists. He staggers in and kicks the TV for no obvious reason, then points at Zia unsteadily and glares* You... You took my vodka.

Zia's nose crinkles up from the smell he long since accocated with vald. He cracks one eye to look over his shoulder as he says blatantly, "I did not you paranoid homicidal git."
*Vlad staggers forward, kicking things out of his way indiscriminately, his finger outstretched like the judgment of a rather filthy god. He stabs it at Zia when he gets close enough, poking him in the chest* No, you did! Are you saying I drank it all, that I am a drunk?! *Vlad is almost shouting by this point, his inebriation making him almost incomprehensible. His eyes, this close up, are slightly unfocused and very bloodshot beneath brows so contracted he looks almost like a caricature of madness.* I am a good boy, a good hardworking man, ha ha ha... HAAA HAHAHAHAHA! *Vlad's laughter has a slightly hysterical edge, even as it is slurred by alcohol*
Zia grimaces as Vlad pokes him several times as he places a hand on Vlads chest to shove him away as he gets up, " Yes you are drunk. a very drunk russian. And i have yet to see you work any day." Zia fliches slightly as his bruises throb as he moves and he glares at Vlad with a dislike deeply rooted in his eyes before he turns to leave the drunk man, mostly since he is not looking for new brusises or broken limbs

*As Zia turns to leave, Vlad, with no warning at all, kicks the back of Zia's left knee, then attempts to punch him in the left side while he falls. he is, by the way, still laughing*
Zia feels his left leg bend as he falls, not expecting Vlad to attack himwith so little to provoke him, even tho he should of expected it. He drops his arms down to cover his sides as he feels the hit to his ribs. He springs away as he turns to dace Vlad. " Ow! What was that for?." Zia looks about and grabs one of his folding chairs as he uses it as a make shift weapon and sheild as he keeps his distance from the heavey rusian man. He sliently curses not leaving knifes out that he could of possably grab to stab Vlad with most ly to slow the man down.
*Vlad draws his knife and begins to grin a horrible, predatory kind of grin. The blade is notched but sharp, the only clean thing on Vlad really. He holds it straight, not reversed, with his other hand wide, ready to grab.* Come on, up stuck up bastard, let's see if there is a stick up your ass when I cut it open! *With the last word Vlad springs at Zia, hoping the weight of his coat and himself will be sufficient to knock him over.*

ZIa springs back not keep to close with the man as he draws the chair back and swings it about as hard as he can. He uses his lighter weight to try to keep speed on Vlad as hate flares in his eyes for the russian man. " maybe if i skin you, you might be clean for a little bit"
*Vlad takes the hit from the chair but rolls with it, following in the blind spot of the swing with a hook from his free left hand. He's silent now, but still grinning, and the alcohol apparently is dulling the pain from the chair.*
Zia starts to uncoil only to realise he left him self wide open as Vlad's left hook hits him. Zia's grey eyes wide from the pain and he is sent spinning back as he stummbles back to keep his balance as he huffs slightly. He rolls his shoulder as he works at getting the dinning room table between them as he looks for a lighter weapon
*Vlad snarls as the table comes between him and Zia. Muttering darkly in Russian, Vlad glares across the table for a long while, while Zia searches for a weapon, then he leans back, plants his foot on the edge of the table and shoves it as hard as he can at Zia, hoping to pin him or at least catch him off-balance*
Zia yelps as the table hits him and traps his legs between the counter and the table. Zia foses on Vlad as he pushes the table away slightly with one hand as his hand closes about the handle of a random kitchen utensil, panic riseing in his eyes at his predicament. unwittingly he closes his hand about his metal spatula.
*Vlad leaps on the table and slashes at Zia's face, only to be thwarted by a spatula applied to his hand, knocking his knife away by sheer chance. Annoyed, Vlad aims an open-handed slap to Zia's face with his right hand, the other arm ready to block another blow from the wayward implement.*
Zia looks quite surprised by the miraculous disarment clearly not expecting it to work once he realises its not what he was hoping to be. Zia jerks back to avoid the slap and jabs the spatuala at Vlad. Zia gets a knee up as he trys to lever the table away from himself unable to get his leg compleatly out,
*Vlad gets a face-full of spatula and falls back. He kicks out his boot at Zia's face from his position, snarling in rage now as he looks around for his knife, of which the only clue is a neat hole in the window. Enraged, Vlad aims a second kick for Zia's face, regardless of whether Zia deflected the first one.*

Zia spazes as he trys to get away from the kick which lands squarly on it's target. Zia groans as his free hand reaches up to prtect his face from the second attack. as he pulls his arm away blood trickles out of his broken nose as he twists it back into place before reaching for the edge of the table to try to flip it and vlad to free him self
*Vlad goes over when the table does and is stunned for a few moments on the floor, blinking up at the ceiling. He gets up, growling and scowling like the wrath of an angry dog. He shoves the overturned table at Zia as a distraction, then follows in its wake, screaming and reaching out for Zia's face.*
Zia ducks low as the table leg's catch on the counter and he moves to get away from the initial attack as he slips between the legs of the table with his upper half and kicks up at vlad. "Fuck of you dirty Russian"
*Vlad takes the boot to the face and wraps his arms around Zia's leg long enough to swing him around and throw him towards the closed window.*
Zia snarls as he lashes out with his free foot and scrabbles to get a hand hold on something as he is yanked out and hits several items on the swing towards the window. The window breaks as he hits it but doesn't go through it completely as he hits it sideways. Zia gasps in pain as he lands on glass and shakes slightly as he gets up uneasily from being dazed from hitting several hard surfaces before being thrown.
*Vlad follows Zia towards the window and lashes out with his fist, using the momentum of his charge to punch Zia hard in the chest with his full force, hoping to force him towards the window*

Zia feels him self lift up by the force of Vlad's punch as he hits the side of the window and he graps the edge if it tightly in fear of the 5 story drop. He gasps for breath as he cant draw breath in for a moment as he trys to get away from the window, leaving trails of blood where he grabed wood and glass.
*Vlad moves quickly to make sure Zia doesn't escape, and grabs him by the crotch. Hard. Then he grabs him by the shirt and heaves him through the broken window, noticing with annoyance that there's a open dump truck full of mattresses below.*
Zia's eyes shrink as pain explodes in his groin as he goes ridged. He barely resisters going through the window and hitting the mattresses as he balls up for a moment and trys to crawl away only to fall off his soft landing and hit the concrete below. for the most part he remains still as he waits for the worst of the pain to go away

*Vlad starts to turn back, then stops and whirls around as he hears the truck start up. He realizes where his knife must be, and without much of a thought, he leaps after Zia and... Misses the truck. With a sickening crack, he lands on the asphalt, cracking his skull and causing him to bleed profusely next to Zia as the driver, unaware, backs over him, somehow missing Zia entirely. He crackles as the truck backs up and then turns around over him*
Zia slowly crawls away not quite able to stand for a few moments. As he gets up he looks at Vlad and kicks his body before stumbling away clutching his groin.
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Vlad and Zia fights (hero's rp)
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