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 Charater cheets

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PostSubject: Charater cheets   Charater cheets Icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2009 6:17 pm

General Basic Character sheets


[b]Appearance [/b]:

[b]Strength [/b]:


Age: (Helps to know)
Race: (Helps to know what you are)
Appearance : (Pictures of yours and a description)
Bio/history: (Background,rough story of your character's origins or a summery.)

Power (How much damage you can do, over all attack force)
Strength : (over all physique and brawn.)
Intelligence: (Book smarts and leaning ablity)
Wisdom: (common scence and experence)
Dexterity: (reflexes and speed)
Health: (How quickly they can recover from a serious illness or injury)
Endurance: (How long one can keep going and the damage one can take)

Accessories (what do you have that is important)
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Charater cheets
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