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 Mirror mirror on the earth

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PostSubject: Mirror mirror on the earth   Thu Feb 11, 2010 8:34 pm

I know i have talked to some people about this but here is the start of it./ You can have two characters, One human and one magical. History is a lot like ours to a point but there were some changes of something else happening or something didn't happen for the human world. I'm still working out the Magical side

Human world
World Powers

  • Mongolian Empire
    When it comes to being hospitable they take the cake but when it comes to war they know how to get down and dirty. They excel in vehicular combat as well as horseback combat. They are also not known to complain about extremes seeing most of them live in the hard tundra of the steeps for two years during their mandatory army. Every citizen is trained and have a weapon to defend them selfs.
  • The Celts
    They seem to be the odd world power that really shouldn't of came about other then their strange advances in medical care and biological weapons. They are also known for being interested in the occult and ritual magic, even tho the magic that can show up is mostly useless even with rituals.
  • Brazil
    They are known for having a strangle hold on alternative power sources as well as efficient energy and resource saving technologies.
  • Canada
    May not have a lot of people but they have the farthest technology in power armor and Nuclear devices, offensive and practical uses. They are known for being peaceful so many other countries ask Canada to be the diplomat to watch over meetings.
  • Spance
    Back in the 1500s Spain and France combined forces to create a powerful empire. This happened from the marriage of several French and Spanish marriages that solidified the treaty. Among the world they are the leading powers for religious powers. They are the homes of the two largest religions, Judaism and Christianity. They hold the navy power at this time.

Other notable countries

  • Australia
    This country has never picked one side over another unless you counted money. This is known as the Country of Mercenaries. Well know for their assassins and special forces but also known as the true peace keepers
  • Antarctica
    Its believed that there are a lost civilization of researchers down there that have lost their minds so now periodically there is a terrorist attack from this dead zone of ice. No country lays clame to the territory down there. No one really knows how they are surviving down there with no supplies
  • !Mobown
    The largest organization of African tribes. They are known for handling of exotic animals with the greatest of ease. But for the most part its a bunch of countries that joined together to make a larger standing to ward off other powers
  • United states
    They are both well known for having good on the run repairs and their anti-rad devices but thats seeing they live in their accident of when they were experimenting with nukes. They are no longer to have nuclear device to prevent the incident that destroyed middle of the two counties.
    East – between the two sides they have the better generals
    West – Better at crazy plans actually coming through and working. Very good at fighting with odds against them for some reason.

((Most of what happened in our history happened in this history cept for a few details.))
As the roman armies moved northwards their invasion and occupation of the English Isles were repelled by the celts that banded together to create a society where there were few tribes that were making cities to rival the roman. They laid claim to having the last of the Atlantian technology and the Alantians them selfs, that helped push back the Romans as the internal strife started to happen, making the great empire to crumble. There are speculations about if that was what really happened to Atlantis since there is no proof that the Celt's weapons were of the same make of the Romans and at the time they had a smaller populance. Some say that the Romans were unable to take the Isles because they were stretching their armies to the far east and invaded India. Some say it was because most of Roman troops pushed east and the Celts made the push for the northern lands to gain more people and land as well as resources. The roman empire took a bit longer to fall under stable leaders and growing internal problems and lasted till about 715 AD.

Shortly after Rome started to fall was about the time the Mongolian tribes started to get friendlier but not unified to what they are now till Genghis Khan showed up on the scene in 1206. At this point the country started to expand it's influence. He ended up marrying a Southern Chinese woman who gave him strong and commanding offspring. They were able to succeed him as leader as the infamous horse twins, the brother was the military mind while he had his twin sister able to work with trades and diplomatic matters of the Empire. By 1258 the twins decided to hold such a large empire was unwise as they consulted their advisers. Slowly the empire pulled back as they kept their eyes out for someone to precede them as their children showed no interest or talent in running the country. The left their legacy in the hands of Bataar of the Gurragchaa Family. He slowly widened the territory during his time to northern regions after establishing many internal conflicts of the empire. Through a number of rulers the territory slowly widen to what it is today especially after WWII. As many historians look at make the comment the widening and shrinking of the country seems to almost be in cycles of 50 years, almost like a heart beat.

In the 1400s-1500s there were a series of treaties and marriages of the royal families of Spain and France to solidify a diplomatic communion of the two countries as they annexed each other to protect them selfs from the raiders of the Celtic Vikings which became quite a nucence as they launched their own minor war against the near by country. During that time they launched ships to find new territories or new trade paths to The Mongolians or India. About the same time the Celtics got Wind of this and launched their own ships that in what is now new England while Spance landed in South America and central America.

The 13 colonies started a bit sooner then our time's colonies but it happened nearly the same in where the mother country left it a lone to long before trying to take command again but after a longer time. America did spread west claiming the Louisiana purchase. But during the Mexican-American war they did not do so well as they claimed some land wast ward but not much farther south. At most The United states staid quite till the breaking war where they split apart and spent years hissing and snarling at each other too busy with their internal fight for a number of years allowing Canada to slowly eat into their lands with out them knowing till it was too late. But for the most part the two sides squabbled at each other as they had skirmishes along the boarder, ingnoring Canada.

A conflice in the baltic states and the Arabic states started to brew as two important ambassadors were killed. Franz Ferdinand and a Chinese Ambassador of Shutu Powag, both killed by rival groups for political reasons. a As World war 1 broke out the west and east took different sides where the east took the Celts, the Spance,Canada and Russia. While the Axies had Germany Mongol empire, and West America. Brazil turing this war was very torn between the sides seeing both sides have wronged them in their own way. Austillia recently broken away from Celtic Parliament but reluctantly gives Armies later in the war to both sides to come up on to no mater what. The Axies lost and areas of the other countries were limited in armies, and power. Times stated quiet for a while till WWII broke out but this time the russians were working with the Germans, Japanese and East America while Mongolia sided with Celtic empire, Spance, and West america. During the war Brazil finally took a side with Canada as they tried to stop the fighting before the unthinkable happened. No one is quite sure what exactly happened or which side fired the nuke or if both sides fired it but the two Americas decimated the land closest to each other. This got the fighting to be put on hold as people realized the weakest of their side had powerful destructive weapon as that they did no know how to use or mis fired. this made it so all the countries of powerful stature to step in to take away the dangerous toys. as the fight returns its with less ethusism as they go throug a few more months of fighting before they stop calling for peace.

During this uneasy pease a few countries try to help clean up the Americas but massive damage makes it very hard so they just build a large fence about the really bad areas. Brazil actually pulled out as a power house at this time since no fights were taken over to their land as they help restore other countries for a price.

Use the -5 to 5 number system

[b]Appearance [/b]:

[b]Strength [/b]:


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PostSubject: Re: Mirror mirror on the earth   Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:10 pm

Magical world

Some Races and notable locations

  • Dragons: nearly every were but different species.
  • Dwarfs: Most of the Mountain Regions and Western Europe
  • Elfs: Africa (Sahara desert) , Australia, Mid west USA, Antarctica
  • Gnomes: they vary in areas from subspecies geberally there is a small gnome population of some kind in most areas
  • Mermaids/Sirens/harpies: Mediterranean Area, red Sea, and East Asia
  • Orcs: South America, eastern Europe.

World Kingdoms

  • Gru'thta
    The largest tribe of Orcs that formed from a massive tribal battle many years ago. Now still a tribe-like state of monarchy where every once and a while a clan will over throw another clan to place them selfs as the leading Clan. There are stated rules in this state that never change but when a new clan takes over a new order of laws are put out. Taking up one of the 'definable countries' on Continent Jaktlah (S. America) Gru'tha are known to be warriors but have a very diplomatic groups if they have to, but them getting the not so diplomatic ones there is a different matter.
  • Taluth
    Elven strong hold on Illasha (Africa, Sahara desert). They are well known for their study of magic and magical technologies as well as magic items. They love their parties and art's and crafts. They are not known for their instant mobilization since they seem to like to take their time or stay out of fighting for as long as they can. All of their items are of pure metals or stone but never iron based.
  • Jenri
    The Hags of Xhalam (Russia) have claimed this area to live. They have never taken a side and are known for taking those in need in. They are an oligarchy of many city states and counties that have come together to form a definable government. As far as it has been there has been no definable leader to lead the group but a conscientious of many, making Assassination of leaders impossible for anarchy. They are the blending of cultures so they have a little of every thing.

Other Notable Areas

[center]Tales of old and history

The split
What caused the split was the quick breeding of humans and their highly xenophopic tendencies towards magic and magical creatures. Those of the fae world finally agreed to accept those that wanted magical refuge by splitting the worlds to protect the non humans from the humans, both good and bad. They did this through a powerful spell through many marvels of the world but needed a group of protectors to stay behind to cover up any thing that might of stayed behind. For the most part contact with them has been severed with messages every 300 years by sending a newly trained person through or back through the weak points. The only signs of survival is that something else comes back through at the points of opening.

The Combine
They are the warders of the human world over the magical wards and to cover up any thing the humans may uncover about magical past. They were unable to hide every thing so they passed many occurrences as fiction, fantasy, random sitings. This later evolved into UFO sitings, drug hallucinations, which they got very good at planting on people. They became distorter of stories or found a human to plant crimes on that were done my creatures who are magical but cant use it. They infiltrated government and news stations seeing those as great places to keep things hidden as well as some that entered the scientific field, able to pass some dragon fossils as dinosaurs. As Wards started to fail they pushed for trying to reconstruct the wards but have long since forgotten how to restore them seeing all, this allowed a very limited magic to slip through to the human world that wasn't there before but it has gone mostly unknowdiced if knowledge at all.

The Growth of Worry
Most of the world did not pay attention to the random growth going about the world till the explosion in Hatyl (Current USA). This sent alarmed ripples through the world as a whole nation was destroyed by a explosion of giant trees that sprouted in less then seconds ripping the place apart by brute force of an up lifting forest. That area is now called the wild growth seeing that it is still growing and shifting even after the 60 years that have gone by. Many don't wish to enter due to the instability of this area.

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PostSubject: Re: Mirror mirror on the earth   Sat Mar 13, 2010 6:37 pm

I will be allowing the making of other countries in the magical world on condition I get to see what the kingdom or area is like and one has to use old fairy tales when forming them if they are based on a certain race. PM your places and kingdoms to me and i can examine them and place tell/show the tale that this lore is coming from on why that race is acting like that.

There is also a high chance i will make this so the rp switches off to different players as DMs
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PostSubject: Re: Mirror mirror on the earth   Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:18 pm

Human World Character

Name: Sukhy Burynas (Burynas of Sukh)
Age: 25, D.O.B. = July 19th, 1987
Race: Human, Mongol
Appearance : Just over five feet and four inches in height, Burynas is slightly above the average Mongolian's height. Long blackish-brown hair - well groomed, mind - flows from his head down to his shoulders, with a similarly orderly beard-mustache goatee on his chin. Hazel eyes stare from beneath slightly bushy eyebrows, and there's a very minor acne presence on the left side of his face. Burynas' skin is tanned from many days lounging under the sun, and at times he must wear glasses due to one day too many staring up at the sky. His standard attire is standard wear of their century of life, though he has several alternate outfits including one set featuring authentic pelts and other features making it almost a historic blast from the past.
Personality: Sukhy is amiable, but respects maturity in those he associates with. While this means neither that he hates kids (he knows kids will be kids) nor despises those who are prone to joke, it makes a true friendship with a bunch of knuckleheads difficult. As a quirk, Sukhy finds prime numbers to be fortuitous occurrence - for good or bad to be seen at a later date.
Bio/history: Sukhy was born to a typical Mongol family, and lived a relatively normal life. His 'affinity' for Earth's magic was discovered early on when, as a toddler, he came close to accidentally lighting his mother on fire. However, with the limitations of the power in this world, even a grasp superior to the norm could only be advanced so far. The initial attention he received quickly faded, it becoming one of Sukhy's few unique traits that defined him from his peers. When he reached the age of 17, he joined the military for two years of military service. Serving as a standard private, Sukhy received standard training with the AKMS as well as the ceremonial Mongol Recurved Bow. When his time was done in the military, he lost the AKMS but was allowed to bear his recurved bow (as all recruits were) in turn for later ceremonies.

Since then, Sukhy has done a variety of jobs in his native land from farm hand to professional hunter to store clerk. He has a part-time education that adds up to almost two standard years of college education, but that is the extent of the education he feels he can acquire so far.

Abilities: Training from mandatory years in military, amazing grasp of Human-Earth's magic*.

Power: 3
Strength : 1
Intelligence: 1
Wisdom: 0
Dexterity: 0
Endurance: 1

Accessories: Mongol Recurved Bow, Belt Quiver, x15 Arrows, Hunting Knife

*Note: The "amazing grasp", is of course, relative to the realms. Burynas' "expertise" means he can at will draw a zippo-sized flame on one hand, or - with some concentration - maintain such in each hand without tiring himself.

~ ~ ~ ~

Mirror World Character

Name: Glonmol
Age: 350
Race: Dragon, European
Appearance : Forty three feet from tip of snout to end of tail if stretched fully out, Glonmol - though impressive by mortal standards - is still a runtling by Draconic standards (almost ten feet shy of the average size for Dragons a century his junior). Glonmol's wingspan is sixty three feet from tip to tip, and his entire body (with the exception of the leathery flesh on the wings) is covered in rust-colored scales comparable to bronze in protection. The head of Glonmol, while too small to eat a man whole (about 40" from snout to crest), is sufficiently large to bite great chunks out of livestock and man-folk in singular bites. Amber eyes stare out from reptilian eyelids, with 'minor' crests to a draconic scale comparable in appearance to a bearded gecko.

Short but powerful limbs end in keen claws an easy match for blade of iron, while the muscular tail can pulverize bone with a solid hit. Several broken arrows shafts and spears may be seen piercing Glonmol across his body, too difficult to remove and left to be grown over or pushed out with time.
Abilities: Flight (30 miles per hour max), Poisoned Bite, "Breath" Attack* (10' range against level target, increased or decreased depending on height).

Power: -1 (Glonmol has zero magical talent)
Strength : 5
Intelligence: 2
Wisdom: 2
Dexterity: -3
Endurance: 4

Accessories: None, it's a Dragon. There is a minor hoard within its den, but this hoard is bereft of mounds of jewelry or gold. There are minor weapons of useable quality amongst the hoard, but beyond such is a mass of gutted armors, broken blades, and well-gnawed bones. Great mounds of wood, iron, and other common materials form the hills within Glonmol's den.

*Note: Glonmol's Breath Attack is a particular adaptation to both his lack of magical use and proper fire-spewing organs. Instead, Glonmol - through decades of training - has managed to learn how to 'will' himself to expel the contents of his stomach. Needless to say, while neither immediately as lethal, as far-effecting, or dignified as his kin's regular Breath Attack, it does get the job done.

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PostSubject: Re: Mirror mirror on the earth   Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:43 pm

Name: Sithera
Age: 100
Gender: Male
Race: Hydra
Appearance : First and foremost, he has 4 heads, all of which look the same, long tongues and spines on the backs of the necks. Sithera's 'skin' has an oily black look to it and his eyes (all of them) are a deep yellow color. When standing on two legs, Sithera stands roughly 6' from his toes to 'broad shoulders'.  His powerful arms droop to just past his knees, while a thick tail once again his height trails behind him. Normally looking straight up, his long necks are craned in this position to face forward, giving a total "height" just over twelve feet.

Meanwhile standing on all four legs, Sithera is noticeably shorter with shoulders going only 5'.  His necks, no longer having to crane down to view, are slightly longer in this position giving a body length of almost 19'.  The top of his torso is still carried above the ground in this pose, but his gut does rest closer to the ground.

Personality: Each head has a personality based of it's normal personality. He normally tries to avoid crowds and/or people for that matter, only really interacting when 'offerings' are brought to it. The top head is the 'normal' head, with the normal personality. The head on the right has a happy,optimistic, and eager personality. The left head is the angry/jerk one of the bunch. The bottom head is the more sad/depressed head of the four.
Bio/history: Sithera was at one point, a human like anyone else. He used to do odd jobs here and there and liked to get attention, esspecially from women. At some point in his fun filled life, he pissed off a wizard, a rather powerful one, who cursed him with the body of a hydra. This was a huge shock to him having four heads and 3 extra personalitys, he ran through the city he used to live in and caused alot of havoc via arguing with himself and running through/over stuff. He eventually just left the area he lived in and found a quiet cave far from his own home, but a couple days from a new city he just tends to stay away from the populace and only interacting with them when they bring him offering to leave them alone. This however, has turned into the good life for him in a way. He gets offerings of treasure and sometimes women.
Abilities: He can breath poison breath and when his heads are cut off, they take about a day to regrow.

Power: 2
Strength : 2
Intelligence: 0
Wisdom: 1
Dexterity: 1
Endurance: 1

Accessories None. Except alot of valuables in his lair.

Note: His heads are arranged in the pattern below, O's being the heads.

(not fully complete)

Name: Vera
Age: 27
Race: Brazilian Human
Appearance : She is 5' even, has tan colored skin, short brown and yellow eyes. She wears a greasy jump suit when working on something, it along with the rest of her cloths have grease stains. When not working she wears a dirty blue tank top and brown shorts. Normally always has a pair of work goggles on her head.
Personality: She is a bit of a quirky personality, BIG eco-freak and tends to use eco-friendly things all the time. She is easy to get along with, though she does have her moments where she goes nerdy/techy. Bit of a lesbian.
Bio/history: Vera was born and raised by eco-nut parents in Brazil who were apart of MANY environmental groups trying to save the planet and all that jazz. Vera, while not as eccentric about it as her parents, is still an eco-nut who has a mechanic job. However all her equipment and stuff she uses is all eco-friendly. She runs a garage in her home town now making a living and just keeping food on the table.
Abilities: Knows how to fix something when it gets broke, quick learner at new vehicles and how to use them, oddly knows her herbs and such well.

Power 0
Strength : 0
Intelligence: 1
Wisdom: 1
Dexterity: 0
Endurance: 0

Accessories Greasy jump suit, mechanic tools. (will finish her later)

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PostSubject: Re: Mirror mirror on the earth   Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:50 pm

Name: Coltswald Flynn
Age: 49
Race: Leprechaun
Appearance : Orange Hair, green-grey eyes, 2'4", Red leather duster, tan shirt , grey pants, dull green Tweed Cap, and strange black shoes. His skin is fairly pale and has freckles. For the normal Leprechaun he lacks the beard, the outfit most of his people wear but he does retain the tool belt even if it carries other kinds of tools and not the normal hammers. If any thing he seems to be trying to be something he isn't or at least trying to.
Personality: He is generally a fun loving guy but well he has his drawbacks of gold and money. Unlike others of his kind he will for just about any thing made of valuable metals and stone. Tho a hero he is not. He isn't stupid he is just tends to get ahead of him self. He is easy enough to convince if you catch him and apply the right techniches to get through his normal stubbornness. He also has a silver tongue on him that he tends to use in his chosen trade. For loyalty he can be one of wavering devotion when it comes to things getting too dangerous in his eyes. He dose become overly violent when one touches or gets near his small stash and for a leprechaun he is excessively greedy
Bio/history: He is a bit odd for a magical creature seeing he was born in the mortal non magical world and came over after the first 25 years in the human world. He still retains many of the strange habitats of living among the non magical humans as he talks about strange things then tries to explain them before giving up. This how ever has set him to the status of a revulsion to a point were people don't want to be about him or because of his strange clothing.
Abilities: Illusions and short distance teleporting

Strength :-1

tool belt, lock picking tools, a small blade, red duster

Name: Kiana Ang
Race: Hawaiian Human
Appearance : Wavy long black hair that is down to her lower back, Bronze skin, dark brown eyes. She has a stocky but fit build. She favors wearing sarongs and a swim suit top when she is in a warm place like home.
Personality: Friendly and nice most of the time but when she wants to give you hell if she gets to a point. Mostly law abiding, mostly. She is quite tolerable of other people and has an odd scence of humor as well as normal one.
Bio/history: She has lived most of her life in Hawaii, much of it on the beach or in the ocean. She has learned how to scuba dive, drive boats, dance, and become a pharmacy technician part time and part time librarian. And on the side she scuba dives with some tourist for money and some treasure diving, organic and lost treasures. There have never been any real hard ships other then having to vanish for a week or two because of some fight with a person who happened to of been a minor diplomat but how was she to know.
Abilities: Can scuba dive, knows her drugs, and drive a boat, can organize books, and can cook

Power 0
Strength : 0
Intelligence: 0
Wisdom: 0
Dexterity: 0
Endurance: 1

Sarong, bikini, luck charm anklet.
Jeep with scuba gear in it
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PostSubject: Re: Mirror mirror on the earth   Sat May 01, 2010 11:53 pm

Name: Zhuge, Sing
Age: 27
Race: human

Appearance : wears a white over coat to keep himself warm in the harsh climate in the antarctic(made out of polar bear skin) When he takes off his coat he wears a white long robe with white socks and sandals...carries a long string of beads with him to keep him calm...

Personality:respects all living things, loves nature, believes in equality and peace

Bio/history: Was Born in China and was unique then other kids growing up, at a young age Zhuge was considered to be a genious for he could overcome any obstacle that would be presented in front of him...Zhuge believed that anything he started he would always finish it as well... At the age of 23 Zhuge was sent to antarctica to work on a project that was kept hidden from the outside world...watching the news and hearing about the wars and the problems that stir the world..he wishes to create unity so peace can roam the land..only time can tell about what really happend out there in his secret job . One day as he was working suddenly theyre was a nuclear spill that occured in his area that infected him with radiation.. After visiting the doctor in his local area that doctor said he wouldnt make it to see his 30s ...after spending 4 years in antarctica Zhuge decided to head over to Australia to see if he could start working on his peace to unite the lands there......

Abilities:is a master mind of strategic warfare, considered to never be underestimated, can predict mother natures moods such as ( the way the wind blows when it rains and etc)

Power 0
Strength : 0
Intelligence: 1
Wisdom: 2
Dexterity:: 0
Endurance: -1

Accessories carries some beads with him
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PostSubject: Re: Mirror mirror on the earth   Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:24 pm


Appearance:Well, his Siren blood makes him appear to have scales, but it is in fact ridges of skin that shine when they catch sunlight. Natural human skin tone, slightly tanned. Shoulder length cerulean blue hair that turns white at night. Always wears a brown tunic and wool leggings. Fins appear when he hits the water.
Personality:Stoic yet motherly, very accepting, when attacked unphased yet bears a grudge

Bio/history:Milo has lived most of his life between the sea and the land, only going on coast to see what the world is turning into. He travels a lot, meaning he will usually stay in one place no more than two days, maximum. He has been taught Water Magic basics by his many brothers and sisters, who he hasn’t seen in years.

Abilities:Enchanted voice (automatic), sniper sight (automatic), Water Magic (basics)


Accessories:Conch necklace, Leather satchel
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PostSubject: Re: Mirror mirror on the earth   

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Mirror mirror on the earth
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