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 Uplift Service

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PostSubject: Uplift Service   Uplift Service Icon_minitimeThu Oct 28, 2010 3:45 pm

+-File Decrypted-+

"For a long decade the Centrum have fought against the Infinity Patrol across the multiverse. Hundreds have given their lives for the better future that their forbearers dreamed for them, free from want and fear, but the Infinity Corporation persists in its relentless opposition of progress.
"But that will soon change! Even now the Forum has begun to plant the seeds of our victory! We will not be defeated, not deterred, by a paper tiger who preaches peace but arms for war. We will see the forces of Secundus thrown back from the Lower Waves, and we will repair the damage their technology does to the Timeline.
"We will not fall again. This I swear. We shall never fall again!"
-Forum Spokesman Jillian Gharasky, Grade 7

This campaign is from the GURPS Infinite Worlds setting, played from the view of the main antagonists to Homeline, the Centrum. Their history, in short, is one of a grand fall:
-1120 CE: A minor English nobleman did or did not drown, changing the powers and leading to English victory in the Hundred Years War. A Powerful Anglo-French Empire fought against a rising Mongol Empire.
-1902 CE: This empire falls when a minor sepoy rebellion leads to an escalating war on a global scale. Biological weapons are unleashed on the world. Only surviving power is in Terraaustralis (Secundus call it 'Australia') were a surviving band of soldiers and scientists take control. They expand, reclaiming a broken Earth and molding it under a new order called the Centrum.
-1922 CE: As an experiment, a parachronic device is tested and proven to work. Empty worlds are colonized and used to help rebuild the Earth. After a few mishaps on other timelines, the Lockridge Protocal was enacted, enforcing strict isolation from inhabited timelines.
-1958 CE: Earth is united under the Centrum, and the Biosphere is saved. Many clamour to spread to other worlds, to explore and integrate other cultures into the Centrum.
-2015 CE: Contact is made with Secundus. Lockridge Protocals are dropped in favor of combatting the subversion of several colonies. Echoes of Homeline found to be key to winning war.
-2027 CE: The current year. Centrum now seeks to push out Secundus (called Homeline by its natives) to resume its own reconstruction. As Centrum Agents, your role is to contribute to the war effort, but not on the front lines. You are from the Uplift Service, tasked with smoothing over captured timelines for Centrum control and integration. Your job is not as glamourous as the Interworld agents behind lines, but no less vital.

Centrum Citizens are regular humans. Many Indentureds are taken for their unusual abilities, like psychic powers or knowing foreign languages.
The system is purposely similar to Zinck's "Infinity Patrol" campaign.

Citizen (Gains a Rank of 3 at the beginning) or Indentured (Must name a Sponsor)


Special Abilities (Indentureds only):


Services in The Centrum:
-The Agriculture Service (Food and Biology) tends to be dominated by Indentureds and commanded by a few laid back or focused Citizens. This service is in charge of not only food production but also natural conservation and bio-technical studies. They also cultivate many plants used in medicine and raise many animals, giving then links to the Health Service.
-The Education Service (Psionics and Research) is mostly driven Citizens, although a good number of of the psychics are Indentureds. They create upgrades for Centrum technology, sometimes creating new divices to confront new problems. Often, members of this service are called to assist other Services in unusual problems.
-The Energy Service (Parachronics and Power) is almost entirely Citizens, given the sensitive nature of these systems. The only Indentureds allowed in this service are carefully vetted. They are in charge of running the fusion plants and the chronotic emitters. They are in charge of the devices that power other Service's equipment and build and maintain the machines that move the Centrum through time, making them rather important.
-The Health Service (Medicine and Cybernetics) is almost entirely Citizens. The few Indentureds are often ones with healing powers. Security is high, as potent drugs and powerful bionics need guarding from thieves and colleagues. Personalities range from clear eyed optimists to quiet, worn down good Samaritans.
-The Interworld Service (Reconnaissance and Infiltration) is the premier parachronic service. The are Entirely made of Citizens, as security is paramount. If there is need for a Jumper or other abilities, then they are pulled in as needed from other Services. They prefer stealth to firepower, and flexibility to gadgets. They have a running rivalry with the Military Service.
-The Justice Service (Ethics and Counter-Intelligence) has a few Indentureds, but is not against taking local talent. They are inward facing, preferring to reform the Centrum then fight the multiverse. Rules are important to them, and not even a Forum member is beyond the law. They are wary of the other services.
-The Logistics Service (Production and Transport) is mostly made of Indentureds, with only a few Citizen Overseers. They are hard working, or hardly working, and are tolerant of almost anything so long as the factory lines hum with activity. They are also in charge of moving goods, a veritable army of individuals driving Cabs, Lorries, and Aircraft to all corners. They are not high on the totem pole, and many view them as barbaric, but so help you if you anger one.
-The Military Service (Sabotage and Suppression) is composed entirely of Citizens. It is small, but well equipped and loyal. They use advanced gear and swift strikes to overwhelm opponents. There long rivalry with the Interworld Service is famous, often because they must clean up messes if the stealthier Service fails.
-The Mining Service (Geology and Demolitions) is made of diehard troublemakers, rock collectors, and hard working stiff. A huge number of low grade Citizens and hordes of Indentured work under a few high Grade Foremen and Geologists. Despite the divide in rank, the leaders either worked their way their or have very practical knowledge to share, meaning little rancor occurs within the ranks. However, there is a long standing rivalry with Logistics, who often force hard quotas on the Mining Service, and Agriculture, who care more about what is on top of the ground. While Logistics is the primary constructions Service, Mining has great experience building and breaking things. The Military Service sometimes calls on this.
-The Uplift Service (Colonization and Pacification) is made up of a few Citizens. Advancement is fast, but the job is demanding and dangerous. They take over sectors of conquered timelines try to bring them up to Centrum standards. As they are made of several splintered division of the Military and Interworld Services, there is still some ruffled feathers.

--Continue? (Y/N)--

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PostSubject: Re: Uplift Service   Uplift Service Icon_minitimeWed Nov 03, 2010 4:30 pm

Citizen- A member of the Centrum: a Centran.
Conveyor- A active matrix, propelled by a station, that allows for cross-wave travel.
Indentured- A non-citizen under the control of the Centrum. Cannot become a citizen on their own, but their children can be or adoption by a service allows for advancement.
Secundus- 'Homeline' and Centram call it.
Sponsor- A PC or a Major NPC who is in charge of an Indentured.
Stations- Stage that projects conveyer through timelines.
Wave- What Secundus would call a quantum: a cluster of related timelines. Centrum is Wave 0 (Quantum 8 to Infinity). Lower waves are negative, higher waves are positive.

Centram Values:
Order- A clear chain of command and peace through unity.
Rationality- Assignment by merit and a lack of superstition
Success- A freedom from petty self constraints and focus on results.

Mission Parameters:
Classification- Plus One / Zone Yellow / 2024.12.6
Nickname- 'Pillars of the Sea' or 'Pillar'
Wave- +1
Current Year- Est. 823 CE, with no found divergence point. Due to certain anomalies, the divergence point could stem even from this timeline's creation.
Major Civilizations: Byzantine (Empire with Satellites), Chinese (Multipolar with Satellites), Norse (Multipolar), Franks (Empire), Abbasid Kaliphate (Empire), and Mesoamerican (Multipolar).
Notes: Pillar has what seems to be a rather plain history, set in the 800s of the common calendar. Estimates put the year between 811-834 CE, but use of the Orthodox dating of '823 of our Lord's calendar' has been adopted for ease. Pillar seems to be a rather ordinary world on the surface, but multiple problems keep accruing to make this world a puzzle.
First, the parachonics are off. While this world is only one Wave higher then Centrum, any jump from it comes off as being from two Waves away. Study on this could help lead to breakthroughs in Parachronics.
Second, there is some oddities about the locals in regards to 'prophecy' or 'fates.' While Citizens are encouraged to avoid such illogical practices, such portents are found oddly accurate on this timeline. Two missions so far have been jeapordized by frightfully accurate information given to local 'seers.' Research is continuing in that line.
Finally, navigation equipment is suffering from minor malfunctions. While that is to be expected at first, no number of adjustments seem to satisfy the radar to give 'holes' in the maps. Local legends speak of sea monsters that come from caves and lagoons, then vanish. Again, while such superstitious nonsense is discouraged, all Service Members are encouraged to keep a lookout for any sign of trouble.

Areas of Operation:
--Constantinople (Eurasion Theater): Currently considered Code Red. Until recently, this city stood a good chance of being a major Centrum base of Operations, despite local power. However, two major miscalculations were made. One, Byzantine Romans speak greek, and the few translators brought knew latin. It was not too hard to overcome this problem initially, but slowed the spread of the Education and Interworld data collectors. Then came the 'saint' and the mission took a foul turn known as the "Oslo Incident" three months ago.
This figure, 'Saint Oslo,' came in wailing about the men from across the sea. He stumbled right into a weapons cache and captured a research team. Panic ensued and the Byzantine officials laid seige to the remaining safehouses and the headquarters. Command had to scramble the Military Services to save the scientists, winning despite several casualties, but only barely. Worse, a great amount of intact equipment was seized by the zealots. Now, pilgrims are gearing up to start looking 'for the homeland,' triggering an early Age of Exploration.
Current Missions include recovery of equipment and personal. Sabotage possible, but locals hold the area for now.
+Had 23 operatives, all from Interworld, but only 6 found so far. Another 11 were confirmed killed, but that leaves 6 operative unaccounted for. The Military Service sent in 42 men and women, but suffered 17 fatalities during the operation. No new agents have been risked yet for retrieval, and the matter has been handed over to the Forum for assessment.
*Access Restricted to Grade 6 and up*

--Molsrick Island (Southern Theater): Currently Code Blue. A island, named after Grade 6 Eric Molsrick who died in action during the 'Oslo Incident.' Was the first entry point to the timeline. Also has the second largest base, Big A(lpha).
Locals are mostly polynesian, although some contact with south asian empires has begun. Locals were pacified rather quickly and catch on quickly to English. Oddly, they also speak of 'knowing our arrival' and several pieces of art depicting men in blue 'robes' riding a 'large canoe across the ocean' have surfaced. Research is still checking their validity.
Of note is that the locals here speak rather freely of odd disappearances. Many say that certain sea lanes are haunted and avoid them. This would not have been a problem, except several ships have now gone missing. Investigations continue.
Current Mission includes expansion of facility and research. Certain islands are considered Code Orange (Grade 5 or higher). The rest of the area is open to all Citizens and Indentureds.
+ Currently 130 Citizens, mostly of the Uplift and Education Services. Strong Presence of Mining and Justice Services. Some 200 Indentureds and 4,000 natives are about the area. (Party can start here.)

--'New Orleans' (Western Theater): Currently Code Yellow. Is the largest facility, but also the youngest. Major irrigation projects by the Agriculture Service underway, making this a major venture. Also, the Energy Service is starting a new type of Fusion Reactor, supplying the burgeoning city. However, the initial thoughts that native presence would be minimal was vastly wrong. While the natives seems surprised upon our arrival (a few cults claim prior knowledge, of course) that has not decreased their eagerness to wage war on outer settlements. The Military Service has taken over the operation.
Several reports show that local tribes implement advance medicines with herbalism. The Agriculture Service, however, has not recorded any new type of plants. Indians have also noted strange sightings of 'skinwalkers.' The fact fact several Indentured and Citizens have begun to have sightings is disturbing.
Current mission is suppression and security. Grade 3 and above can be in the facility.
+ Currently 450 Citizens, Mostly of the Agriculture and Logistics Services. Major portions of Military and Energy Services. Some 3,000 Indentureds and 15,000 Natives live in the region. (Party can start here.)

--Continue? (Y/N)--

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PostSubject: Re: Uplift Service   Uplift Service Icon_minitimeFri Nov 19, 2010 12:28 pm

Important People: (The first three can be used as Indentured's bosses. The last is someone important the party would have heard of.)

Uplift Commander/Mission Director Grade 7 Jordan Gomes:
Jordan Gomes was sent to this post as of two months ago, after the Oslo Incident. He had just finished recovering from a major reconstructive surgery from wounds in field that had put him out of commission for half a year. He has now a artificial leg and arm on his left side, garnering the name 'Chrome Gomes.' He has the ability to laugh at it.
Gomes record is something of a legend, as he often was sent to situations ready to blow. He would survive, but not all of his aides would. From a freak accident with a parachronozoid on 'Gallatin,' to the discovery of a Infinity cell in 'Centrum Beta,' Gomes is always one foot in the pit when it caves in. That he and the Forum both tried to reach each other when the Oslo Incident became public shows how good this man is at sniffing out trouble.
His other claim to fame is that he has survived a brush with the now infamous 'Blaze Squad' of the I-Swat. They cost him an arm and a leg when his equal in a mission tried to double cross them, but he is strangely quiet on the situation. The stress of the incident has led to the separation of him and his wife, that much has slipped out, but he passed psych tests afterwards. Much of his file is now classified to all but Forum members.
He is a tall male of European and Aboriginal heritage. His hair has begun to show flecks of grey since the mission against Blaze, unusual since he is only 34 years old. People still comment on his shockingly dark hair and eyes, and the flecks haven't dimmed it at all but stand in counterpoint. When caught off guard or under duress, he has been seen playing with a necklace around his neck. It has only a small arrowhead on it.
He is in charge of Moslrick Island.

Military Commander Grade 6 Julian Yo:
A striking woman in her mid twenties, Yo is a career soldier who turned into a career commander over the last half decade. Like Gomes, she was brought in after the Oslo Incident. The two have a grudging respect for each other, as both sees the other as a patriot, but their clashes have become somewhat public, including multiple attempts by Yo to get access to Gomes' files. She jokinly says it's to 'get him a birthday gift.'
Where Gomes is quiet, Yo is loud. Yo has already increased the Military's presence by tripling it in number and bringing in heavy weapons and vehicles. She is pushing for a strike on Constantinople, while Gomes is insistent on entrenchment in the remaining two bases. She is well liked by her men, but she has already had harsh words with the former Missions Director.
Oddly, it is an order from Gomes that allows her to control the base as well as she does, and she seems to have taken this with a small sense of uncharacteristic wariness. She is on the short side, with a trim athletic build. Unusually strong for her size, she easily carries the bulky armor of a soldier. She has dull red hair, in a bun of course, and fiery green eyes. It is rumored that she believes in reincarnation and often visits sites of great battles. She leads New Orleans for now.

Interworld Agent Grade 5 Eric Astrabas:
Astrabas was, until two months ago, the Mission Director of Pillar since its discovery. That he was demoted two grades, rather then the customary one, shows how far he has fallen. That does not mean that he is beyond redemption in the Forum's eyes, however, in fact they are counting on him to recoup his losses. That this has given the normally reserved Astrabas a zealous streak is either complimentary to the Forum's plans or the goal of it.
Astrabas is an unremarkable man with tan skin and a stoop. Technically, he has latino, european, and arabic blood, but looks harder to place. He could be any person who was outside for too long or some one who was inside too much. depending to the locals color. He is also able to speak multiple languages, a rare talent for a Centran.
Since the Incident, he has relocated from New Orleans to Molsrick Island to help teach the local language to agents and teach English to the Natives. He is noted for his concern over the natives well-being, and will go out of his way to help them. He in the past pushed for integrating locals into Centrum missions until they joined the cause against Secundus, but recently has been more forceful in his attempts to sway the locals. He now either bends over backwards to bring in Natives, or is merciless in his suppression of them.
To avoid embarrassment, his file has been closed by the Forum until he asks for it opened again. He has declined to ask.

Interworld Agent Grade 5 Marrim Istraya (MIA):
Istraya was the ranking agent in Constantinople when it fell. Her record was flawless, and many thought that she would quickly rise to the top. Her parents were Indentureds, but she herself was a Citizen since berth for their service. She began as a member of the Energy Service, but transfered when it became clear that she was very restless outside of the maintenance rooms or platforms. Ist, as she was nicknamed, often tagged along repair missions and was found to be a great scout, so the Services worked together on the transfer. She still had many friends in the Enrgy and Interworld Services when she vanished. It is not uncommon for agents to have in their personal effects a image of the Forum giving her family her their condolences and the medals she had earned.
Recently, Gomes has reopened the files on her and has begun to take cautious steps to have agents back in Europe. Some whisper that this is rather unkind to her memory, and that the files should have been deleted for her sake. There is no need for ghost stories anymore. Especially not here.
Ist was medium height, is a bit on the broad side. She was passing herself off as a noblewoman when the city fell. She had long brown hair and light brown eyes. For this, the nickname for her was 'Fawn' and she had a bracelet with a silver deer. When she went to bed, she often talked to it, a tradition carried from her parents.
Her current location is unknown, with many assuming her dead.

+- File Ended-+

So, that is all the info needed. Just make a character and vote on one of the two theaters to start in.
See ya soon!
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PostSubject: Re: Uplift Service   Uplift Service Icon_minitimeTue Nov 30, 2010 1:24 am

Name: Shanae Black
Citizen (Rank 4)
Age: 30
Service: The Health Service (Medicine and Cybernetics)
Personality: She is very dedicated to what she does but can easily be side tracked of she has not hunkered down in one idea, or derailed by a cool idea. She is an overly friendly person or seems like it where she tries to make nice but some of what she says suggests that she is not always aware of what she says or does. She has a easy to get along with air for the most part and will seem genuinely surprised when some people say they like her. When it comes to love of any kind she is rather dense or seems to side step it. She rarely loses her temper but when she does limbs fly and she becomes a bitter violent person, all target oriented. When depressed she works till she is all alone to deal with it in many different ways. She also seems to withdraw a bit when people ask her about her cybernetic parts and the story on why she lost most of her right side changes every time you ask her about it. If one questions her too much on it she tends to pull guns on people...even if she is a medic now days. She also has a fear of wide open spaces and seems to live in her mecha other wise only coming out if she has to, or that is what it seems like.

Biography: She was born as a Citizen in Centrum to Lala and Chris Black. Her father died in a mining accident which was a small mark of tragedy in her family but he lived a good life. Her mother worked in the medical service and happen to remarry a man named, Charles, one of the Logistics Service. The remarriage meant that she suddenly had 7 older brothers to contend with and grew up fighting with them. As a natural transition she wound up in the Military Service when she could final become part of something bigger then her. Her older step brothers ended up else where, scattered among the Agriculture (Teo), Education (Quang), Energy (Howe), Interworld (Brutus), Justice (Chevis), Logistics (Vox), and Mining (Luke) services. The would keep in contact when they can even if they fought a lot over other things. She was in the military service for some time, 8 years in the about time line of her life. She was one of the people that ran with the tanks and foot solder running having to cover up many mistakes of the interworld services and adopted the famous rivalry with her brother that is in the other service. She slowly raised her self in the service till the unfortunate incident when they were having to meet with Reich agents and Homeline showing up at the worse possible time, in the open. In that skirmish is where she lost her right side to a grenade and a few non vital parts hit on her left. After that she decided to reconsider her paths and go into medical field work with a little extra to protect her, like a big suit of armor. She knows she is lucky to still be alive and is grateful for that. She has since started to deal with cybernetics.

(her self alone)
Power: C
Strength: B
Intelligence: B
Wisdom: B
Dexterity: C
Endurance: C

~Mechanical implants (leg and arm)
~Borick Stunner
~XL Crisis Suit
~Dimner/Koucsh 26' Scanner

-A Ceramic Needle Revolver pistol (Mk 3 Poulder)
-Ammunition (Reusable 2"/.25" spikes)
-A Flechete Hunting Rifle (Mk 4 Poulder/Biggins)
-Ammunition (Reusable 4"/.5" spikes)
-Standardized uniform, with soft-shoes and parka.
-Heavy Service radio. Casts 50 miles, receives for 200 miles.
-Miniature first aid kit.
-Miniature survival kit.
-Trunk with extra clothes, personal effects, and bedding. Can serve as a bed.
-Laptop (Borick 26.80).

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PostSubject: Re: Uplift Service   Uplift Service Icon_minitimeThu Dec 09, 2010 2:54 pm

There are three level of equipment: General, Specialty, and Service.
You start with one list of the General, two Specialty, and one Service.
The way it works is that all Citizens and Indentureds start with a general list. At Grade One, Two, Four, and Five, you get an extra specialty. At Grades Three and Six, you get a service pick. Indentured stick to the opening gear list unless noted otherwise, but can't lose it to demotion. Grade Sevens can mix and match all they want.
If one possesses an item that is not on ones official list, and has no permission to have the item, it will be confiscated.

General List One (Light)
-A Ceramic Needle Revolver pistol (Mk 3 Poulder)
-Ammunition (Reusable 2"/.25" spikes)
-A Flechete Hunting Rifle (Mk 4 Poulder/Biggins)
-Ammunition (Reusable 4"/.5" spikes)
-Standardized uniform, with soft-shoes and parka.
-Heavy Service radio. Casts 50 miles, receives for 200 miles.
-Miniature first aid kit.
-Miniature survival kit.
-Trunk with extra clothes, personal effects, and bedding. Can serve as a bed.
-Laptop (Borick 26.80).

General List Two (Heavy)
-A Service Pistol, Semiautomatic and scoped (Mk 1 Biggins Magnum).
-Ammunition (.50 Caseless AP and Blunt).
-An Assault Rifle (Mk 7 Rodrick).
-Ammunition (. 50 Caseless AP and Blunt).
-Service Uniform with combat boots and helmet.
-Comms headset. Can broadcast and receive for 5 miles.
-Hardened PDA (Borick 13.4)
-First aid kit.
-Duffel bag with extra clothes, personal effects, and bedding.

General List Three (Settler)
-A self defense SMG with reddot sights (Mk 2 Rodrick)
-Ammunition (.27 Pistol Rounds)
-Service Uniform with soft shoes.
-Desktop computer (Borick 56.50)
-Armored computer case.
-Survival gear.
-Backpack, sealable.

Specialty List:
-Borick Mk 6 Exoskeleton: Boosts strength and speed when worn. To bulky to hide in clothes.
-Pellerbrach 'Demos' Pistol: Fires magnum rounds for extra firepower.
-Rodrick Area Defense Gun: Automatic shotgun, can turn areas to mush.
-Biggins Heavy Rifle: Semiautomatic sharpshooters rifle. Can mount a scope.
-Rodrick Point Defense Gun: Light machine gun.
-Pellerbrach Antimaterial Rifle: Massive autocannon, must be braced or weilded by a powered suit.
-Poulder Anti-Armor Rocket system: Point and pray system laser guides the missles.
-Poulder Demolition Packs: Used for entry (making one's own) or causing structure failures.
-Borick Stunner: Electrolaser that disables foes at close range. Setting include stun, unconscious, and lethal.
-Light Armor: Agent has access to concealable body armor.
-Service Lab access: Allows character access to finer or more powerful tools on base.
-Dimner/Koucsh 26' Scanner: Top of the line portable scanner.
-Rorkintach Psychic shielding: Headband device that protects against psychic assault.
-Personal Housing: Player not in the dormitories, getting personal space and comfort.
-Service Subordinate: A lower grade Serviceman who serves you.
-Indentured Subordinates: A small team of Indentureds who serve you.
-Service transport: A fast vehicle for the character's personal use. Can be land or air.
-Service tram: A heavy vehicle for the character's personal use. Can be land or sea.
-Mechanical implants: Replaces or upgrades a body part.
-Extra General List: Get extra set of General kit.

Service Items:
-Extra special gear: Get two extra choices from the specialty list. Accessable by any service.
*Agriculture Service*
Bio-scanner: A deploy-able workstation that takes a measure of ecological and atmospheric readings. Can answer basic enviroment for a region spanning 25 miles wide and helps with weather readings. Can also process and cultivate toxins, antivenoms, and other biological agents. Used by bio-technicians and folds up into a backpack.
Service combine: A heavy-duty vehicle with multiple hardpoints for plows, cutters, and harvesters. Can be used for personal use. Can be walker or sea.
Animal companion: Access to fully trained service animals.
Service scouter: Light, fast vehicles vehicles for personal use. Can be Air, Land, or Sea.
Cartagraphic Records: Access to imagine satellites to see landmass and population. Used to plan agriculture and housing, or spy on enemies.
*Education Service*
Automated Translater: An experimental program that uses the inbuilt mic and camera of a computer to slowly deduce and learn foreign languages. As it is a adaptable program, an early AI, it takes time to learn a new language. The longest wait is for it to get the basics of a language, then its speeds up linearly in regards to progress. Oddly, they can make limited personalities on the computer, meaning that pieces holding such a program may become slowly interactive given time.
Holographic Projection Suit: Used to both illustrate classrooms and to hide the individual. It is a simple exoskeleton strapped to the individual, and the rays can pierce thin fabric. It also can generate noises and is powered by the motions and heat waste of the user. Often used to interact with locals without detection, this suit is still working out a few glitches, but users have learned to roll with the issues. Water causes odd refractions and reflections come out blurry, meaning video and pictures of the individual seem distorted. Is run by a computer built into the frame.
Psy Crown: Used to boost a psychics abilities. Connected to a small pair of implants behind the ears, this device uses a psycho-reactive crystal matrix to boost the power of the individual to new levels. The down side being that it is a very obvious device, but it is surprisingly robust (it is filled with crystals).
Nanofac: The size of a truck, the Nanofac can most anything, given the time and right ingredients. The nanos are created by this machine, so no worries of grey goo. Yet. But cracking the thing open could be disastrous nonetheless. Needs a power source and a source of coolant.
*Energy Service*
Homing Beacon: Normally, a conveyor can only go from timeline to timeline, from point to point. Baltic Sea equals Baltic Sea, even if cross-time. A Homing Beacon can allow a conveyor a bit more freedom, however. A jump can now cross distance and time, but a Homing Beacon must first be hauled to the desired location. A Homing Beacon is the size of a trailer, and must be towed into place.
Graviton Grabber: Nicknamed the 'grav gun,' this device neutralizes local gravity around an object. It is connected to a large powerpack for extended use, but can operate on internal batteries for a short time. It can operate on three settings, which is pull, suspend, or repel. It needs line of sight to an object to work. Can fail if the power gives out, as the power is shielding the user from the anti-matter generator inside. If a failure happens, either the user or the item held accelerates to near light speed. This is usually fatal.
Portal Rings: A pair of hoops which allow passage between them, regardless of intervening space. Technically, they also work across time, but can fail spectacularly. The hoops stick to things they are thrown at, and when thrown don't slow down but keep and arcing trajectory, meaning that they interfere with local gravity conditions. Failure is possible if one of the hoops is turned off when something is still passing through. Speed through the hoops is incremental, until a subject reaches terminal velocity. If in the same timeline, then the item is cleanly cut in half, to the molecular level, giving the cut a obsidian edge. If in different timelines, the items flys out on both ends in cubes.
Improbability Scanner: A useful device the size of a cellphone, this device can recognize signs of temporal shifts, thaumatoligical tomfoolery, and quantum quandaries. It can sense Oz particles (indicative of parachronics), Thaums (indicative of time travel), as well as a variety of other radiation and electrical readings.
*Health Service*
XL Crisis Suit: A powered armor suit made to stand up to the worst punishment, the XL is heavily armored and heavily armed. Made to keep the combat medics alive, this suit stands in counterpoint to the military's credo of fast, surgical strikes. The Health Service scooped it up and have been pleased ever since. The suit can run for weeks on internal supplies, the only thing hard to get in being food. It can carry heavy heavy weapons or wounded soldiers with ease. It saw extensive service in the Oslo Incident as the city was consumed by fire and looting.
Surgeons Kit: A fold out field hospital, this kit is used when medical emergencies or biohazards plague Centran operations. Miniaturized equipment and a automated assistant allows this piece of gear maximum effectiveness with minimal size. Folds together to the size of a backpack.
Biological Implant: A person no longer needs to be human to be a Centran, and the medical services have taken this to heart. By offering biological replacements, they offer gear that never breaks and doesn't show up on scanners. Can be anything from acid spit to a body resculpt. Note, the Forum and many Centran still are in debate as to what this means for their culture.
Mapper: Can map out the human body and the human mind with frightful detail. Entered into a proper medical bay, now a entire replica of a person can be brought back to life! The size of a small bus, this needs a major powersource and does better with a living (or at least fresh) subject. The dangers of this things is mapping errors, which can happen if this is pushed beyond its already narrow parameters.
*Interworld Service*
Language Training: The ability to access and gain languages at a heightened rate. On average, takes about a two week crash course or immersion program but makes the recipient able to be fluent in multiple languages. Can also be used in field, with the agent able to blend in a seamless manner.
Recorder: A small hand held device that lets the user capture and edit imagery and sounds. Has a built in projector and speaker.
'Cloudy': A drug that helps wipe out a person's memory. The person regains the life they had slowly, and surely, but unless reintroduced to something tends to forget things like Centran agents and secret wars.
Scouter Drone: Supports the agent by exploring ahead and gathering data. Has a small set of ports for manipulators and firearms. Is a adaptive program, so wil slowly create a personality and bond with the user. Has land, sea, and air capabilities.
*Justice Service*
Expanded Records: Agent has access to personal and restricted files beyond their rank. Cannot change, only access.
Posse: Can draw in Indentureds to compulsory service for a predefined target. Has access to a armory for such an occasion.
False Papers: Can pose as a Grade 1 or indentured of any service, or has matching papers for regular citizenry in crosstime operations.
Riot Gear: Agent has access to riot shields, batons, gas weapons, and other crowd control devices.
*Logistics Service*
Take Your Pick!: As this service supplies and manufactures most of the other services gear, they have access to a lot of it too! Logistics can pick from other services gear, but have the same limits based on grades in how much they can have.
*Military Service*
Draft: For a term of two weeks, any citizen under your rank becomes a Grade 1 in the Military Service. After that, they get two weeks leave. This is made on an individual basis and has to be renewed individually.
Armored Vehicle: Get access to military vehicles, from land, sea, or air.
Homer: A strike designator that contacts artillery. If in range, you can level things with a push of the button and a confirmed fire order.
Heavy Armor: Access to bulky, but thick, battle armor.
*Mining Service*
Builder: Access to constuction or mining vehicles. Are Land or Walker.
Seismic Charges: Super heavy explosives, used to open up tunnels or level buildings.
Thumper: Maps out underground or underwater geography. Size of a truck.
Heavy Drone: A automated mining and bomb defusal drone. Has adaptive programming, meaning it will slowly build a personality. Multiple hardpoints for equipment.
*Uplift Service*
Take Your Pick!: As this service is given broad goals and is gathered from a wide array of individuals, the service has wide access to other arsenals. Uplift can pick from other services' gear, but is limited by Grade.

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PostSubject: Re: Uplift Service   Uplift Service Icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 4:26 pm

(thinking things out)
Name: Sean Stein
Indentured (to Jordan Gomes?)
Service: Uplift
Personality: He is a man who is happiest when working or doing something, and grumpiest when told he has to rest and not given any thing to do. He makes humor where he can even if other people do not agree with the black humor he some times adopts to cope with gruesome sights or news. He tends holds back on his crass tongue of vile slang or any other explicit words to describe people when he remembers to do so or cares to, which is rarely never in the heat of combat or if he thinks he is a dead man any ways. He does well with law but he is also a man who understands rules can get in the way and will adapt to danger when it comes.
He is good at observation because he has learned to listen and watch to see what is happening around, leading him to be a man of 'few' words.

Biography: Coming from Terraustralis-2, during the 1990s (1998 to be precise) but with alchemical and steam technology with electricity as a small use service. He was a young starting detective for a private business for looking into investigations where police normally can not due to legal reasons. He was one of the unusual (5%)of his time line with a small mental ability to affect touch or the body, where 85% of the population had no unusual ability and the other 10% had minor psionic abilities.
He grew up in Australia among his tribe that lived near Sydney. As all of his tribe that develop a unusual ability he got marked with a tattoo over his right shoulder and over his shoulder blade, at adult hood. Still quite young he was unaware of the silent war between centrum and infinity that was happening on his world, until he stumbled on a battle between them in an investigation. Shortly after finding this out an infinity agent was in the office he shared with 2 other people to finish off the anomaly that found out about dimensional travel. Surprised by the man in his shared office he opened fire on the agent and killed them. He found the strange infinity sign on the man and pocketed it, not understanding what the symbol meant. Within the year he thought about the attack on him for witnessing something clearly not of his world, his business got shut down and from seemly added destruction, ran through with a truck... several times, possibly more then one truck.
As he turned twenty one the truth of other worlds came out into the open. Remembering what he experienced a little more then a year ago, he volunteered still leery about the two attacks that he could perceive from these infinity agents. He signed up with centrum into the uplift service in hopes he could find a reason to find out why the business he worked for got targeted.

Power: C
Strength: C
Intelligence: C
Wisdom: B
Dexterity: C
Endurance: A
Special Abilities: Psycho-Metabolic abilities ['mind over matter' self only ability]
  • Lending Health to allies/enemies but takes it onto him self and vis versa
  • Body manipulation that can make skin thicker/harder or change parts of his body into a different shape, such as a hand held weapon, or slight structure alteration. Limited to body mass, can not add or take away the weight that he currently is. This can be use to conceal small objects inside of him self. [preferred away from major arteries and organs due to object possibly causing internal damage.]
  • Cell Adjustment to cut off blood loss as long as he is conscious and thinking clearly enough to focus to alter his cells to do so. Problems if one wants to heal him there they can not do any thing unless he readjusts his cells back to how human cells normally grow.

- Clairvoyance [of object in hand to see the last 3 minutes before coming in contact, in the sight of a vision of object up to 20 feet.]

Equipment: -A Ceramic Needle Revolver pistol (Mk 3 Poulder)
-Ammunition (Reusable 2"/.25" spikes)
-A Flechete Hunting Rifle (Mk 4 Poulder/Biggins)
-Ammunition (Reusable 4"/.5" spikes)
-Standardized uniform, with soft-shoes and parka.
-Heavy Service radio. Casts 50 miles, receives for 200 miles.
-Miniature first aid kit.
-Miniature survival kit.
-Trunk with extra clothes, personal effects, and bedding. Can serve as a bed.
-Laptop (Borick 26.80).
-A handful of Psionic drugs

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Mission complete!

Feel free to gain a grade, and the benefits that gives.
In addition, there will be a new mission coming up soon!
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Uplift Service
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