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 Word of the Gods

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Flying Fairie


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PostSubject: Word of the Gods   Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:37 pm

Rememer a time when people were happy and filled with love?

Well, during this time, Man and Gods were inseperable, literally. They could be told apart. Except for the powers that they possessed, everyone looked the same. Then Darkness filled the land and no power or magic could dispel. So Gods and Man alike came together and pushed the darkness back from whence it came. It was then that Gods and Man made a pact that the Gods would rule on high and watch the world and protect from the Heavens, and Man would be the lonely soldiers and messengers to warn the Gods of the terrible plight.

Years have gone by and magic has been replaced by science, prayer by faith, and nature by machine. In this change, the Darkness has found a weakness in the world, and Man and Gods have to remember the pact that they made long ago...

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Word of the Gods
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