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 Word of the Gods

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Flying Fairie

Flying Fairie

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PostSubject: Word of the Gods   Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:02 pm

Rememer a time when people were happy and filled with love?

Well, during this time, Man and Gods were inseperable, literally. They could be told apart. Except for the powers that they possessed, everyone looked the same. Then Darkness filled the land and no power or magic could dispel. So Gods and Man alike came together and pushed the darkness back from whence it came. It was then that Gods and Man made a pact that the Gods would rule on high and watch the world and protect from the Heavens, and Man would be the lonely soldiers and messengers to warn the Gods of the terrible plight.

Years have gone by and magic has been replaced by science, prayer by faith, and nature by machine. In this change, the Darkness has found a weakness in the world, and Man and Gods have to remember the pact that they made long ago...

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Flying Fairie

Flying Fairie

Posts : 96
Join date : 2010-07-15
Age : 28
Location : Castro Street

PostSubject: Re: Word of the Gods   Tue Jan 18, 2011 3:52 pm

Okay so the name of the game is your name. Sounds weird but its simple. Think of thousands of names. Mark, James, Oliver, Heather, Julia, Ashley... They all have one thing in common. They are the names of the Gods or saints that proceed us. Now some names need some explaining, so if you can think of a name and a power, give me an explanation and, if it fits, it works.

Now, eveyone is human, but there is a catch. Everyone has a God or Saint who is their parent. So choose wisely. The thing they preside over is the power you get.

[b]Appearance [/b]:

[b]Strength [/b]:

[b]Parent #1[/b]:
[b]Parent #2[/b]:

[b] Primary Special Abilities[/b]
[b] Secondary Special Abilities[/b]


ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: The creatires from the Darkness, "Daemons", are made of a chemical balance almost equivalent to Jell-O and Napalm. Just a note to the Fire and Water users...

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Flying Fairie

Flying Fairie

Posts : 96
Join date : 2010-07-15
Age : 28
Location : Castro Street

PostSubject: Re: Word of the Gods   Tue Jan 18, 2011 3:55 pm


Name:Kirk Chalicue
Appearance :Handsome, young, athletic. He has a tattoo on his right forearm from his teens. Platinum hair, and hazel eyes.
Personality:Quite and reserved, unless provoked, in which he becomes stoic and fierce.
Bio/history:In foster care since he was born, Kirk does know how to take effective care of himself. He can withstand most verbal attacks, but when enough is enough, he will attack until everything is set straight. At seventeen, he was visited by the Fates and told of the past that all of us are connected by. The gave him his pendant and showed him how to begin to control his powers.

Power: A
Strength : B
Intelligence: B
Wisdom: B
Dexterity: B
Endurance: C

Parent #1:Chalchiuhtlicue, Aztec Goddess of Water
Parent #2:Kirke, Greek Goddess of Transformation

Primary Special Abilities: Controls all aspects of water, except creation
Secondary Special Abilities: Can transform anything into anything of the same composition (i.e., rubber to turpintine, thread to rope, metal to shields, etc.)

Accessories/Items: Golden pendant


Name:Otto Seth
Appearance :Strong, burly man with battle scars. He stands 6'5", with broad shoulders and a large build. Brown, pooled eyes and shoulder length dark wavy hair that is kept in a ponytail.
Personality:Uncontrollable and fearless.
Bio/history:If you have to ask...

Power: S
Strength : S
Intelligence: D
Wisdom: D
Dexterity: S
Endurance: S

Parent #1:Odin, Norse God of War, Brutality, and the Hunt
Parent #2:Seth, Egyptian God of Violance

Primary Special Abilities: Supreme strength
Secondary Special Abilities: Invulnerability

Accessories/Items: Massive shield

Name:Timothy River
Appearance :Elderly man with some fight left in him. 5'8" if he stood up straight. Little to no white hair with silver eyes. He walks with a cane that he never lets go of.
Personality:Never quick to attack, always slow to act, but wise beyond years.
Bio/history:If you have to ask...

Power: S
Strength : C
Intelligence: S
Wisdom: S
Dexterity: C
Endurance: C

Parent #1:Chronos, Titan of Time
Parent #2:Styx, Greek Goddess of Promises

Primary Special Abilities: Controls time and space
Secondary Special Abilities: Can find the truth through any lie

Accessories/Items: cane

Name:Fred Shingin
Appearance :on the younger side of ageless. He is handsome and charismatic. He has red eyes and blond hair. He is 5'10" with a slim build.
Personality:Sensual and seductive. Can sell snow to eskimoes.
Bio/history:If you have to ask...

Power: ?
Strength : ?
Intelligence: ?
Wisdom: ?
Dexterity: ?
Endurance: ?

Parent #1:Shinigami, Japanese God of Death
Parent #2:Freya, Norse Goddess of Love

Primary Special Abilities: No one really knows, has never had to use them...
Secondary Special Abilities: Can control the heart's desires

Accessories/Items: Amulet


Thank you.
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Zazie The Beast

Zazie The Beast

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PostSubject: Re: Word of the Gods   Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:13 pm

Name: Damien Tenshi
Age:530 but looks as if he is 18
Appearance :
Personality: the horror that makes death itself quiver

Power S
Strength : S
Intelligence: B
Wisdom: C
Dexterity: A
Endurance: B

Parent number 1:
Parent number 2:
Primary Special Abilities
Secondary Special Abilities

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PostSubject: Re: Word of the Gods   

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Word of the Gods
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